Who has the most rings in the NBA

Winning the championship ring is a dream for every player who plays in the NBA. Throughout history, many great players have played in this league, who managed to win several championship rings.

Some great players on the other hand, despite great games, never managed to reach the championship ring because they mostly played in teams where the rest of the team did not provide games at the level of that player.

Who has the most NBA RING Player

On this occasion, we will not talk about them, but about the players who marked the history of the NBA by the number of championship rings won.

Bill Russell- 11 rings

Bill Russell is officially the most trophy-winning player in NBA history, having won 11 championship rings. Russell was part of the legendary generation of the Boston Celtics during the 1960s. The mentioned generation is probably the most dominant team that has played in the history of the NBA.

Russell won all 11 championship rings with the aforementioned Celtics. In 13 seasons, he won 11 titles, and as many as eight titles were won in a row. Russell was a fantastic player who played great on both sides of the field, although he was not a distinct scorer. Bill is probably one of the best players in the history of the NBA in the center position, which was recognizable by a large number of blocks and rebounds.

He averaged 20 rebounds. Russell may not have had individual statistics like some other celebrated player, but the number of titles is a sufficient indicator of what kind of player Russell was and that the team score was above individual performance.

Sam Jones- 10 rings

Jones himself is another player who was part of the aforementioned generation of Boston Celtics who dominated the NBA during the 1960s. Jones played twelve seasons for the Celtics and won 10 championship rings in that period. Jones was a better scorer than the aforementioned Russell as he averaged just over 17 points per game.

By that parameter, he was the leading player among the Celtics. Jones was primarily oriented towards the attacking part of the game, and with his great shot he brought many important victories for the Celtics. Jones did not hesitate to take responsibility whenever it was needed because, in addition to precision, he was characterized by a cold head.

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He made progress from season to season. Jones was selected in the Hall of Fame, and he is also on the list of the 50 best players of all time in the NBA.

Tom Heinsohn, John Havlicek, K.C Jones, Satch Sanders- 8 rings

Completely expected after Russell and Jones, we are still talking about members of the famous generation of Boston Celtics. Each of the above-mentioned players won eight championship rings.

After his playing career, Tom Heinsohn continued to work as a coach at the Celtics, and today he is working as a commentator. Heinsohn was a great scorer who was chosen as the Rookie of the Year in his first season. Havlicek is officially the best scorer in the history of the Boston Celtics.

Havlicek was a versatile player and one of the best all-round players of all time. Havlicek stood out especially during the seventies of the last century, when he grew into one of the main players who then won two championship titles after dominance during the sixties, in which he previously won six more titles.

KC Jones was not known for some great scorer performances but he brought the team much-needed energy.

Especially the performance from free throws was not at a satisfactory level. He actually took over the position of point guard when the famous Bob Cousy retired. Jones won eight championship rings during the nine seasons spent at the Celtics, and the only one in the last season at the club did not win the title.

He was a good organizer of the game, and he played great on the other side of the field because of his recognizable energy.

He was always meant to keep the best opposing player. Supposedly according to one of the legends, the letter C in his last name means championships.

Sanders spent 13 seasons at the Celtics and was in charge of defensive tasks. His statistics were not impressive, but he did a fantastic job that will not be seen in the statistical parameters. In important matches, he mostly guarded the best players of the penetrating team.

Robert Horry, Frank Ramsey, Jim Loscutoff- 7 NBA rings 

Robert Horry took advantage of the absence of the great Michael Jordan during 1995 and 1996 and won two championship titles with the Houston Rockets.

Then one of the main players of the Houston Rockets was the famous Hakeem Olajuwon. At the beginning of this millennium, Horry played for one of the most trophy-winning franchises, the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers were then led by a legendary duo made up of Kobe Bryant and Shaq O Neal.

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The Lakers tied for three championships. After that Horry was part of one of the most successful generations of the San Antonio Spurs with whom he won two more championship rings.

Unlike some of the aforementioned players who were big stars of their teams, Horry was not that type of player but did the tasks set against him.

He was recognizable by his good shot and he always hit important shots when it was expected of him. He was lucky to have played in several great generations, that is, to be in the right place at the right time.

Although he acted from the shadows, his seven championship rings are to be respected. He is one of the few players who managed to win the championship ring with three different teams. Loscutoff is another player who played for the legendary Celtics.

He was a reliable scorer and a great rebound who played during the fifties and sixties of the last century.

His career did not last too long as he played only nine seasons in the NBA, but during that time he won seven championship rings, which is really a result worth mentioning.

Ramsey is a player who was selected in the NBA draft two years before the aforementioned Loscutoff. He was not a big star, but he did his job in the right way and when he came in from the bench, he gave an enviable contribution to the results of his team.

Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Bob Cousy – Most NBA RINGS

When we talk about championship titles, we cannot fail to mention some of the key players of the famous generation of Chicago Bulls, led by Phil Jackson, who won six championship rings from the bench.

The best player of that generation and the true leader of course was Michael Jordan.

Together with Pippen, he was one of the best duos in the history of the NBA. Only the mentioned generation of Boston Celtics was more dominant than the team led by the mentioned two players.

Both of them stopped at the six won championship rings, and the number of titles would have been even higher if Jordan had not paused for two seasons due to certain private problems.

Jordan was definitely the best player of the time, and even today there is debate about whether he is the best player to ever play in the NBA, and his competitors are Kobe Bryant and Lebron James.

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Jordan was a born winner who took responsibility and hit key shots several times for his team’s big wins.

His contribution in defense was no less than his defense, considering that after training he studied the player he will keep in the next match.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar is currently the leader in the number of points scored in the NBA.

In addition to the six championship rings, he has the most blockades, MVP titles and selections for All-Star games.

He won titles with the Lakers and Bucks, and played in the NBA for two decades. He retired at the age of 42.

Kareem was known for his perfect sky-hook shot, which has just contributed to being the man with the most points in the NBA that no one has knocked down yet.

Jabbar was one of the most dominant players during the seventies and eighties of the last century, which he crowned with six championship rings. Cousy is another player from the legendary Celtics generation.

During the fifties and sixties of the last century, he significantly contributed to the great success of his team.

Cousy is one of the best playmaking relationship organizers in NBA history who was known for his handling and passing. In as many as eight seasons, he was the leader in the number of assists in the entire league, and he also had an unrealistically good percentage of shots from free throws.

Who has the most rings in NBA now

Of the active players, LeBron James currently has the most championship rings won since he has been a four-time NBA champion.

“The King” won two titles with the Miami Heat, and one each won the championship ring wearing the jersey of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers.

What is especially interesting is that LeBron played eleven times in the finals, so he suffered defeats seven times in the grand final.

Despite being closer to the fifth decade of his life, James is still playing great and we will see if he could crown his rich career with another championship ring.

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