What position did Michael Jordan play?

Michael Jordan is considered by many basketball fans and experts to be the best basketball player to ever play in the NBA. He began his NBA career in 1984 and wore the Chicago Bulls jersey on two occasions.

The best basketball player in the history of the NBA

During those 12 years, playing for the mentioned team, he won six championship titles. The same number of times he was the MVP in the NBA finals. 5 times he was the NBA’s most valuable player. He participated in the NBA All-Star 14 times and was the top scorer in the league ten times.

He has twice been named the best athlete in the USA. With the national team, he won two gold medals at the Olympic Games.

During his NBA career, he scored over 32,000 pts. After retiring, he tried his hand at baseball for the first time. He is officially the richest basketball player of all time and his fortune is estimated at 1.6 billion dollars. He currently owns the NBA team, the Charlotte Hornets.

What position did Michael Jordan play?

1. Shooting Guard(SG)

As for Michael Jordan’s position in the Chicago Bulls, he achieved most of his career and all his successes by playing as a shooting guard. That is the position where he most often played for the mentioned team. Michael was known as a player who did not hesitate to take responsibility in key moments of matches. He hit very heavy shots with countless thighs with unprecedented ease.

He was always cool-headed in those moments and his hand rarely trembled in situations when the issue of the winner was being resolved. Simply, Michael was never afraid and he was very hungry for victories and trophies, so it logically came out that he won as many as six Chicago Bulls titles.

Michael was one of the most intelligent basketball players and a master of improvisation. In this position, Jordan felt most natural and was one of the most explosive players of the time. He was better known for his mid-range shots and the typical fadeaway jump shot, but as his career progressed, he significantly improved his shot by three points. Jordan had fantastic physical predispositions, and very often he went to breakthroughs during which he was able to hit countless times under the foul. He was no weaker in defense either, because he spent a lot of time after training studying the attacking game of the players he kept.

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2. Small Forward(SF)

Michael Jordan has retired twice during his NBA career. After retiring for the second time after finishing his “last dance” at the Chicago Bulls, Jordan returned to the NBA in September 2001, but this time he played for the Washington Wizards. Jordan was already 38 years old at the time when he tried again in the strongest basketball league in the world.

Just two weeks before Jordan announced in public that he was returning to the NBA, on September 11, horrific terrorist attacks took place in the USA. Jordan then donated money to all the victims of that attack.

Michael was no longer so young and no longer so explosive, so in Washington, the position changed from Michael Jordan’s position in the Chicago Bulls.

In aforementioned Washington Wizards Jordan played in the small forward position.

Regardless of the fact that he changed his position, he was again recognizable by his fadeaway mid-range shots and breakthroughs towards the basket. He completely adjusted to the new position and still had great statistics because he averaged about 20 points, which is a great performance for a 38-year-old who returned to the NBA after a three-year break. Michael would probably have scored even better if he had not had a knee injury problem in the 2001/2002 return season.

3. Point Guard(PG)

As we mentioned, it is well known that Jordan played in the position of shooting guard during most of his NBA career spent in the Chicago Bulls.

However, few people know that the position of point guard was also one of the Michael Jordan positions in the Chicago Bulls where he played for this club. During the end of the 1989 season, Jordan played in a position that is not typical for players of his height.

At that time, much lower players played in that position, and Jordan deviated from other players in the NBA who played in that position. Michael played great in that position although few people know that he ever played in that position. In the last 10 of 11 games that season, Jordan achieved a triple-double.

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Michael really dominated in a position that was not natural to him at all. It would be very interesting to see what kind of career Michael would have had if he had played in this position. It is a very responsible position in the team, but Jordan was the true leader of his team throughout his career, so the position he played in was not that important.

The Chicago Bulls legend then showed why he is considered by many to be the best player of all time to play in the NBA. His basketball instinct and intelligence have enabled him to play in several positions during his career and to be equally good in each position.

Jordan did not play and was probably the only one who could not play in the center position, although Michael, with his incredible basketball knowledge and unprecedented talent, could manage in that position, although in contrast to the point guard position, height would still be a more significant problem. 

“Last Dance”

Michael Jordan officially ended his career in the 2002-2003 season. As we mentioned, Jordan twice withdrew from the NBA, but in 2003 he played his “last dance”. That’s right, it’s called a documentary in which you could find out all about the legendary champion generation of Chicago Bulls, whose most important screw was probably the unforgettable Michael.

It is probably a pity that Jordan did not finish his career in Chicago, but he recorded great performances in Washington, where he played in a completely different position and was almost 40 years old. With just that many years, he even managed to score over 40 points several times, and during the entire season he averaged over 20 points and played in the small forward position, which he had not played before.

He played his last game on April 16, 2003, when Washington met the Philadelphia 76ers on their field. The match was watched by almost 22,000 people who, together with all of Jordan’s teammates, opposing players and league officials, sent Jordan to a well-deserved and final retirement with a few minutes of applause. The Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat withdrew the number 23 from use even though Michael had never played for the Florida team in his career which speaks volumes about how much Jordan was appreciated and how great a player he was.

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Final Words 

Michael Jordan has played in several positions in his career. He became famous by playing in the shooting guard position where he played for most of his career wearing the Chicago Bulls jersey. He provided the most recognizable and best games in that position, because he won as many as six NBA championship titles while playing in that position.

What we might wonder is whether Michael Jordan had any weak points in his career?

He played really great in the attack and he was never afraid to take responsibility and solve games. With his unforgettable fadeaway mid-range shots, he brought many victories to the Bulls. At the same time, Jordan jumped great, played his teammates and he knew how to steal the ball because he was preparing great for defensive tasks. We think that nothing else would have happened if Jordan had played today and his statistical parameters would have been great. 

When he played for the Washington Wizards at almost 40, his games weren’t much worse than the ones he had played in Chicago a few years earlier. Jordan in modern basketball could probably only be compared to Kobe Bryant or LeBron James.

Mostly these three guys are mentioned when talking about who is the best basketball player of all time. During his career, Jordan earned much more money than the sponsorship contracts he fully deserved. Even today, Jordan earns a lot of money from the sponsorship agreement with Nike, and he now plays basketball differently, since he is the owner of the Charlotte Hornets. Jordan is certainly one of the greatest spotters of all time, who never left anyone indifferent with his basketball magic.

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