Reggie Miller Vs Michael Jordan Who Was Better NBA Player 2022

Reggie Miller Vs Michael Jordan Stats Comparison: Who Was Better NBA Player 2022

Reggie Miller and Michael Jordan are two of the greatest basketball players of all time. They both played in the NBA for many years and have had a lot of success. In this blog, we will compare their careers and see who is the better player.

Reggie Miller Vs Michael Jordan Stats

reggie miller vs michael jordan

Michael Jordan Career Reggie Miller
1,072 Games Played 1,389
1,039 Games Started 1,304
41,011 Minutes Played 47,619
12,192 Field Goals Made 8,241
24,537 Field Goals Attempted 17,499
49.7% Field Goal Percentage 47.1%
581 3-Pointers Made 2,56
1,778 3-Pointers Attempted 6,486
32.7% 3-Point Percentage 39.5%
11,611 2-Pointers Made 5,681
22,759 2-Pointers Attempted 11,013
51.0% 2-Point Percentage 51.6%
50.9% eFG% 54.4%
7,327 Free Throws Made 6,237
8,772 Free Throws Attempted 7,026
83.5% Free Throw Percentage 88.8%
1,668 Offensive Rebounds 883
5,004 Defensive Rebounds 3,299
6,672 Total Rebounds 4,182
5,633 Assists 4,141
2,514 Steals 1,505
893 Blocks 299
2,924 Turnovers 2,409
2,783 Personal Fouls 2,73
32,292 Points Scored 25,279
30.1 Points Per Game 18.2
38.3 Minutes Per Game 34.3
5.3 Assists Per Game 3.0
6.2 Rebounds Per Game 3.0
28.3 Points Per 36 Minutes 19.1
5.9 Rebounds Per 36 Minutes 3.2
4.9 Assists Per 36 Minutes 3.1

Michael Jordan participated in 1,072 NBA games and logged 41,011 minutes in those contests. Jordan was a starter in 1,039 games, averaging 30.1 points per game and amassing 32,292 points. In his pro basketball career, he averaged 28.3 points per 36 minutes while also grabbing 5.9 rebounds and dishing out 4.9 dimes.

Jordan had a 49.7% field goal percentage by making 12,192 shots out of 24,537 attempts. He had a 3-point percentage of 32.7% by sinking 581 of 1,778 shots from a distance. He averaged 51.0% by making 11,611 of his 22,759 two-point attempts. Jordan made 7,327 of 8,772 free throw attempts for an 83.5% success rate.

reggie miller vs jordan

While he had a 50.9% effective field goal percentage, he also had 2,783 fouls and 2,924 turnovers. Jordan finished his career with 6,672 rebounds, including 5,004 defensive rebounds and 1,668 offensive rebounds. He has 2,514 thefts, 893 blocks, and 5,633 assists in his career. In terms of per-game statistics, Jordan averaged 3.8 assists and 6.1 rebounds.

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When it comes to helping his teammates, Miller has 4,141 assists, 1,505 steals, and 299 rejections to his name. He averaged 2.4 rebounds and 2.2 assists per game. In his career, he grabbed 4,182 boards, 3,299 of which were defensive and 883 of which were offensive.

He had an eFG% of 54.4% and a total of 2,409 turnovers as well as 2,730 personal fouls. Miller converted 6,237 of 7,026 free throw attempts for an 88.8% free throw percentage. He had a 51.6% 2-point shooting percentage, making 5,681 of 11,013 shots. During his career, he attempted 6,486 three-point shots and made 2,560 of them for a 39.5% shooting percentage.

Miller had a field goal percentage of 47.1% and made 8,241 of his 17,499 tries. He had 3.1 assists, 3.2 rebounds, and 19.1 points per 36 minutes. During his career, Miller scored 25,279 points, averaged 18.2 points per game, and appeared in 1,304 games. Reggie Miller’s NBA career included 47,619 minutes and 1,389 games.

Michael Jordan – 2002-03 Most Recent Season Reggie Miller – 2004-05
82 Games Played 66
67 Games Started 66
3,031 Minutes Played 2,105
679 Field Goals Made 314
1,527 Field Goals Attempted 719
44.5% Field Goal Percentage 43.7%
16 3-Pointers Made 96
55 3-Pointers Attempted 298
29.1% 3-Point Percentage 32.2%
663 2-Pointers Made 218
1,472 2-Pointers Attempted 421
45.0% 2-Point Percentage 51.8%
45.0% eFG% 50.3%
266 Free Throws Made 250
324 Free Throws Attempted 268
82.1% Free Throw Percentage 93.3%
71 Offensive Rebounds 18
426 Defensive Rebounds 138
497 Total Rebounds 156
311 Assists 146
123 Steals 50
39 Blocks 5
173 Turnovers 77
171 Personal Fouls 109
1,64 Points Scored 974
20.0 Points Per Game 14.8
37.0 Minutes Per Game 31.9
3.8 Assists Per Game 2.2
6.1 Rebounds Per Game 2.4
19.5 Points Per 36 Minutes 16.7
5.9 Rebounds Per 36 Minutes 2.7
3.7 Assists Per 36 Minutes 2.5

Michael Jordan started 67 matchups and played 3,031 minutes. In 82 games, he scored 1,640 points and averaged 20.0 points per game. Jordan averaged 19.5 points, 5.9 boards, and 3.7 assists per 36 minutes.

Jordan had a 44.5% field goal percentage after making 679 of 1,527 shots. Jordan made 16 of 55 three-point attempts for a 29.1% three-point shooting percentage. He made 663 of 1,472 two-point attempts for a 45.0% two-point percentage.

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Jordan achieved an 82.1% free throw percentage by sinking 266 of his 324 attempts. Michael Jordan finished his final season with a 45.0% effective FG percentage, 173 turnovers, and 171 fouls.

michael jordan vs reggie miller

Jordan had 497 total rebounds in his final season, including 71 offensive and 426 defensives. Jordan had 311 assists, 123 steals, and 39 blocks in his last season. Jordan averaged 6.06 boards and 3.79 assists per game.

Miller averaged 2.2 assists and 2.4 boards per game. Miller has five blocks, 146 assists, and 50 steals. In terms of rebounds, Miller had 18 offensive and 138 defensives, totaling 156.

Reggie Miller had 109 personal fouls last season, as well as 77 turnovers and a 50.3% effective field goal percentage. Miller sunk 250 of his 268 foul line attempts for a percentage of 93.3%. He converted 218 of 421 shots for a 51.8% 2pt percentage. Miller averaged 32.2% from long range, hitting 96 of his 298 tries.

Miller made 314 of his 719 attempts for a 43.7% shooting percentage. Miller averaged 16.7 points, 2.7 rebounds, and 2.5 assists per 36 minutes. He scored 974 points in 66 games, averaging 14.8 points per game. Reggie Miller played 2,105 minutes and started 66 games in his last season.

Offensive Comparison

Offensive Comparison

Jordan and Miller were both fantastic scorers. While Jordan was known for his slicing and midrange jumpers, Miller was one of the league’s first top 3-point shooters.

In their previous meetings, the Chicago Bulls star averaged 29.5 points per game versus Miller’s 19.1. Although their shooting percentages were close, the Indiana Pacers icon shot 35.8% from the 3-point range, which was higher than Jordan’s average of 32.2%.

Jordan was also more effective at keeping his teammates involved in the game, averaging nearly twice as many assists as his opponent.

Both players had many 40-point games versus each other, but Jordan’s performance in 1989 was the most noteworthy. The six-time NBA champion had a triple-double with 47 points, 11 rebounds, and 13 assists in the game.

Defensive Comparison

Defensive Comparison

Jordan is regarded as one of the finest perimeter defenders in NBA history, whereas Miller was mostly a one-dimensional scorer.

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As a result, it’s not unexpected that Jordan’s defensive stats outperform Miller’s.

“His Airness” recorded six thefts in three different games, and he also had a five-block effort versus Miller.

Playoff Matchups

Playoff Matchups

The two incredible competitors faced off in one playoff series. They faced off in the 1998 Eastern Conference finals in an exciting series.

What makes this series unique is that neither team won on the road. Game 7 was held in Chicago, and it was here that the Bulls and Jordan defeated Miller and his Pacers.

Jordan once again came up when it counted and helped his team advance to the NBA Finals. The Bulls then defeated the Utah Jazz in six games to capture their second title.

Despite the fact that 3-point shooting was one of Jordan’s few flaws, he made 40.0% of his long-range attempts against Miller in the playoffs, which is astounding. The 6-foot-7 sniper, on the other hand, was fantastic from both the 3-point and free-throw lines.

Miller and the Pacers had another opportunity to win it all two years later when they played the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals. But they lost, and Miller’s career ended without a championship ring.


In short, Reggie Miller and Michael Jordan are two of the greatest basketball players of all time. They both had amazing careers and are considered legends in the sport. Although they played in different eras, they both faced each other on the court several times

In their head-to-head matchups, Jordan slightly edges out Miller with a 6-5 record. However, Miller was able to put up some great performances against Jordan, including a 35-point game in the 1992 Eastern Conference Finals. Ultimately, both players are considered all-time greats and it is hard to compare them against each other.

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