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Orlando Magic Colors Meaning

The Orlando Magic colors have been part of the team logo for years and are a symbol of loyal support as a fan. The most recognizable and symbolic color for the Magic is the classic blue and white- a combination that somehow provides a unique visual balance. Whether on the court or in the stands, blue and white are the Orlando Magic’s official colors. This palette conveys a sense of confidence, steadiness, and tradition that has become an integral part of the team’s identity over the years.

When the Magic first stepped onto the scene in the 1989-90 NBA season, their official colors were royal blue, black, and white. While these palettes adorned the court, the iconic design could be seen throughout the arena. The black and royal blue in the logo along with the number 6 inked in honor of the team’s original star, Penny Hardaway, all came together to create a bold and striking look. But head coachial changes in 2009 saw the Magic opt for a new direction and a new color scheme that remains today.

Heading into the 1997 season, blue and white became the team’s official color scheme, replacing the royal blue, black, and white combo. The blue chosen for the Magic is much lighter and brighter than any of the other hues that had adorned Orlando’s uniforms throughout their brief history. It is commonly referred to as “sky blue” which wonderfully captures the Florida sunshine. It is a symbol for optimism and excitement, signaling a bright future for the Magic organization.

Blended in perfectly with the blue is a bright white that helps to break up the intensity of the color and provide some balance. Coupled with the blue, the white helps the logo to stand out and makes it look extra sharp. The white provides a softer shade to the Orlando Magic brand, representing freshness and clarity. It is this carefully curated color combo that makes the Orlando Magic’s logo one of the most recognizable in all of sports.

Every so often, the all-white and all-blue uniforms will make an appearance, giving a fresh take on the classic look. While the Orlando Magic colors today are predominantly blue and white, the design of their current logo is also a tribute to their past. In 2011, the team added a black and silver Orlando Magic logo to the mix, adding a modern touch to the classic color palette. The black and silver were two colors that were heavily featured in the logo and color scheme before the 1997 update. This nod to their past perfectly shows the team’s responsibility in balancing tradition and modernity.

Orlando Magic Color Codes

The Orlando Magic colors are unique and iconically recognizable. Whether you are in Orlando or anywhere around the world, one glance at the sky blue and white logo will be all it takes to identify this as a team trumpeting from the Sunshine State. The colors bring forth a powerful and distinct connection between the team and the city, creating an everlasting bond between the organization and its devoted fans.

BlueHex color:#0077c0
RGB:0 125 197
CMYK:100 40 0 0
Pantone:PMS 2935 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:6 25 34
CMYK:30 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Black C
SilverHex color:#c4ced4
RGB:196 206 211
CMYK:5 0 0 20
Pantone:PMS 877 C
Orlando Magic Color Codes

Orlando Magic Overview

The Orlando Magic Overview is an upcoming professional basketball team that will play its home games at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. The NBA Magic player announced the team on November 5, 2016. 

The team’s head coach is all around Excessive IV, and the team’s starting five will be filled with players from various teams in the class. The top two finishers in the overall US Open Cup will be the Playoffs participating teams. The Orlando Magic will be able to yank the 2nd place teams in the overall US Open Cup from the Playoffs.

Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic

American basketball team

Orlando Magic is an American professional basketball club headquartered in Orlando, Florida, that competes in the National Basketball Association’s Eastern Conference (NBA). The Magic have won two Eastern Conference championships (1995, 2009).

The club and the Minnesota Timberwolves became an expansion team in the NBA in 1989-90. The Magic’s play was lackluster for the first three years, and the club had losing records, but the Magic began a remarkable turnaround when it picked center Shaquille O’Neal with the first overall choice in the 1992 NBA draft.

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The Magic, led by O’Neal, added 20 victories to their previous season total in his first season, finishing with a 41-41 record and a tie for the last playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, which they lost in a tiebreaker with the Indiana Pacers.

The lost tiebreaker was fortunate in that it placed the Magic in the 1993 draft lottery, which the Magic won despite having a 1.5 percent chance of getting the first overall pick. The franchise traded their first-round pick, Chris Webber, for the third-round pick, point guard Anfernee (“Penny”) Hardaway, and future draft selections.

The youthful Magic club made its first playoff appearance in 1993-94, a feat it surpassed in 1994-95 by reaching the NBA championships in its sixth year. The Orlando Magic were swept in four games by the Houston Rockets, but the team’s future appeared bright.

However, at the end of the 1995-96 season, O’Neal signed the richest free-agent contract in NBA history with the Los Angeles Lakers, leaving Orlando without a prominent player. The Magic went through a run of regular-season dominance followed by postseason defeats in the first round, during which the organization dealt away the injury-prone Hardaway in 1999.

In 2003-04, Orlando had the worst record in the league, but the team won the draft lottery again at the end of the season. The Magic used their first-round pick to choose high-school center Dwight Howard, who supplied the low-post domination the team had needed since O’Neal’s departure, and the Magic launched yet another comeback.

In 2007-08, the Magic recruited free-agent forwards Hedo Turkoglu and Rashard Lewis,

In 2007-08, the Magic recruited free-agent forwards Hedo Turkoglu and Rashard Lewis, and the club advanced to the second round of the playoffs. During the 2008-09 season, the Magic advanced to the NBA finals for the second time, this time losing in five games to the Los Angeles Lakers. Turkoglu left the club the next off-season, but the Magic enjoyed another successful season in 2009-10 before losing to the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals.

During the 2011-12 season, Howard began openly requesting a trade, and he was eventually transferred to the Lakers in August 2012. The rebuilt Magic subsequently finished with the poorest record in the NBA (20-62) in 2012-13, the first of five consecutive last-place divisional finishes for the troubled team.

In 2018-19, new head coach Steve Clifford led the Magic to an unexpected division title and a first-round playoff exit. The club duplicated that playoff performance in 2019-20, but an injury-plagued 2020-21 season saw the team deal away many of its key contributors and finish with the NBA’s third-worst record, prompting the franchise and Clifford to split ways at the end of the season.

Team Identity

Team Identity

Logos and uniforms

Wordmark logo (2008–present)

The initial Magic outfits were designed by Orlando advertising agency The Advertising Works, overseen by president Doug Minear. Following talks with Walt Disney World artists and over 5000 proposals from throughout the country, the design, which has a basketball surrounded by stars and the wordmark “Magic” with a star replacing the A, was created.

When the logo was updated in 2000 to include a comet-like basketball, stars remained a prominent part. Pat Williams proposed utilizing the colors of his alma mater, Wake Forest. However, this was rejected due to various circumstances, including the nearby college UCF using the same design.

Black would remain the major color in Minear’s scheme, as for 16 other NBA clubs. Other hues included an electric blue custom-made by sports goods company MacGregor and silver. The home jerseys were white with black pinstripes and black numbers with blue trim, while the away jerseys were inverted with “Orlando” instead of the Magic emblem.

Because the NBA’s regular mesh nylon did not allow for pinstripes, the jerseys were made of durene, a cotton material on the inside, and polyester glued on the outside. In 1994-95, the road uniform was modified to blue with white pinstripes, with alternating black outfits.

For Magic’s tenth anniversary in 1998-99, fashion designer Jhane Barnes revealed a new appearance. The pinstripes were removed, and the outfits were redesigned with stars as the background. The Magic emblem appeared on both jerseys, which were constructed of the dazzle used in Women’s National Basketball Association uniforms, with the home jersey in white and the away jersey in blue.

Logos and uniforms

The Magic’s 15th anniversary in 2003-04 prompted another uniform redesign, this time opting for a cleaner appearance devoid of stripes and stars. The home jerseys were white, with a blue Magic emblem with silver and black trim.

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The away shirt was blue and restored to the city name. The numerals and emblem are white with a black accent. The team’s original pinstripe jerseys were worn as alternates yearly: black in 2003-04 and 2006-07, blue in 2004-05, and white in 2005-06.

The Magic have released new jerseys for the 2008-09 season. The Magic wore pinstriped jerseys to mark the team’s 20th anniversary. The current design incorporates aspects from Magic’s previous three uniform designs during its 20-year history.

The home jerseys have silver pinstripes, while the away jerseys have blue pinstripes. The typeface used for the number and player/team names has also been modernized. The shorts and back of the shirt have different Magic logos. This is the franchise’s fourth model.

When the Magic relocated to the Amway Center in 2010, they introduced a new logo that, for the first time, fully read “Magic,” sans the star in place of the A. They also debuted a black alternative kit with silver pinstripes that matched the standard blue road outfit. As part of the NBA Hardwood Classics program, they were mainly worn as throwback uniforms.

Every March, a uniform variant is worn for Noche Latina, with ‘Orlando’ replacing ‘El Magic,’ with ‘El‘ in black and silver trim and ‘Magic‘ in blue and silver trim. This was first seen during the 2011-12 season.

Magic debuted a silver suit for the first time in 2014. It was sleeveless, with white pinstripes and blue, black, and white trim for the letters and numerals. Unlike the previous three uniforms, the sides will have a distinct striping design.

The Magic debuted a third alternative suit in 2016, with carbon as the predominant color and no pinstripes. It was called “Stars,” and it featured the team’s secondary emblem, a blue, white, and blue tricolor stripe in front, and white text.

When Nike became the league’s uniform provider in 2017, the Magic made only a few minor changes to their jerseys. The Magic donned white “Association” uniforms, blue “Icon” uniforms, and black “Statement” uniforms from 2017 to 2019. The set was very identical to the previous Adidas set, with the exception of the black uniforms omitting the blue side stripes and altering the pinstripe colors from silver to blue.


The black uniform became the “Icon” uniform for the 2019-20 season, while a new blue outfit functioned as the “Statement.” The uniform was influenced by the many sets used by the Magic throughout the years, including the silver star and black stripes with white pinstripes from 1989-98 and the cleaner design of the 2003-08 set. The “Statement” jerseys would include Jordan Brand’s Jumpman emblem beginning in 2020-21. Disney is the jersey’s sponsor.

Nike also produces an annual “City” edition to highlight either local culture or team tradition. The Magic’s 2017-18 “City” jersey included a printed pattern of stars in the sky on the front and the team’s alternative logo. The Magic made only minor adjustments to their “City” uniform for the 2018-19 season, with the printed star design relegated to the sides and a mostly black basis.

The City uniforms for 2019-20 were “anthracite” (gray) with orange writing. The orange color is a nod to Florida’s citrus industry. The Magic’s 2020-21 “City” jersey retained the orange concept but had a white base, orange letters, and numbers with anthracite trim.

The outfit also respects the old uniforms from 1989 to 1998, with “Orl” beside an anthracite star and orange pinstripes in its original typeface. When the jersey colors are reversed, the exact color scheme utilized in Orlando’s original jerseys is revealed. The Magic returned to the orange concept for its “City” suit in the 2021-22 season, with a few features from prior outfits.

The Magic were awarded an “Earned” jersey after qualifying for the 2020 NBA playoffs the previous year. The white base design included the alternate logo in front (a nod to the 2016-17 “Stars” alternate and 2017-19 “City” uniform) and blue numbers with black and silver trim. The star’s design on the side panels was a nod to the blue uniforms worn from 1998 to 2003.

For the 2018-19 season, the Magic are one of seven clubs that will wear “Classic” jerseys. The club debuted a uniform identical to those used from 1994 to 1998 for their 30th-anniversary celebration.



Since 1989, Stuff the Magic Dragon has served as the Magic’s mascot. His name is a joke on Puff the Magic Dragon and how a slam dunk is sometimes known as “stuffing.” He was developed by Wade Harrison and Bonnie Erickson of Acme Mascots, Inc.

Home arenas

Amway Center

Amway Center

The Amway Center, the team’s current home arena, opened on October 1, 2010. On October 10, the Orlando Magic staged their first preseason game at Amway Center versus the New Orleans Hornets. The Magic won both games in the 2010-11 regular season home opener against the Washington Wizards on October 28. The Amway Center hosted the All-Star Weekend in 2012.

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The new Amway Center had the NBA’s largest Jumbotron when it first debuted. The arena also has around 2,100 feet (640 m) of digital ribbon boards, and motorists going on Interstate 4 can see a 46 feet (14 m) by 53 feet (16 m) video display outside the structure.

The Amway Center also serves as the home of the Orlando Solar Bears of the minor league hockey league and the Orlando Predators of the National Arena League (NAL).

Amway Arena (former arena)

Amway Arena (former arena)

The Amway Arena, formerly known as the Orlando Arena and then the TD Waterhouse Center, was the home of the Orlando Magic from 1989 until 2010.

Amway Arena opened its doors in 1989 and was the home of the Orlando Magic from its establishment until the 2009-2010 season. During its first ten years, it was known as the Orlando Arena or the “O-Rena.” TD Waterhouse bought the naming rights in 1999, and the arena was renamed the TD Waterhouse Center.

Amway obtained the naming rights for four years in December 2006. It also hosts the Arena Football League’s Orlando Predators, the Major Indoor Soccer League’s Orlando Sharks, and various athletic and entertainment events. Amway Arena was one of “The Orlando Venues” that the City of Orlando owned and operated.

The other amenities include the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center, Tinker Field, Camping World Stadium, Harry P. Leu Gardens, and Mennello Museum.


Miami Heat

Miami Heat

The Orlando Magic and the Miami Heat rivalry was known as the Sunshine State rivalry since both teams were based in Florida. Another factor in the rivalry was the presence of high-caliber players on both teams, such as Shaquille O’Neal and Penny Hardaway in Orlando and Alonzo Mourning and Tim Hardaway in Miami. They first met in the NBA playoffs in 1997, with Miami defeating Orlando 3-2; they have not met in the playoffs since.

The rivalry intensified with the rising stardom of Dwyane Wade and Dwight Howard in Miami and Orlando, as well as Miami’s acquisition of high-caliber stars such as LeBron James from the Cleveland Cavaliers and Chris Bosh from the Toronto Raptors in 2010, resulting in fierce competition between the two.

The rivalry lessened after Dwight Howard left the Magic for the Los Angeles Lakers in August 2012. The Orlando Magic are rebuilding, but competition remains fierce.

Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks and the Orlando Magic in the finals had a fierce rivalry, which was fueled mostly by postseason competitions and the developing prominence of Dwight Howard and Josh Smith, both of whom were drafted in the 2004 NBA draft and nurtured in Georgia.

The two clubs met thrice in the NBA playoffs, in 1996, 2010, and 2011. The Magic defeated the Hawks 4-1 in the second round of the 1996 playoffs and swept the second round series 4-0 in the 2010 playoffs, while the Hawks defeated the Magic 4-2 in the first round of the 2011 playoffs.

Schedule 2022-23

Schedule 2022-23

Thu, Oct 20vs Detroit6:00 AM 
Sat, Oct 22vs Atlanta6:30 AM 
Sun, Oct 23vs Boston6:00 AM 
Tue, Oct 25vs New York6:30 AMNBA TV
Thu, Oct 27vs Cleveland6:00 AM 
Sat, Oct 29vs Charlotte6:00 AM 
Mon, Oct 31vs Dallas6:30 AM 
Wed, Nov 2vs Oklahoma City6:30 AMTNT
Fri, Nov 4vs Golden State6:00 AM 
Sun, Nov 6vs Sacramento4:00 AM 
Tue, Nov 8vs Houston7:15 AM 
Thu, Nov 10vs Dallas7:00 AM 
Sat, Nov 12vs Phoenix7:00 AM 
Tue, Nov 15vs Charlotte7:00 AM 
Thu, Nov 17vs Minnesota7:00 AM 
Sat, Nov 19vs Chicago8:00 AM 
Sun, Nov 20vs Indiana7:00 AM 
Tue, Nov 22vs Indiana7:00 AM 
Sat, Nov 26vs Philadelphia7:00 AM 
Mon, Nov 28vs Philadelphia6:00 AM 
Tue, Nov 29vs Brooklyn7:30 AM 
Thu, Dec 1vs Atlanta7:00 AM 
Sat, Dec 3vs Cleveland7:30 AM 
Sun, Dec 4vs Toronto8:00 AM 
Tue, Dec 6vs Milwaukee7:00 AM 
Thu, Dec 8vs LA7:00 AM 
Sat, Dec 10vs Toronto7:00 AM 
Mon, Dec 12vs Toronto6:00 AM 
Thu, Dec 15vs Atlanta7:00 AM 
Sat, Dec 17vs Boston7:30 AM 
Mon, Dec 19vs Boston3:00 AM 
Tue, Dec 20vs Atlanta7:30 AM 
Thu, Dec 22vs Houston8:00 AM 
Sat, Dec 24vs San Antonio7:00 AM 
Wed, Dec 28vs Los Angeles7:00 AM 
Thu, Dec 29vs Detroit7:00 AM 
Sat, Dec 31vs Washington7:00 AM 
Thu, Jan 5vs Oklahoma City7:00 AM 
Fri, Jan 6vs Memphis7:00 AM 
Sun, Jan 8vs Golden State8:30 AM 
Tue, Jan 10vs Sacramento10:00 AM 
Wed, Jan 11vs Portland10:00 AM 
Sat, Jan 14vs Utah9:00 AM 
Mon, Jan 16vs Denver8:00 AM 
Sat, Jan 21vs New Orleans7:00 AM 
Sun, Jan 22vs Washington7:00 AM 
Tue, Jan 24vs Boston7:00 AM 
Thu, Jan 26vs Indiana7:00 AM 
Sat, Jan 28vs Miami8:00 AM 
Sun, Jan 29vs Chicago7:00 AM 
Tue, Jan 31vs Philadelphia7:00 AM 
Thu, Feb 2vs Philadelphia7:00 AM 
Sat, Feb 4vs Minnesota8:00 AM 
Mon, Feb 6vs Charlotte1:00 AM 
Wed, Feb 8vs New York7:00 AM 
Fri, Feb 10vs Denver7:00 AM 
Sun, Feb 12vs Miami7:00 AM 
Tue, Feb 14vs Chicago8:00 AM 
Wed, Feb 15vs Toronto7:30 AM 
Fri, Feb 24vs Detroit7:00 AM 
Sun, Feb 26vs Indiana7:00 AM 
Tue, Feb 28vs New Orleans8:00 AM 
Thu, Mar 2vs Milwaukee8:00 AM 
Sat, Mar 4vs Charlotte7:00 AM 
Mon, Mar 6vs Portland6:00 AM 
Wed, Mar 8vs Milwaukee7:00 AM 
Fri, Mar 10vs Utah7:00 AM 
Sun, Mar 12vs Miami7:00 AM 
Wed, Mar 15vs San Antonio7:00 AM 
Fri, Mar 17vs Phoenix9:00 AMNBA TV
Sun, Mar 19vs LA2:00 AM 
Mon, Mar 20vs Los Angeles8:30 AM 
Wed, Mar 22vs Washington6:00 AM 
Fri, Mar 24vs New York6:00 AMNBA TV
Mon, Mar 27vs Brooklyn5:00 AM 
Wed, Mar 29vs Memphis7:00 AM 
Sat, Apr 1vs Washington6:00 AM 
Mon, Apr 3vs Detroit5:00 AM 
Wed, Apr 5vs Cleveland6:00 AM 
Fri, Apr 7vs Cleveland6:00 AM 
Sat, Apr 8vs Brooklyn6:30 AM 
Mon, Apr 10vs Miami12:00 AM 

Orlando Magic Roster

Cole Anthony 50PG226′ 3″185 lbsNorth Carolina$3,613,680
Mo Bamba 5C247′ 0″231 lbsTexas$10,300,000
Paolo BancheroF196′ 10″250 lbsDuke$11,055,120
Bol Bol 10C227′ 2″220 lbsOregon$2,200,000
Ignas Brazdeikis 17SF236′ 6″221 lbsMichigan
Devin Cannady 30G266′ 1″190 lbsPrinceton$1,752,638
Wendell Carter Jr. 34C236′ 10″270 lbsDuke$14,150,000
Markelle Fultz 20PG246′ 4″209 lbsWashington$16,500,000
R.J. Hampton 13PG216′ 6″190 lbs$2,412,840
Gary Harris 14SG276′ 4″210 lbsMichigan State$13,000,000
Kevon HarrisG256′ 6″216 lbsStephen F. Austin
Caleb HoustanF196′ 8″205 lbsMichigan$2,000,000
Jonathan Isaac 1PF246′ 10″230 lbsFlorida State$17,400,000
Chuma Okeke 3PF236′ 6″229 lbsAuburn$3,433,320
Terrence Ross 31SG316′ 6″206 lbsWashington$11,500,000
Admiral Schofield 25SF256′ 5″241 lbsTennessee
Jalen Suggs 4SG216′ 5″205 lbsGonzaga$6,922,320
Franz Wagner 22SF206′ 10″220 lbsMichigan$5,258,280
Moritz Wagner 21C256′ 11″245 lbsMichigan$1,878,720

Stats 2021-22

Stats 2021-22

Player Stats – All Splits

Cole Anthony PG656531.716.
Franz Wagner SF797930.715.
Wendell Carter Jr. C626129.915.
Jalen Suggs SG484527.
Gary Harris SG613028.411.
Markelle Fultz PG18320.
Mo Bamba C716925.710.
Devin Cannady G5029.
Terrence Ross SG63023.
Moritz Wagner C63315.
Chuma Okeke PF702025.
R.J. Hampton PG641421.
Robin Lopez C36917.
BJ Johnson F4016.
Hassani Gravett PG8321.
Ignas Brazdeikis SF42112.
Admiral Schofield SF38112.
Tim Frazier PG *10320.
Mychal Mulder G *15213.
Jeff Dowtin G *4019.
Aleem Ford F5014.
Freddie Gillespie SF9213.

Shooting Stats – All Splits

Cole Anthony PG5.514.
Franz Wagner SF5.812.346.81.23.435.42.42.886.34.68.951.11.2280.52
Wendell Carter Jr. C5.811.
Jalen Suggs SG4.111.436.
Gary Harris SG3.
Markelle Fultz PG4.69.747.40.20.923.51.41.780.64.48.850.01.1140.49
Mo Bamba C4.28.748.
Devin Cannady G3.08.834.13.07.440.51.01.471.
Terrence Ross SG3.58.839.
Moritz Wagner C3.16.349.
Chuma Okeke PF3.
R.J. Hampton PG2.
Robin Lopez C3.15.555.
BJ Johnson F2.86.344.01.02.540.
Hassani Gravett PG2.34.847.41.43.342.30.40.575.00.91.558.31.3160.62
Ignas Brazdeikis SF1.94.543.
Admiral Schofield SF1.43.441.
Tim Frazier PG *1.34.330.20.61.735.30.50.955.60.72.626.98600.37
Mychal Mulder G *1.34.529.
Jeff Dowtin G *1.34.826.30.31.814.30.50.5100.
Aleem Ford F1.
Freddie Gillespie SF1.02.440.


Why is the Orlando Magic called the Magic?

As a result, the Orlando Sentinel conducted a contest in which fans could vote on the name of the future franchise. A total of 4,296 entries were submitted, and when a committee was formed to analyze them, four names emerged as finalists: “Heat,” “Tropics,” “Juice,” and “Magic.”

Who are the Orlando Magic rivals?

The Heat-Magic rivalry is between the Miami Heat and the Orlando Magic championships NBA in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Similar to the Lakers-Clippers rivalry, it is also known as the Sunshine State rivalry because both the Heat and the Magic are headquartered in Florida.

The Orlando Magic logo incorporates all three of the team’s official colors: blue, black, and silver. Originally, Pat Williams intended to go with black and gold. Still, the club finally settled on silver and an electric blue made specifically for the Orlando Magic by the MacGregor business.

Is the Orlando Magic rebranding?

Martins stated that the squad will continue to utilize “Magic Together” until the end of the 2021-22 season before switching to a new motto for the 2022-23 season. “The expectation is, and the work that is now being done looking forward, that things will change beyond this season,” Martins added.


After a difficult season, the Orlando Magic are looking to rebuild. They have a young core of players, led by All-Star center Nikola Vucevic. Magic basketball also has a new head coach, Steve Clifford, known for his defensive expertise. The team will look to improve on both ends of the court next season. Thanks for reading this article.

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