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New Orleans Pelicans Colors Meaning

The New Orleans Pelicans, founded in 1988 and residing in the Louisiana, are a proud team of professionals dedicated to bringing some much needed pride and spirit to the state.

Rich with culture and color, it's no surprise that the Pelicans also carry a bold and bright history in their chosen colors. From the deep Mardi Gras Purple, Real Yellow, and Blue, to the traditional Black and Navy - the Pelicans' palette of colors is filled with symbolism that has come to define the personality of the organization.

At first glance, the Mardi Gras Purple, Real Yellow, and Blue, capture the vivacity of the Mardi Gras culture that New Orleans is prized for nationwide. These three colors combined bring about a certain vibrancy that has become essential to the feel of the team and is reflective of the spirit found in the Big Easy. Meanwhile, the Black this team dons represents strength. Pirates, royalty, and on-field power – all underlying themes within the Black uniform.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a set of signature and vibrant colors without a bit of classic Navy, representing a timeless and classic approach to the team. A bit of calm and comfort to a team full of swagger and celebration, Navy blue allows the Pelicans to regain the focus necessary to capture a win. All in all, each of these colors combined creates the soft and vibrant feeling that has come to be associated with the team.

New Orleans Pelicans color codes: RGB, CMYK, Pantone, Hex

When Pelicans fans don the team gear, it’s with pride and boldness that comes from the understanding that each of the vibrant colors chosen by the team not only represent what it means to the physical image of the organization, but also the spirit and culture of New Orleans as well. While the Pelicans color scheme may not be your typical professional team outfit, it’s a visual representation of the life and excitement found in the Big Easy and an ode to the passion and dedication of the organization and its fans.

Furthermore, it is a palette that produces some of the most creative jerseys found in the sport, adding to the appeal of a great team. Forever and always, the New Orleans Pelicans colors bring vibrance and life to the game of basketball.

Navy BlueHex color:#002b5c
RGB:0 43 92
CMYK:100 64 0 60
Pantone:PMS 289 C
GoldHex color:#b4975a
RGB:180 151 90
CMYK:20 30 70 15
Pantone:PMS 872 C
RedHex color:#e31837
RGB:227 24 55
CMYK:0 100 81 4
Pantone:PMS 186 C

New Orleans Overview

The New Orleans Pelicans are a professional basketball team based in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Pelicans compete in the National Basketball Association (NBA) as a member of the league’s Western Conference Southwest Division. The team plays its home games at the Smoothie King Center.

Let’s explore the New Orleans Pelicans overview, including history, stats, score, roster…

New Orleans Pelicans History

The Western Conference of the National Basketball Association is home to the New Orleans Pelicans, an American professional basketball franchise (NBA).

The Pelicans, who were established in 1988, began as the Hornets and were based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Muggsy Bogues, a quick-footed 5-foot 3-inch (1.60-meter) point guard, and shooter Dell Curry were both on early teams, but they struggled to win many games, as most expansion teams do.

The 1992-93 season saw Charlotte make its first playoff participation (and playoffs series win) thanks to the efforts of forward Larry Johnson and center Alonzo Mourning, who were both selected by the team in the 1991 and 1992 drafts.

New Orleans Pelicans History

The Hornets continued to participate in the playoffs three more times in the 1990s, but they were never able to get past the first round.

With the outstanding play of guard Baron Davis, the Hornets started a run of five straight postseason appearances in 1999–2000. However, they once again were only able to win one series per season.

Despite the team’s success on the court, the Hornets had some of the lowest game attendance figures in the league, in part because team owner George Shinn was personally unpopular and pushed for a new, more lucrative, publicly funded arena soon after having to defend himself in a sexual assault case during a nationally broadcast civil trial (he was acquitted).

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After Charlotte voters rejected his most recent proposal for a new arena, Shinn relocated the team to New Orleans basketball teams in 2002.

The Hornets had only played in New Orleans for three seasons before Hurricane Katrina destroyed their home arena, forcing them to temporarily relocate to Oklahoma City for the 2005–06 and 2006–07 seasons.

After finishing in fourth place twice in a row, the team unexpectedly achieved a 56-26 record and earned the first division title in franchise history during their return to New Orleans for the 2007–08 season.

The Hornets reached the conference semifinals that year under the leadership of rising star point guard Chris Paul and forward David West but ultimately lost in seven games. Due to his ongoing financial struggles, Shinn was forced to sell the team in 2010, but the NBA ended up purchasing the team because no suitable buyer could be located.

After controversially blocking a previously proposed transfer of Paul to the dominant Los Angeles Lakers in 2011, the team dealt Paul to the Los Angeles Clippers.

The Hornets were then sold to Tom Benson, the owner of the New Orleans Saints, in 2012. The club changed its name from the Hornets—which was a reference to the “hornet’s nest” of American rebels in Charlotte during the American Revolution—to the Pelicans in 2013 in an effort to strengthen links with its hometown.

When the New Orleans Pelicans basketball game won the NBA draft lottery in 2012 and chose Anthony Davis, a forward-center, with the first overall pick, the franchise made a significant step toward contention on the court.

Chris Paul New Orleans Pelicans

In the 2014–15 season, Davis stunned the league and guided the squad back to the playoffs. After being eliminated in the first round of that postseason, the Pelicans had a difficult 2015–16 season, finishing 30-52. In order to qualify for the playoffs, New Orleans rebounded in 2017–18, winning 48 games.

There, the team won its first postseason series under Davis before finally losing in the second round. A dissatisfied Davis wanted a trade from New Orleans during the 2018–19 season, claiming that the franchise has failed to develop a reliable winner around him throughout his career.

The deal never happened, and the Pelicans finished with a 33-49 record. This suggests that the team’s on-court performance was hampered by the off-court controversy.

Chris Paul

Chris Paul, the full name Christopher Emmanuel Paul, also known by the nickname CP3, is an American professional basketball player who was one of the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) top stars in the early 21st century. He was born on 6 May 1985 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

One of basketball’s most persistent misconceptions, the pure point guard, is disproven by Paul’s career alone. According to legend, the pure point is a selfless, endlessly smart athlete who exists just to assist teammates in scoring.

Chris Paul

Paul was the most skilled and perceptive playmaker the NBA had ever seen, making passes that defied logic and maneuvering his teammates (and opponents) like a master chess player.

He also scored as frequently as any other player in the league, whether by effortlessly knifing his way to the hoop or sinking the outside jump shot with amazing accuracy.

Even though he was deemed too tiny to play basketball as a freshman at a little over 5 feet (1.5 meters) tall, Paul elected to remain with the sport in high school despite excelling at both basketball and football as a child.

Although he went through a few growth spurts, Paul’s potential shined through, and by the time he left to play college basketball at Wake Forest University, he was 6 feet (1.8 meters) tall and regarded as one of the nation’s best prospects.

Paul spent two years at Wake, where he displayed both his extraordinary skill set and fierce competitiveness that sometimes got him into issues with officials. The New Orleans Hornets picked Paul fourth overall after he declared for the NBA draft in 2005. He virtually universally received the Rookie of the Year award and, more importantly, made a name for himself as a leader, even as a rookie.

Hurricane Katrina forced the Hornets to leave their home venue during their inaugural season as a professional team; as a result, they played home games at arenas throughout the American South, especially in Oklahoma City. As a result, Paul played through a less than perfect rookie campaign while acting as a sort of representative for New Orleans.

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Paul truly came into his own in his third season, appearing in his first All-Star Game, seriously challenging for league MVP, and guiding the Hornets to the second-best record in the Western Conference. Paul had two more successful seasons after that, despite missing a major portion of 2009–10 due to injuries.

But the Hornets only got worse. Despite making the playoffs in 2010–11, Paul frequently played by himself to keep those games close. Paul was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers as the Charlotte Hornets needed to rebuild following the 2011 labor stoppage.

The NBA, which at the time owned the Hornets due to the previous owner’s financial incompetence, vetoed the trade, which was controversial. Paul joined the Los Angeles Clippers before the 2011–12 season and soon after was traded to them, making them one of the league’s most exciting and dangerous teams.

He extended his contract with the Clippers in 2013, indicating his intention to turn the group into a powerhouse in the Western Conference.

In both 2013–14 and 2014–15, Paul continued to play brilliantly during the regular season, leading the league in assists per game. The Clippers were eliminated in the second round of the 2013–14 playoffs, failing to advance past that stage on six occasions in Paul’s previous six playoff appearances.

He appeared to have exercised his postseason demons in 2014–15 when, in the seventh game of the Clippers’ opening series against the San Antonio Spurs, he battled through a hamstring injury to shoot the game-winning shot.

However, Los Angeles lost to the Houston Rockets in the next round after blowing a three-game series lead. The 2015–16 Clippers season was disappointing despite Paul’s continued strong play, as both he and fellow All-Star Blake Griffin suffered season-ending injuries (a broken hand and a torn quadriceps, respectively) in the team’s fourth playoff game.

As a result, Los Angeles was eliminated in its opening postseason series. With a damaged ligament in his left thumb, he missed 14 games in the 2016–17 season but still guided the Clippers to 51 victories and a playoff berth. However, the Clippers lost a seven-game series after Griffin suffered yet another season-ending injury during the first round of the postseason.

Chris Paul is player of New Orleans Pelicans

Paul has transferred to the Rockets the next off-season after he made it clear he would not sign a contract extension with the Clippers for 2018.

He led the Rockets to the best record in the NBA in 2017–18 in Houston, working alongside the team’s star shooting guard James Harden (65–17). Paul ultimately made it past the second round of the playoffs that year, but a setback in game five of the conference finals—a win that gave Houston a 3-2 series lead—left him unable to participate in the series’ last two games, which the Golden State Warriors went on to win.

He made a comeback in 2018–19, but his performance was still hampered by aging and a string of injuries, as he averaged a career-low 15.6 points per game. The Warriors once again eliminated the Rockets from the playoffs.

Houston opted to reevaluate and traded Paul to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the off-season after failing to upset Golden State in the postseason twice behind the Paul-Harden team. Unexpectedly, Paul helped a youthful Thunder team reach the playoffs in 2019–20.

However, the rebuilding organization made the decision to trade Paul to the Phoenix Suns the following offseason. An inexperienced Suns roster was motivated and brought into focus by Paul, and the group unexpectedly finished second in the NBA in 2020–21.

By leading Phoenix through the Western Conference playoff field to make his first professional appearance in the NBA finals, he later gained some postseason atonement. The Milwaukee Bucks won four straight games to eliminate Paul and the Suns there after Phoenix blew a 2-0 series lead.

Paul, whose team had won the first two games of the series, became the only best player in NBA history to suffer four playoff losses as a result of that outcome. He made NBA history in October 2021 by being the first player to finish their career with 20,000 points and 10,000 assists.

Paul’s contributions to the men’s U.S. basketball teams that won gold medals at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics were in addition to his professional successes.

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Alonzo Mourning

Alonzo Mourning

Alonzo Mourning, full name Alonzo Harding Mourning, Jr., nicknamed Zo, was a National Basketball Association (NBA) champion in 2006 with the Miami Heat after overcoming a kidney transplant. He was born on 8 February 1970 in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Basketball player Mourning, a center who is 6 feet 10 inches (2.08 meters) tall, attended Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. He was selected by the Charlotte Hornets with the second overall pick in the 1992 NBA Draft, and he played for them for three seasons before being traded to the Heat.

He was selected to the first team of the NBA in 1999 and was voted the league’s defensive player of the year twice. He was a seven-time NBA All-Star. At both the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000 and the 1994 world championships, he captured gold with the American team.

He was identified as having the kidney filtering illness focal glomerulosclerosis not long after the Olympics. The following season, Mourning played in just 13 games, but he bounced back to make the NBA Eastern Conference All-Star Team in 2002. But when his health deteriorated, he was forced to miss the 2002–03 campaign.

He signed a four-year deal with the New Jersey Nets as a free agent in 2003, but his renal issues prompted him to retire in November. In December, he received a kidney from his cousin, and soon after that, he started preparing for a comeback to the NBA.

Mourning was moved to the Toronto Raptors after making a comeback with the Brooklyn Nets in the 2004–05 season, but he didn’t show up for practice. He re-signed with the Heat in March 2005 following a buyout that once more gave him the option to become a free agent.

He only saw minimal action during his second time with the Heat, but he was a crucial backup when Miami made it to the NBA finals in 2006. The Heat’s pivotal game-six victory over the Dallas Mavericks, which brought Miami its first championship in team history, included Mourning’s greatest performance of the playoffs.

Mourning sustained a serious knee injury in December 2007, preventing him from playing the rest of the 2007–08 season. In January 2009, he announced his retirement from the NBA. Shortly after, he joined the Heat’s front office to work in player development and community relations. 2014 saw the induction of Mourning into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

New Orleans Pelicans Stats 2021-22

New Orleans Pelicans Stats 2021-22

Player Stats – All Splits

CJ McCollum SG *262633.824.
Brandon Ingram SF55553422.
Jonas Valanciunas C747430.317.83.18.311.
Josh Hart SG *414033.513.
Nickeil Alexander-Walker SG *501926.312.
Devonte’ Graham PG766328.411.
Herbert Jones SF786929.
Jaxson Hayes C7028209.
Willy Hernangomez C50816.
Jared Harper G508.67.40.400.
Larry Nance Jr. PF *9020.
Jose Alvarado PG54115.
Kira Lewis Jr. PG24014.
Tony Snell SF *15218.
Naji Marshall SF55413.
Trey Murphy III SG62113.
Garrett Temple SF591618.
Tyrone Wallace G6012.52.801.
Tomas Satoransky SG *323152.80.61.422.40.400.713.36.51
Gary Clark F3819.
Alize Johnson F *4072.
Didi Louzada SF *203.501010.50000INF-1.17
Total82  109.31233.245.2258.3413.319.71.9 
Player Stats - All Splits
CJ McCollum SG *9.519.
Brandon Ingram SF8.217.946.
Jonas Valanciunas C6.912.754.
Josh Hart SG *4.89.450.513.
Nickeil Alexander-Walker SG *4.712.637.
Devonte’ Graham PG3.910.736.32.57.434.11.61.884.31.43.341.31.1070.48
Herbert Jones SF3.57.447.
Jaxson Hayes C3.55.761.60.30.835.12.12.776.63.24.9661.6430.64
Willy Hernangomez C3.46.5520.
Jared Harper G2.85.253.812.441.70.80.81001.82.864.31.4230.63
Larry Nance Jr. PF *35.455.10.40.9500.90.91002.64.656.11.3470.59
Jose Alvarado PG2.45.444.60.6229.10.7167.91.83.453.81.1220.5
Kira Lewis Jr. PG2.
Tony Snell SF *2.24.944.61.43.539.60.10.11000.81.457.11.1890.59
Naji Marshall SF24.940.50.41.9201.31.779.61.6353.71.1640.44
Trey Murphy III SG1.84.539.31.1338.20.70.888.20.61.541.81.2060.52
Garrett Temple SF1.9537.613.
Tyrone Wallace G1.23.3350.31.3250.20.8200.8241.70.850.4
Tomas Satoransky SG *13.329.90.2116.10.60.8760.82.435.50.8220.32
Gary Clark F0.92.337.50.71.8400.20.3700.10.527.81.1480.53
Alize Johnson F *0.82.5300000.81750.82.5300.90.3
Didi Louzada SF *01.5001.5000000000

Shooting Stats – All Splits

CJ McCollum SG *9.519.
Brandon Ingram SF8.217.946.
Jonas Valanciunas C6.912.754.
Josh Hart SG *4.89.450.513.
Nickeil Alexander-Walker SG *4.712.637.
Devonte’ Graham PG3.910.736.32.57.434.11.61.884.31.43.341.31.1070.48
Herbert Jones SF3.57.447.
Jaxson Hayes C3.55.761.60.30.835.12.12.776.63.24.9661.6430.64
Willy Hernangomez C3.46.5520.
Jared Harper G2.85.253.812.441.70.80.81001.82.864.31.4230.63
Larry Nance Jr. PF *35.455.10.40.9500.90.91002.64.656.11.3470.59
Jose Alvarado PG2.45.444.60.6229.10.7167.91.83.453.81.1220.5
Kira Lewis Jr. PG2.
Tony Snell SF *2.24.944.61.43.539.60.10.11000.81.457.11.1890.59
Naji Marshall SF24.940.50.41.9201.31.779.61.6353.71.1640.44
Trey Murphy III SG1.84.539.31.1338.20.70.888.20.61.541.81.2060.52
Garrett Temple SF1.9537.613.
Tyrone Wallace G1.23.3350.31.3250.20.8200.8241.70.850.4
Tomas Satoransky SG *13.329.90.2116.10.60.8760.82.435.50.8220.32
Gary Clark F0.92.337.50.71.8400.20.3700.10.527.81.1480.53
Alize Johnson F *0.82.5300000.81750.82.5300.90.3
Didi Louzada SF *01.5001.5000000000

New Orleans Pelicans Roster

New Orleans Pelicans Roster.
Jose AlvaradoPG246′ 0″179 lbsGeorgia Tech$1,563,518
Gary ClarkF276′ 6″225 lbsCincinnati
Dyson DanielsG196′ 6″199 lbs$5,508,600
Devonte’ GrahamPG276′ 1″195 lbsKansas$11,550,000
Jared HarperG246′ 0″175 lbsAuburn
Jaxson HayesC226′ 11″220 lbsTexas$6,803,012
Willy HernangomezC286′ 11″250 lbs$2,443,581
Brandon IngramSF246′ 8″190 lbsDuke$31,650,600
Herbert JonesSF236′ 7″206 lbsAlabama$1,785,000
Kira Lewis Jr.PG216′ 1″170 lbsAlabama$4,004,280
E.J. LiddellF216′ 7″240 lbsOhio State
Naji MarshallSF246′ 7″220 lbsXavier$1,782,621
Karlo MatkovicF216′ 10″231 lbs
CJ McCollumSG306′ 3″190 lbsLehigh$33,333,333
Trey Murphy IIISG226′ 8″206 lbsVirginia$3,206,640
Larry Nance Jr.PF296′ 7″245 lbsWyoming$9,672,727
Tony SnellSF306′ 6″213 lbsNew Mexico
Garrett TempleSF366′ 5″195 lbsLSU$4,910,000
Jonas ValanciunasC306′ 11″265 lbs$14,700,000
Zion WilliamsonPF226′ 6″284 lbsDuke$13,534,817

New Orleans Pelicans Injuries

New Orleans Pelicans Injuries
  • E.J. Liddell: According to Erin Summers of Bally Sports New Orleans, Liddell had surgery on his ruptured right ACL on Monday.
  • Dyson Daniels: Due to an ankle ailment, Daniels is unlikely to participate in Summer League again, according to Andrew Lopez of
  • Brandon Ingram
  • Kira Lewis Jr.: During the second quarter of Wednesday’s game against the Nuggets, Lewis sustained a season-ending torn ACL and Grade 2 MCL sprain in his right knee, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic.

New Orleans Pelicans Transactions 2022

New Orleans Pelicans Transactions 2022
  • 12 March 2022: F Alize Johnson was given a 10-day contract.
  • G. Tyrone Wallace was signed on 11 March 2022 to a 10-day contract.
  • G Miye Oni and F Zylan Cheatham were given 10-day contracts on 4 February 2022.
  • Gary Clark was released on 7 January 2022.


The New Orleans Pelicans: What happened?

The franchise temporarily relocated to Oklahoma City for the ensuing two seasons, during which they were known as the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets due to Hurricane Katrina’s devastation of New Orleans in 2005.

How long have there been New Orleans Pelicans?

New Orleans, which started competing in the 2002–03 season, is regarded by the NBA as an expansion franchise. In the 2002–03 season, George Shinn, the owner of the Charlotte Hornets, moved the team to New Orleans, establishing the Pelicans as the New Orleans Hornets.

FAQs about New Orleans Pelicans Overview

Who is the New Orleans Pelicans’ best player?

The greatest players in franchise history (Regular season)

  • Anthony Davis
  • Chris Paul
  • David West
  • Jrue Holiday


The New Orleans Pelicans have had a tough season, but their stats, score, and roster show they are a team to be reckoned with. Their stats show that they are a top-10 team in the NBA, and their score and roster prove they have the talent to compete with any team in the league.

The Pelicans have been dealt some tough luck this season, but they can potentially be a force in the NBA for years to come. Hope new orlean pelicans latest news and trade rumors is helpful for you. Thank for reading!

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