How to Watch NBA TV Without Cable 2022: A Step-By-Step Guide

Can I Watch NBA TV Without TV Provider and Cable?

Welcome to my blog! Today I’ll be discussing how to watch NBA TV. This is a great channel for any basketball fan, as it provides access to live games, highlights, and analyses from around the league. Tune in to catch your favorite team in action or get an inside look at the game you love.

How To Watch NBA Games Without Cable

You can watch live TV channels online just as cable with a slim bundle, but your TV bundle will be more affordable and smaller. Do not be concerned about the channel selection. Most individuals do not watch the majority of the channels that their cable company offers.

Think of a skinny bundle as having many more options than cable, where the channels in your lineup will match the genres of programming you like.

Use one of the following streaming services with NBA tv if you want to watch it without cable: DIRECTV STREAM, fuboTV, Sling TV, or YouTube TV. View all of these suppliers’ information below.


Nearly all sports networks are available on our best selection, DIRECTV STREAM, which also includes NBA TV. Rest assured that you may utilize DIRECT STREAM’s unlimited cloud DVR option to catch up later if you can’t watch the season’s most anticipated game live. Cutting the cord should not mean giving up your favorite cable programming or other perks.

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How to Access NBA TV Outside of Cable


In order to supplement its initial programming of exclusively soccer matches, fuboTV, which consists of soccer games, offers NBA TV, among many other sports channels. FuboTV now boasts a wider variety of programs, including everything from sports to thrillers.

how to watch nba on smart tv: fuboTV

Sling TV

NBA TV is available on Sling TV, although it is not included in the standard subscription. You’ll have to add the Sports Extra package to your order, which is, in our opinion, still less expensive than a typical cable subscription.

how to watch nba league pass on tv: Sling TV

YouTube TV

Google is in the business of skinny bundles because it enjoys joining in on the fun. NBA TV and other top networks are available on its YouTube TV streaming service and an unlimited cloud DVR.

Can I Watch NBA TV on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Other Devices?

The flexibility of skinny bundles allows you to enjoy your favorite programs wherever you are. The best way to watch NBA without cable is on your phone, laptop, and other devices if you refer to the list of compatible devices.

Can I Watch NBA TV on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Other Devices?

NBA TV is a top basketball station, but what exactly does it entail? It entails watching prestigious programs about basketball, such as these:

  • The NBA Action
  • Basketball TV Originals
  • Football Stories
  • Opening Court
  • In “High Tops”
NBA TV's most popular programs

More to Stream for Fans of NBA TV

The games come first; we’re not attempting to get in the way of you and your favorite basketball teams. But what happens at the end of the season? If sports are your passion, you might want to look into other sports networks.

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More to Stream for Fans of NBA TV

We heartily endorse CBS Sports, a channel with football, baseball, hockey, soccer, and much more. (Yes, basketball is also available.) Its NBA coverage is superb and brimming with thoughtful commentary. However, its programming is more varied and will familiarize you with various sports. See how to watch CBS Sports without a cable subscription.

Without ESPN, a list of NBA TV alternatives would be incomplete. You may get exclusive access to your favorite teams and watch all the most exciting basketball matches on the network. During important events like the Olympics and winter sports, ESPN is excellent. Learn how to watch ESPN without cable by checking it out.


How do I get free NBA TV?

  • Visit or download the NBA mobile app.
  • Give the necessary details, including your name, address, email, age, and sex.
  • Your user name and secret password should be entered.
  • Choose a payment option (PayPal or a credit card) and fill out the form.

What distinguishes NBA TV from NBA League Pass?

Live radio broadcasts of these games will be available to NBA League Pass users, and archives of these matches will be accessible for viewing three hours after the broadcast has ended. NBA TV games are not accessible live on NBA League Pass, but they may be watched live with an NBA TV subscription.

What distinguishes NBA TV from NBA League Pass?

Does NBA TV broadcast each game?

You can watch 106 more live NBA games on NBA TV throughout the season. You can’t watch every NBA game that is being played live, though. Where can I watch NBA basketball games without charge?

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Although there isn’t a legitimate way to view NBA games for free, we advise using the free trials that certain live TV streaming services provide.

You should test out three options Sling TV, YouTube TV, and fuboTV.

How can I watch NBA games without cable?

Joining a live TV streaming service is the most excellent method to watch NBA games without cable.

With all the channels you require and the option to add NBA LEAGUE PASS to your plan, YouTube TV will offer the whole NBA package.

Your cheapest way to watch basketball will be Sling TV ($50/month), which has two of the four channels you’ll need, while fuboTV has three of the required channels. NBA LEAGUE PASS is another add-on available through both of these programs.

Is NBA TV available on YouTube TV?

The NBA TV channel is a part of YouTube TV’s channel lineup. Order NBA LEAGUE PASS to go one step further and watch every NBA game on YouTube TV.


Now that you know how to watch NBA TV, you can catch all the action of your favorite basketball team whenever you want. Whether at home or on the go, you can always stay up to date on the latest scores and highlights. So, what are you waiting for? Tune in and enjoy! You can read more about: How Does The NBA Play-In Work? Everything You Need to Know!

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