How To Clean Basketball Shoes: Tips To Care For Your Shoes 2022

How To Clean Basketball Shoes: Tips To Care For Your Shoes 2022

Basketball shoes can take quite a beating during games, so keeping them clean is essential. If your basketball shoes are starting to look a little dirty, don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to clean them!

Here is a brief introduction to how to clean basketball shoes.

Quick Advice:

  • Don’t use a dryer or a washing machine. It will harm things.
  • Neither uses a hair dryer nor places shoes close to vents or heaters. Rubber warps with high heat.
  • Avoid using fabric softeners, bleach, rubbing alcohol, or scented laundry detergent. These cause the bottoms of the shoes to dry up, break, and produce an oily residue.
  • Use environmentally friendly laundry detergent.

Store Them Properly

You might be cramming your sneakers into your gym bag after a game because you’re eager to go out and have fun with your teammates and buddies.

However, if you keep them in your gym bag for a long time, they may start to lose their shape and put a lot of strain on the seams. Due to their inability to adequately ventilate, it may also cause an odor to accumulate.

Instead, after wearing them, put your shoes in a space with plenty of airflows, such as a closet. Before your next use, they can dry out as a result. Instead of leaving your shoes on your bedroom floor, where they are readily prone to be kicked around or tripped over when they have had time to dry out, put them back in their original box.

Store Them Properly

Use a shoe deodorizer, which is available in solid or convenient spray form, to help keep your footwear even fresher.

Additionally, you might think about having a few pairs of basketball shoes and switching them out between games so that each pair has more time to dry and spends less time being actively used.

Only Wear Them On The Court

The golden rule is to never leave the house in your indoor shoes.

Your basketball sneakers may lose grip and color more quickly if you do this. They’ll probably last a lot longer if you keep them out of the weather.

Only Wear Them On The Court

You may keep your shoes cleaned by simply wearing them on the court. Because of this, they will require less upkeep from you and less wear and tear.

How To Clean Basketball Shoes

How To Clean Basketball Shoes

Method 1: Hand-Cleaning Shoes

  1. As quickly as possible, remove any fresh stains or soiling. The quicker you wipe away dirt, dust, etc., the easier it will be to remove it later. If maintaining the appearance of your basketball shoes is important to you, clean them after each use.

Only if your shoes are made of absorbent material like canvas, mesh, or suede will this rule not apply. In this situation, wait for the caked-on mud to dry before beginning the cleaning process. You’ll only spread the mud deeper if you don’t.

  1. Remove surface dust by brushing or wiping. Use a stiff-bristled brush if the dirt or mud is hardened (like a toothbrush or shoe brush). Use a soft, slightly dampened cloth if the mud or other filth is still wet.
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Method 1 Hand-Cleaning Shoes

  1. Construct a mild cleaning agent. Warm water should be added to a bowl or small bucket. Dish soap works great for this step. Add a few drops of a light detergent and stir until the mixture barely begins to bubble. Steer clear of abrasive cleaners, bleach, and harsh detergents or chemicals.

Before you begin washing the shoes, take off the laces. The same solution can be used to clean them separately.

  1. Use a gentle brush or wet towel to clean the shoes. Your cloth or brush should be damp but not drenched. Thoroughly wipe the shoe, wipe it down, and rewet the cloth or brush as necessary. To get into creases and seams, place a toothbrush or your fingertip under the cloth.

On obstinate stains, scrub a little more vigorously in a circular motion. If desired, smear a very small amount of basic white toothpaste on your toothbrush or wet towel.

  1. Use a clean, gentle cloth to remove any soap residue. Simply use normal water to lightly dampen the cloth. Don’t submerge the shoes in water or run a faucet over them.

Allow the footwear to air dry. You can first lightly wipe the shoes with a clean cloth if they have any surface dampness. Simply place them in a warm, airy area after that.

Use of a radiator, hair drier, clothes dryer, or any other artificial heat source is prohibited. This can result in shrinkage or cracking.

If the insides of the shoes are still damp, shove some newspaper inside while they dry. The insides of the shoes should still be dry.

Keep pricey shoes in storage for security

  1. Keep pricey shoes in storage for security. Your standard basketball shoes can be placed at the front door or in your gym bag once they have dried. But you should use specific storage methods if you have expensive or particularly special shoes.

Make that the footwear is entirely dry. Take out any tattered newspaper and look inside.

Put each pair of shoes into a sizable zip-top bag. Before sealing the bags, add a desiccant packet to each if you have access to them (like the silica gel packs that likely came in the original shoe box).

Method 2: Cleaning Shoe Components

Method 2- Cleaning Shoe Components

  1. Use toothpaste to scrub dirty soles. Put a small amount of plain white toothpaste on a toothbrush, dunk it in warm water with a small amount of mild dish soap, then scrub away at stains or scratches. Repeat as necessary, wiping away any excess with a clean, moist towel.

Another method is to combine some baking soda with a little water in a bowl to create a paste that has the consistency of toothpaste.

With a toothpick or firm, dry brush, remove any stones or dirt that has become lodged between the shoe treads.

  1. You can also try toothpaste on leather panels or accents. With a dry cloth or gentle brush, remove any surface dust from the leather. Use a clean cloth that has been softly wet with warm, unflavored water to wipe the leather.

Your first and middle fingers’ fingertips should have a small amount of basic white toothpaste on them before being dipped in warm water. After using a damp towel to remove the toothpaste and grime, rub the leather in a circular motion.

Let the leather air dry overnight after using a clean cloth to dry the surface.

  1. Care for canvas in the same way you would other shoe materials. Basketball sneakers with uppers or other absorbent-based parts made of canvas or a comparable material can be cleaned similarly to any other pair. Clean them with warm water and mild soap, then wipe them down with soft cloths or brushes and let them air dry.
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However, if you want to know how to get grip back on shoes, you can wet the canvas a little bit more and scrub it harder.

If the canvas becomes wet, squeeze or blot it with a dry towel, insert newspapers inside the shoes, and let them air dry overnight.

  1. Wash individual shoelaces. If you don’t separate the shoes and laces, neither can be thoroughly cleaned. The laces can be scrubbed with the same mild cleaning agent used on the shoes after being removed and dampened. Alternatively, you may wash them in a machine.

It is recommended to replace the shoelaces entirely if they are frayed, excessively worn, or unclean.

Use the same cleaning agent to clean inserts and insoles

  1. Use the same cleaning agent to clean inserts and insoles. Take off the insoles or inserts and clean them the same way you would a pair of shoes. Before putting them back in, give them, along with the shoes, time to completely dry. Before putting them back in, try dusting some baking soda on them to help minimize odor.

The safest method is to wash them by hand because using a washing machine runs the risk of damaging the items.

You can also dry each shoe with a dryer sheet inside for overnight deodorizing. This will help you know clearly how to clean shoe soles.

Method 3: Using a Washing Machine

Method 3- Using a Washing Machine

  1. Check the advice from the shoe manufacturer. The majority of the time, the manufacturer of your basketball shoes will advise against using either a washing machine or a clothes dryer. If your shoes are pricey or otherwise valuable to you, you should pay special attention to this tip on how to clean white basketball shoes.

In actuality, your shoes should survive a wash cycle just fine. Only you, though, can choose if you’re prepared to accept the danger that “probably” carries.

  1. Try the low spin and delicate wash cycles. Set the water temperature to cool or cold. To minimize clattering (and possibly shoe damage) during the spin cycle, add a few old towels. If at all possible, use less detergent than you usually would.

Before beginning the wash, take out the insoles and shoelaces. They can be washed with the shoes.

  1. Let the shoe air dry. If at all possible, avoid using the dryer even if you decide to use the washer. To prevent the midsole and sole from becoming yellow, stuff the shoes with newspaper and store them somewhere airy and shaded.
  2. Increase the pressure on worn-out basketball sneakers. Try setting the washing machine to the warm or hot water settings if your shoes are filthy and you’re not too concerned about whether they’ll come out undamaged. Keep it on a low spin setting while setting it to a standard wash cycle. Again, add a couple of extra old towels to lessen thumping.

You’re already taking a chance, so why not put the shoes in the dryer afterward as well? Don’t go overboard, though; set the dryer at low heat.

Considerations Particular to Different Materials

Sneakers will be clean if you follow these simple washing instructions, but some fabrics and materials could require a little extra care. What you need to know about cleaning various types of shoes is provided here.

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Cleaning Leather Shoes

Cleaning Leather Shoes

Leather shoes should be cleaned frequently because they are prone to stains. You might wish to use a Magic Eraser or leather conditioner in addition to a dry brush and a mild dish soap solution to get rid of stains. Avoid over-scrubbing the shoes to avoid harming the leather.

Cleaning Suede Shoes

Cleaning Suede Shoes

Suede is notoriously challenging to maintain. It’s probably time to give your suede shoes a thorough cleaning if you see water stains, scuff marks, dirt, or stains. Use these suggested methods and unique equipment to complete the task.

Surface dirt can be removed with a suede brush or cloth by working with the grain of the suede rather than against it.

To remove any stains from the shoe’s surface, rub suede rubber (or an eraser) over the area.

Use a cloth dipped in white vinegar to clean the fabric in alternate directions to remove tough stains.

Cleaning Knit Shoes

Cleaning Knit Shoes

Shoes made with Nike Flyknit are flexible and supportive where you need them most, but the fabric is sensitive and needs to be cleaned carefully. Use chemical-free soap to prepare a mild, soapy water solution. Never clean with bleach or other harsh chemicals since they can harm the fabric. Use a clean cloth to rub the solution onto the knit in the same way.


How Can I Deodorize My Insoles to Cut Down on Shoe Odor?

You might also need to sometimes clean your insoles. Use the same cleaning techniques on the outside of your shoes after removing the insoles to do this. Before re-inserting them into your shoes, make sure they are thoroughly dry by air. You could wish to get a new pair of insoles if the smell continues. Most sporting goods and shoe businesses sell replacement insoles.

What If After Cleaning, My Shoes Are Still Dirty?

Your shoes may have made too many trips up the court, cuts across the field, or circuits around the track if you have followed and repeated the cleaning basketball shoes instructions above, and they still appear unclean. Perhaps it’s time to get a new pair of sneakers.

how to clean basketball shoes at home

How frequently ought I to clean my shoes?

How frequently you wear shoes and where your feet take you to affect your cleaning routine. Every two weeks, or whenever they begin to look unclean, try to clean your shoes. Cleaning time is decreased by regular maintenance.


The most common solution for cleaning basketball shoes is a vacuum cleaner. However, this can be expensive and not always efficient. A different solution is to use a cleaning solution specific to each type of shoe. This can be found at any independent store. Finally, always using a good cleaning product is essential for efficient cleaning. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get the most effective results.

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