How To Be Good At Basketball? Basketball Tips And Tricks 2022

How To Be Good At Basketball? Basketball Tips And Tricks 2022

Basketball is a sport enjoyed by many people all over the world. Though the game may seem simple, a great deal of skill and strategy is involved in playing. If you’re looking to the way on how to be good at basketball player, there are a few things you can do.

How To Become A Better Basketball Player?

1. Develop Your Ball-handling Abilities.

Get better at basketball

The first step in improving as a player is to master the art of basketball dribbling. Work your way up to mastery by beginning with basic dribbling routines.

It would be beneficial if you began your practice sessions in a balanced athletic stance. Keep your hips loaded and your nose behind your toes to avoid stooping forward. The secret to proficient basketball handling is balance.

Start moving the ball in a steady, athletic motion around your body. Don’t be afraid to dribble hard to the side of your foot when handling the ball.

For optimum control, keep your knees and hips at a height that allows for a bounce. Start by practicing in that sweet place a few times before you begin to dribble. It ensures you keep the ball in your area to score more goals.

You must exert more effort after each dribble if you want to improve your ball control. We advise practicing two-handed dribbling every day until you master the technique.

Keep in mind the three fundamental basketball techniques as well: midfoot, back, and crossovers.

In a basketball game, you will need to combine or come up with different dribbles based on these fundamental actions. Before moving on to the following phases, it is essential to make sure you fully comprehend this step.

Watch this video for the best advice on improving your basketball dribbling:

How to: Improve Your Dribbling Skills at Home!!! (Dribbling Routine for NASTY HANDLES)

2. Recognize and Address Your Weak Points.

You’ll clearly know your skills after playing basketball for a while. Set aside sometime each day to evaluate your performance in the workplace. It typically takes five to ten minutes to consider and write down all of your strengths and flaws.

You can choose the basketball workouts you should perform by determining your weaknesses. For instance, if you struggle at the free-throw line, practice your free throws more the following time.

You must recognize and fix your weaknesses in order to perfect every part of the game if you want to become an outstanding basketball court player. Read more: Best NBA Players 2022: Greatest Players Of All Time

3. Use Game-time Speed Practice

Basketball tips for beginners

Basketball players typically perform better during solitary practice than during actual games. The main cause of this decline in performance is that sometimes the game’s intense time constraints and quick-paced nature overwhelm you.

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If you frequently do well in practice games but struggle to shoot and dribble in actual games, it’s likely that you haven’t kept up with game speed. Think about defensive players shielding you when you are practicing or playing one-on-one. You will find it quite helpful in maintaining the pace of the game.

Defenders from the opposing team won’t hold off until you’ve finished a dribble or tried to find the optimal throw distance to the basket. Let’s say you want to practice shooting, and many people are nearby. People who put off practicing will struggle to perform well under pressure. It would be great if you kept it in mind.

4. Raise Your Fitness Level

Tips to get better at basketball

If you are not physically fit, you will not be able to develop your basketball skills. Fitness is crucial to keep basketball players competitive, whether they play defense or offense.

You must develop endurance if you want to be able to run the entire field. If you quickly tire out after running for five minutes, even if you have mastered fundamental abilities like dribbling and passing, you won’t be able to keep up with your teammates. Sprinting, weight training, or endurance running are some of the finest workouts for increasing stamina.

Another great approach to getting accustomed to the pace of practice is to power dribble before each game to warm up. Use these exercises every day to strengthen your stamina. It will assist you in becoming more aggressive to elevate you as your muscle mass grows.

5. Perform A Better Shooting Motion

To lay the groundwork for your shots, you need to practice shooting. Every shot that has the potential to generate points originates from the lower body. Therefore, you should concentrate on strengthening your lower body.

Start by pointing both of your toes in the same direction, then position them so that they are parallel to the rim. Try to posture your body in the most natural way possible throughout practice. To load your lower body, press the arch of your foot into the ground. This will offer you strength and consistency.

Focus on allowing strength and energy to move from your feet to your hips and buttocks while keeping your knees behind your toes. Finally, massage your shoulders, hips, knees, and toes. After each shot, don’t forget to flex your legs.

The hand-eye coordination technique can also be used to strengthen your shooting arm. Stand in front of a mirror without a ball in your hands to practice at home.

Watch this video to learn how to become a professional basketball player:

How to Shoot like Stephen Curry: Shooting Form Blueprint

6. Practice Hand Alignment During Game Time.

You should place your hands optimally for a constant ball feel. It has an impact on the accurate spin, feel connection, and controllability of your shot. Put the index finger of your dominant hand on the ball’s air valve to determine the proper hand position. You can practice a shooting drill to get accustomed to holding the ball in your hand.

Select a high release point while facing a defensive player to make it more difficult for them to block. Keep your elbows and wrists parallel to the basket. At the instant of the shot, fully extend your arms so that your elbows stop over the eye.

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7. Grow by Using Realistic Matches And Game Tapes

Tips for basketball

Watching other basketball players compete is a great way to learn for novices, not just in basketball but in other sports as well. People might be observed adjusting their offensive strategies and playing defense accordingly.

Although entertaining, professional sports like the NBA are not good for education. They frequently focus on a player’s standout traits or abilities. On the other hand, high school and college tournaments employ lengthier shot clocks. It fits the way teenage boys and girls play better.

Keep an eye out for and save skills that will help you improve your offensive and defensive play. Without other players’ assistance, you will be impossible to do defensive drills. So learning through doing would be beneficial.

8. Try Separating A Defender From Space.

Try Separating A Defender From Space.

Practicing defense alone makes it challenging. The majority of our drills will focus on scoring and attacking. So how do you learn to shoot and score?

The feet, hands, and noses of defensive players should be paid attention to. They’ll aid you in roughly estimating where they’re standing so you can anticipate their next action. Make snap decisions and clear space with hops or jabs.

Three objectives must be met in order to escape a close defense. These consist of losing balance, maintaining possession of the ball, and opening a path to the basket.

Basketball IQ Improvement

Basketball IQ Improvement

Master The Rules.

Younger basketball players may forget the rules of the game. You will cause problems for your squad if you don’t know the regulations off-by-heart. Joining a club team while you’re young or during the summer between seasons is a fantastic method to learn the rules.

The offensive team has five seconds to move the ball across the mid-court line if it is behind the line or it forfeits possession of the ball. A guideline like this can help you avoid turnovers.

Once it crosses the mid-court line with the ball, the offensive team cannot bring it back. Otherwise, it forfeits possession of it. Basketball players with a high level of intelligence are familiar with these rules.

Study The Game

What makes a good basketball player

You must learn everything you can about your situation and courtroom tactics. You will see more playing time if you are a strategic player and one with excellent technical abilities.

On YouTube, you may find a ton of instructional videos.

Examine your prior games as well as those of the opposition. The solution? What happened? Meet with your coach after a game. Together, attempt to identify one area where you both need to grow. After that, practice that area.

Locate a mentor. You can seek a talented basketball player willing to teach you or ask a basketball coach.

Various coaches have various ideologies and operating systems. Determine yours so that you can adjust to it. They might not want point guards to commit more than three mistakes in a single game. It’s beneficial if you can figure out whatever principles they have set for themselves.

Observing professional and other high-level games to see how the greatest players execute a certain move. Put what you’ve learned to use in your own game.

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Understand Your Role.

Understand Your Role

Don’t just concentrate on the score. Young players often make the error of focusing solely on scoring. Think about the ways you can benefit your team. Perhaps you have excellent passing skills.

Don’t try shooting threes frequently if you’re not proficient at it. Give the ball to the teammate who is more adept in that position. Read more: The Best Position For Basketball: How To Create Space and Score More Points

You might be a fantastic catch-and-shoot player. So concentrate on that. If you are a center, doing post drills and rebounding should take priority over dribbling. Determining your role will therefore help you choose the best training exercises.

Be Strong Mentally.

Basketball is a mental game, not just a physical one. According to some experts, 70% of the game is mental in nature. Players with mental toughness are sought after by coaches.

Make a whole effort. Basketball is a game that requires commitment and perseverance.

Also, don’t be afraid of criticism. You will learn via it.

Coaches are looking for passionate, tenacious players, willing to put in the effort to improve and who have the will to prepare to win rather than just the will to win.

Act aggressively. Players who are aggressive and focused both on and off the court are what coaches are looking for. When serving as a defender, they want someone who will dive to the ground if the ball is loose and who consistently applies pressure on other players.

Be A Team Player.

Be A Team Player in basketball

In basketball, good sportsmanship is one of the most crucial components. In sports, you can only get so far on your own. If you want to advance, you must have humility and be willing to pay attention to your coach and teammates.

Being a team player also entails taking the necessary steps to develop into the strongest player you can be, as well as winning and losing with class.

When they are on the court, great players improve the performance of their teammates.

To be a good team player, you should pass more frequently, seek an opening to assist a teammate who is being swarmed by the opposing team, assist with blocking, assist with rebounding, etc. People will appreciate you and return the favor. You can read more about some basketball techniques example: How To Jump Higher In BasketballHow To Play Basketball 21: Rules, Tips.


In order to be good at basketball, it is important to have strong fundamentals. This means practicing regularly and learning proper shooting, dribbling, and passing techniques. It is also important to be in good physical condition and have good stamina. Additionally, playing smart and being aware of what is happening on the court are important keys to success.

Red’s Army hopes that this article can provide you the useful information to become an unstoppable basketball player. Thanks for reading!

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