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How Tall Is Kyrie Irving? What is Wingspan?

Kyrie Irving is an American professional basketball player for the Brooklyn Nets of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers with the first overall pick in the 2011 NBA draft. Irving played college basketball for Duke before leaving to join the NBA.

Kyrie Irving’s wingspan is reported to be around 6 feet 4 inches.

Kyrie Irving is a renowned basketball player who has played for multiple NBA teams, including Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, and Brooklyn Nets. He is known for his exceptional skills and agility on the court, which helps him score points and win games for his team. However, one aspect of Irving that often draws mixed opinions and speculations is his height.

But what many people don’t know is just how tall he is. Let’s take a look at the facts and see how Kyrie stacks up against the competition.

How Tall Is Kyrie Irving

According to NBA official player records, Kyrie Irving’s listed height is 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters). However, some fans and enthusiasts believe that Irving might be shorter than what’s listed, while others speculate that he could be taller. These speculations have arisen due to two main reasons – Irving’s body structure and the reliability of listed heights in NBA records

Talking about Irving’s body structure, he has a lean and agile physique, which could lead some to perceive him as shorter than he actually is. Furthermore, Irving often wears low-cut sneakers while playing, which gives him a shorter appearance compared to other players who opt for high-tops. These two factors could potentially influence how tall people perceive Irving to be and create uncertainty around his height.

Another factor that triggers doubts about Irving’s height is the credibility of NBA’s listed heights. Although the NBA lists player heights in their official records, many fans and experts believe that these heights may not be entirely accurate. Some speculate that listed heights could be inflated for marketing purposes, while others suggest that discrepancies arise from players being measured with or without shoes. This inconsistency can lead to confusion and doubt about a player’s actual height.

Despite these speculations and doubts, it’s essential to note that official NBA records have listed Irving’s height as 6 feet 2 inches. This measurement is taken without shoes, which means that it’s a more accurate representation of Irving’s actual height. Furthermore, it’s crucial to remember that height isn’t the only factor that influences a player’s skills and capabilities on the court. The NBA has seen players of all heights excel in their careers, proving that it’s not the only aspect that contributes to success in the league.

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Kyrie Irving’s Profile Summary

Real nameKyrie Andrew Irving
BirthdayMarch 23, 1992
Age30 Years Old
Place of BirthMelbourne, Victoria, Australia
Zodiac SignAries
Height6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Weight195 lb (88 kg)
OccupationProfessional Basketball Player
Years Active2011–present
Current TeamBrooklyn Nets
PositionPoint guard
Net Worth$90 million

Kyrie Irving’s Biography

Kyrie Irving's Biography

He was born in Melbourne, Australia, when his father, Drederick Irving, relocated there to pursue a basketball career after graduating from college. He moved to the US with his family when he was two years old. After losing his mother when he was just four years old and his grandmother when he was five, he experienced tragedy as a young child.

Since his father’s second marriage in 2004, Shetellia Riley, his stepmother, has served as his manager. Given that both of his parents were basketball players, his skill and passion must run in the family.

Kyrie Irving’s Age

He is 30 years old as of May 2022. Given that he was born on March 23, 1992, he is an Aries.

Kyrie Irving’s Girlfriend

Kyrie Irving's Girlfriend

At the age of 23, Kyrie’s ex-girlfriend Andrea Wilson gave birth to a baby daughter named Azure, making him a proud father. He has a son with Marlene Wilkerson, his current girlfriend, who was born in June 2021.

Kyrie Irving’s Instagram

As of June 3rd, 2022, 16.6 million people were following him on Instagram. He is also active on other websites, where he expresses his personal opinions, particularly in regard to racial and ethnic issues.

Is Kyrie Religious?

Is Kyrie Religious

In 2021, rumors circulated that Irving had become a Muslim, had started fasting for Ramadan, and had begun kneeling before games to pray. He declared his commitment to Islam and said that;

All praise is due to God, Allah, for this… 

Being part of the Muslim community, being committed to Islam, and also just being committed to all races and cultures, just having an understanding and respectt.”

He was readopted into the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in 2018 and given the Lakota name Hela, which means small mountain, in recognition of his Native American roots from his mother’s side of the family. To purify the aura in the arena before NBA games in 2021, Irving began burning sage.

The Career and Injuries of Kyrie Irving

Injuries of Kyrie Irving

Injuries, bruises, contusions, and fractures have affected Kyrie’s shoulders, fingers, kneecaps, biceps, hamstrings, quadriceps, eyes, hip, thigh, face, and back since he made his professional debut as a rookie at Duke.

He also missed a number of games as a result of the league’s health and safety regulations and his reluctance to receive the Covid 19 vaccine.

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What is Kyrie’s Salary, and How Much Money Is He Worth?

The best selection in the 2011 NBA draft was Irving. Prior to agreeing to a new contract with the Celtics in 2017, he inked a five-year, $94 million deal with the Cavaliers in 2014. He agreed to a four-year, $136.5 million deal with the Brooklyn Nets in 2019. His pay for the 2021–2022 and 2022–2023 seasons will be $34 million and $36.5 million, respectively.

Despite not having intended to do so, the Nets had decided not to extend Irving’s contract due to his part-time schedule. Irving, though, was readily available full-time after New York’s vaccination law changed.

When questioned about his contract situation, he stated that he intended to remain with the Nets; yet, his abrupt departure from the Celtics in 2019 has left the fanbase in suspense. Time will only tell. In his NBA career, Kyrie has made $159,906,557, with an average yearly salary of $15,990,656 since his rookie year. He is worth $90 million in total.

Kyrie’s Stats Under Brooklyn Nets


Kyrie’s Awards and Honors and Accolades:

Kyrie's Awards and Honors
  • 3 All-NBA
  • 1 All-Rookie Team
  • 1 NBA All-Star Most Valuable Player
  • 4 NBA Player of the Week
  • 3 NBA Rookie of the Month
  • 1 NBA Rookie of the Year
  • 1 Olympic Gold Medal

How Tall Is Kyrie Irving?

Kyrie Irving height and weight

Two Distinct Worlds

The fact that Kyrie Irving so flawlessly combines two different eras makes him one of the most intriguing point guards in the professional game. He was going to enter the realm of small-ball when he entered the league as the first overall pick back in 2011. Things have changed much since then.

Over the past ten years, the NBA saw a significant transition. The emphasis on three-point shooting increased, lineups shrank, and point guard sizes increased. It’s important to play with bigger, stronger guys in addition to playing at a higher tempo.

Irving came to a bizarre compromise in that manner. When he first entered the league, he was a pure scorer who went to the basket with cunning dribbling and rapid movements. He then developed into a solid three-point shooter and true triple threat. That was possible due to his size.

Small, but Mighty

Kyrie Small, but Mighty

The 6’2″ and 193-pound Small but Mighty Kyrie Irving wingspan is 6’4″. He is slightly shorter than average in height and wingspan but is nonetheless above average in weight, according to those measurements. But before entering the league, he was above average in all three.

Thus, Irving went from being a fairly well-sized point guard to one who is much, much smaller. Some guards’ careers would have been ended by that, but he merely changed his style of play.

Irving’s unrivaled agility and ability to drive earned him the top overall pick. The majority of opponents he faced were his size, which made it easy for him to move through or around them. He modified his outside shot to account for stronger and quicker defenders.

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With each passing season, Irving’s three-point percentage and threes made per game both increased. Even though he didn’t need to reach the rim, he continued to drive skillfully. He matured into a serious menace. What set him apart from other players was his capacity to refine certain aspects of his game.

As the years passed, Irving may have dropped a little bit of weight and height, but he never lost his quickness. His deadly initial step has always been what propelled him to the next level. He merely changed what he did after setting the ball down on the ground.

A Strong Size

what is Kyrie Irving wingspan

Irving is fairly sturdy, despite his unremarkable height and wingspan. The fact that he is heavier than the majority of other point guards is crucial to the way he plays the game. Although his quickness is unmatched, it only makes up a portion of what drives his performance.

Getting to the rim or pulling up on a rapid drive is terrific, but they’re nothing without the ability to reliably put the ball in the hoop. Irving is a man of wild finishes and movements that are impossible to defend against. Both of these things have a direct bearing on his extraordinary bodily control.

Although Irving doesn’t appear to be very massive, a significant part of what makes him unique is his ability to body up against or run through an opposition defender. He initially ignored people. He succeeded in bumping and grinding with larger guards.

While it is simple to assume Kyrie is just a little point guard based on his height, his frame is actually very powerful. He can get to the rim so efficiently because he can keep a defender on his back or shoulder them.

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Kyrie Irving is one of the most talented and popular basketball players in the world. Standing at 6 feet 3 inches, he is a force to be reckoned with on the court. Kyrie has won many awards and accolades throughout his career, including being named the NBA Rookie of the Year in 2012.

In conclusion, Kyrie Irving’s listed height is 6 feet 2 inches, according to official NBA records. While there is speculation and debate around his actual height, it’s crucial to rely on official measurements for accuracy. Even if Irving’s height does not match fan or media expectations, it doesn’t take away from his exceptional talent and skills as a basketball player. Height may play a role in the sport, but it’s not the only factor that determines a player’s success. Therefore, it’s important to focus on Irving’s abilities on the court and appreciate his contributions to the NBA, regardless of his height.

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