How Tall Is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar News, Age, Awards, Net Worth, Salary, Contract, Injury & More

How Tall Is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? What is his Wingspan?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is a former point guard for the Chicago Bulls during the early 1960s era of basketball. He has been a professional player for his entire life. His peak years were during the early 1970s, when he was a top player. He has won numerous awards and reached the top echelon of basketball players.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is one of the most influential athletes in history; his height is considered a cheating device. How tall is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? News, age, awards, net worth, salary, contract, injury, etc.

What is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's Net Worth

How Tall Is Kareem Abdul Jabbar? His Wingspan

From an early age, Kareem Abdul Jabbar has been incredibly tall. He measured 23 inches (57 cm) long and weighed 121b (5.75 kg) at birth. Kareem was already 5 feet 8 inches (1.73) tall when he was 9 years old. He grew to a height of 6 feet 8 inches (2.03 meters) in his teens, at which point he could slam dunk during basketball games.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is 7 feet 2 inches (2.18 meters) tall and has a wingspan of 7 feet 5 inches (2.26 meters).

How Tall Is The NBA Legend Now

At the age of 22, the illustrious NBA player finally grew to his full adult height of 7 feet, 2 inches (2.18 meters). Kareem may have dropped a few inches in height as he aged, as he was 72 as of 2019. Whatever the case, he is still an extraordinarily tall man.

What is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Net Worth?

Former American professional basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has a $20 million net worth. Throughout the course of his NBA career, he received a number of honors and trophies. He also achieved 6 NBA Championship victories.

He is regarded by some as the best NBA player to ever play the game. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has experience acting outside of sports. Additionally, he has made a name for himself as a best-selling book.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s Age and Early Life

Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr., the basketball icon, was born in New York City on April 26, 1947. He is the only child of Cora Lilian, a department store price checker, and jazz musician and transit police officer Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Sr. In 1968, Alcindor converted to Islam and took the name Kareem Abdul Jabbar in Arabic. His parents raised him in their Upper Manhattan, NYC, house on Dyckman Street.

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Kareem Abdul Jabbar's Age and Early Life

Jabbar’s basketball skills started to show during his time at Power Memorial Academy for high school. In addition to three New York City Catholic Championships, he led his school’s team to a 71-game winning streak, the National High School Boys Basketball Championship, and other victories.

His eminent height and outstanding talents earned him the moniker “The tower from Power.” He had a record of 2,067 points by the time he was graduating from high school.

Abdul-Jabbar quickly enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). His great college career began when he joined the UCLA Freshman squad in 1966. Kareem was mostly responsible for the team’s record of victories and just two losses throughout the following three seasons (1967–1969).

He received numerous awards, including USBWA College Player of the Year and Helms Foundation Player of the Year at UCLA. When he graduated from UCLA in 1969, his collegiate career came to an end.

His Professional Career

Kareem Abdul Jabbar was selected by the Milwaukee Bucks as one of the first picks in the 1969 NBA Draft. He was also chosen by the New York Nets as one of the first picks in the American Basketball Association draft that same year. Kareem, on the other hand, made his decision and chose the Bucks.

His Professional Career

Kareem helped the Bucks win four straight games in his first season with them. He was awarded the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award and was named NBA Rookie of the Year as a result. He was one of the league’s leading scorers the next year, and he helped his club win the NBA Championship. Throughout his six seasons with the Bucks, he also earned three NBA MVP Awards.

Kareem, though, desired a transfer to either the New York Knicks or the Los Angeles Lakers for personal reasons. He was fortunately acquired by the Lakers in 1975. Interestingly enough, he joined the LA Lakers the same year he won his fourth MVP title. 

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He kept up an excellent relationship with the Lakers, who, in addition to his domination, still fondly recall him for his distinctive goggles, which he frequently wore to protect his eyes. After leading the Lakers in the NBA 1976–1977 season, Kareem earned his fifth MVP Award. 

The Lakers earned the All-Defense First Team once, All-NBA Second Team twice, and All-Defensive Second Team once with him at the center. Kareem Abdul Jabbar announced his retirement from basketball on June 28, 1989, at the age of 42.


With 38,387 points when he retired in 1989, Abdul-Jabbar was the first player in NBA history to play for 20 seasons. He was also the league’s all-time top scorer. He played 1,560 games and recorded 3,189 blocks and 17,440 rebounds in his career.

He also broke records in 1989 for most points scored, most shots blocked, and most MVP honors won.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Stats

Years after his retirement, Abdul-Jabbar appeared especially pleased with his longevity. He told the Orange County Register that the 1980s made up for all the abuse he had to put up with in the 1970s. “I outlived every one of my critics. Everyone looked at me as a venerable institution when I retired. Things do change.

Life After Basketball

After he retired, Kareem started writing and performing. In addition to writing, Kareem co-wrote the comic book Mycroft Holmes and the Apocalypse Handbook and his autobiography Giant Steps. Additionally, he contributes writing on racial, cultural, and religious topics to Global Magazine, National Television, The Guardian, and Hollywood Reporter.

Life After Basketball

When it comes to acting, he appeared in the 2007 UCLA Alumni Commercial, “My Big UCLA Moment.” Additionally, he has made appearances in a number of movies, and TV shows, including Airplane!, Fletch, Troop Beverly Hills, Martin, 21 Jump Street, Everybody Loves Raymond, Scrubs, and many more.

Kareem was hired by the Los Angeles Lakers as their special assistant coach in September 2005, and ever since, he has worked in similar capacities for various NBA clubs.

Personal Life

Personal Life

In addition to books about his playing career, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has written other books on topics including black history and civil rights. He had three kids with Habiba Abdul-Jabbar after they were married before divorcing her in 1978. He also has two other kids.

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FAQs about How tall is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Why is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar so tall?

Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Sr., the father of Kareem, stood 6’2″ tall. ” Cora Lillian, his mother, was taller than the normal person at six feet. These heights are still significantly shorter than both the NBA average and Kareem’s 7’2″ height. “

Was Kareem a good defender?

One of the best post defenders in NBA history is Kareem Abdul Jabbar. His length, quickness, and high basketball IQ made him an excellent shot blocker, particularly from the side, and statistics show that he four times led the league in blocks.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar made how many threes?

In his 20-year career, Abdul-Jabbar scored 38,387 points, but he only made one three-point shot and was 1-18 overall. Kareem even mentioned that his lone three-point attempt from the field, which was made in 1986, was an accident.

Kareem left the Bucks for what reason?

He helped the Bucks win the NBA title in his second season with the team. Kareem, however, came to the conclusion that Milwaukee could not fit his cultural needs after six successful seasons with the Bucks. For this reason, he demanded a trade, and the Bucks grudgingly dealt him to the Los Angeles Lakers.


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the founder and first laureate of the NBA’s annual Championship Series, and he is also an age celebrated because of his height. There are many questions about his death-deficient age- and whether he ever would have achieved success as an athlete if he were shorter. However, his achievements and contributions make him one of the mostgee-oid sports figures in history.

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