How much do overseas Basketball players make

There is no doubt that players earn the most in the NBA, the strongest basketball league in the world. 

In this league, the players have really unreal contracts, so the highest-paid player in the world, Stephen Curry, who is a three-time NBA champion with the Golden State Warriors, has a contract signed for several seasons worth more than $ 200 million. 

In the NBA, an average player earns several million dollars per season, while only the best players can dream of such a large sum outside the NBA. 

It should be taken into account that in the NBA, players also have fantastic sponsorship agreements, so their total earnings are cumulative. 

Then it shouldn’t surprise you at all that one of the best players of all time in the NBA, Michael Jordan has a fortune that is more than a billion dollars today and he is currently the owner of one of the franchises, the Charlotte Hornets

Because the contracts are great, the NBA is the strongest league in the world followed by many people around the planet, which has great marketing. 

The NBA is a dream for every player both in the USA and in many other countries. 

Players from all over the world are coming to the popular NBA draft in the hope that they will be chosen by some of the NBA teams and that their dream will become a reality. 

Only a certain number of players from other continents will have the opportunity to play in the NBA. 

Given that American players have great physical predispositions and undeniable basketball talent, you have to be at their level or even better than them to find your place in the NBA. 

The average player has nothing to look for in a league like the NBA. It often happened that players who were great in some of the strongest leagues in Europe were not able to adapt to a league such as the NBA.

Overseas Basketball Players Salary (Outside of USA)

As for the earnings of players in Europe or Asia, they are incomparably less compared to the money that players earn in the NBA. 

While in the NBA the average player earns several million dollars per season, in Europe most players can earn a maximum of about 500,000 dollars per season. 

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There are players who play for significantly less money, so some players play for $ 50,000 per season. 

As we mentioned in one of the other articles, some NBA referees will earn ten times more money than some players in Europe. 

Only the best, mostly players who have played with great success in Europe or players who have returned from the NBA to Europe, have contracts under which they earn several million dollars per season.

How much do overseas basketball players make in China, Japan and South Korea

As for Asia, in Japan or South Korea, players generally earn several hundred thousand dollars per season, or from 120,000 to 400,000 dollars. 

That being said, the Chinese pay the best in Asia. In previous years, a lot of players who played at the top level came to their league, whether it was the NBA or Europe, and quite unexpectedly, they won multimillion-dollar contracts in China. 

These players earn between $ 1 million and $ 3 million on average. It means that the mentioned earnings of the continent or the country in question refer to the players at the top level who play in the strongest leagues in a country. 

How much do overseas basketball players make in Europe

In the lower leagues, earnings are significantly lower. As far as Europe is concerned, only a few countries are able to give strong contracts to the players. These are mostly the most developed countries such as Spain, Russia, Germany, France, Italy…

The strongest competition in Europe is the Euroleague, and teams do not secure placement in that league on the basis of placement in national championships but are the primary reasons of a financial and marketing nature. 

In second place is the popularity of basketball in a certain country, so due to that factor, Serbia, Lithuania and Greece have representatives in that competition. 

What is an important difference in the contracts of players in the NBA and Europe is that players in Europe do not have to pay taxes and various types of fees, as is the case with players in the NBA. The club in Europe does all the work around these things and the player gets the figure prescribed by the contract. He does not have to pay any additional taxes. This is not the situation in the NBA, because a player has to pay a whole lot of taxes in the states,

As mentioned, in addition to Europe, players in China have excellent contracts. To be realistic, the quality of basketball in China is far below that in Europe and the NBA, but playing in this league is a good opportunity for players to earn serious money. 

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Players who were at the average level in Europe come to China and dominate there and at the same time earn good money. Famous names who used to play in the Euroleague or the NBA have fantastic contracts, so they earn several million dollars. 

As for the Euroleague as a competition in which the best European teams play, the earnings of players are quite good. Of course, compared to the money earned by players in the NBA, that money is extremely ridiculous, but the average salary of 500,000 to 800,000 dollars is quite correct for European conditions.

The best players, as in China, will have contracts worth several million dollars per season. Nikola Mirotic is the highest paid player in the Euroleague. 

Nikola currently plays for Barcelona, ​​and he used to play for their great rival, Real Madrid. After great games at Real Madrid, he went to the NBA, from where he returned to Europe and played again in Spain. 

Mirotic has a contract in Catalonia under which he earns four million dollars per season. Shane Larkin from the current European champion, Anadolu Efes, earns 3.7 million dollars per season. Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​along with other teams, compete in the ACB League, which is probably the strongest national championship in Europe. 

In this league, players earn between $ 250,000 and $ 500,000 on average. Players like Sergio Llull and Walter Tavares earn two million dollars per season.

As expected, Barcelona and Real Madrid, as the richest clubs that also play in the Euroleague, give the most lucrative contracts in Spain. The players also have excellent earnings in Turkey. Turks are known no matter what sport it is, they spend a lot of money. 

Quite often it happens that they overpay players and give them a lot more money than they really deserve. Of course, there are players who fully justify the money invested, such as the aforementioned Larkin. Fenerbahce and Efes are the best clubs in Turkey and give the most suitable contracts for players. 

Unlike Larkin, who is a top player and earns several million dollars per season, most other players earn between 250,000 and 450,000 dollars per season.

Similar earnings are present in Russia, i.e. their strongest league, VTB. CSKA is the best club in Russia and in recent history, many players from that club went to the NBA or returned from the NBA to Russia and had multimillion-dollar contracts like Alexey Shved. 

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How much do overseas basketball players make in Germany

In Germany, the players also have very good salaries, which is completely expected when you consider that it is one of the most developed countries in Europe. Football is a priority in Germany, but more and more money has been invested in basketball in recent years. Bayern Munich has the most money and players in Germany generally earn between $ 100,000 and $ 350,000 per season.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in Italy and players generally earn between $ 180,000 and $ 350,000 per season. As in other leagues, the biggest stars earn several million dollars, as is the case with Sergio Rodriguez, who earns two million dollars per season in Armani. In some other countries, earnings are not at the level of the mentioned leagues, but basketball is a very popular sport. 

One of the best players in the NBA today, Nikola Jokic left the USA for a small and not as developed country as Serbia, but it is a country where basketball is a very popular sport. Players in Europe have great contracts in a number of countries, while in some countries salaries are not so representative and players are often owed money.

Players who play in less developed countries dream of one day playing in one of the European leagues or the NBA, which is the dream of every young player when he starts playing basketball. 

Average salary NBA Player make

The average salary in the NBA is slightly more than six million dollars. 

An average player in the NBA will earn that money, while in Europe only the best players can earn that money. In recent years, the salaries of players in Europe have actually increased, but of course they will never be at the level of salaries earned by players in the NBA. 

That financial moment has become very important, and in recent seasons, the Euroleague has been striving to get as close as possible to the NBA, even though there are two completely different styles of basketball on two continents.

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