How many rings does Lebron have?

LeBron James is already 37 years old but still plays at the top level in the NBA. After playing twice for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat a couple of seasons ago he came to the Los Angeles Lakers. Performing for these three teams, he won a total of four championship rings. He made his NBA debut in 2003 when he first played for the Cleveland Cavaliers. In that seven-season term, he failed to win a single championship title but will bring this franchise a long-awaited title in his second term when the Cavaliers defeated the Golden State Warriors in the final. LeBron played for the Miami Heat for four seasons, with which he won two championship rings.

Can Lebron get 6 rings

James won his fourth and so far the last title two seasons ago wearing the Los Angeles Lakers jersey. Every time he won the championship ring, he also won the title of MVP in the final. In addition, he was the MVP of the entire season four times. 

He has played in the All-Star Game 18 times so far. He won the MVP title three times in those matches. LJ has been selected in the top five of the league 13 times. It is indisputable that LeBron has been recognized throughout his career due to his great games in the attacking part of the game, but he was even selected five times in the top five, which was made up of the best defenders in the league. Once he was the best scorer in the league, and once he was the best assistant in the league. With the USA, he won two gold and one bronze medal at the Olympic Games.

Everything on LeBron and his career

LeBron began his career in the NBA back in 2003 when he was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers as the first pick in the first round after the great games he provided at St-Vincent-St Mary High School. 

In his first season in the NBA, he was immediately selected as the Rookie of the Year. He played for the club from his hometown for seven seasons in the first term, but he did not manage to achieve the championship ring. He scored as many as 25 points in his debut performance against the Sacramento Kings. In his first season, LeBron averaged almost 21 points per game, which was enough for one Cleveland Cavaliers player to win the Rookie of the Year award for the first time in history. In his debut season, LeBron did not manage to reach the playoffs with his team.

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The following season, LeBron made his All-Star game for the first time in his career. That season, he was selected in the top five because he is in the league because he averaged just over 27 points per game, but the Cavaliers again failed to qualify for the NBA playoffs. The following season, he won the MVP title in the All-Star Game. That season, after a little less than two decades, the Cavaliers managed to place in the playoffs, especially thanks to LeBron, who averaged over 31 points. The Cavaliers finished in the second round of the playoffs. The following season, the Cavaliers, led by LeBron, advanced to the playoffs, and this time they reached the final, where they were eventually defeated by the San Antonio Spurs.

In the 2007/08 season, he was the league’s top scorer with 30 points per game on average. Despite great individual games, LeBron did not contribute to the Cavaliers going further than the second round of the playoffs in which Cleveland was eliminated by the Boston Celtics. 

In the last two seasons with the Cavaliers, LeBron has won two MVP awards. In the 2008/09 season, James reached the final of the conference with the Cavaliers, in which his team was defeated by the Orlando Magic. Last season in his first term in Cleveland, James won the MVP title but his Cavaliers finished the competition in the second round of the playoffs with a defeat by the Boston Celtics. 

LeBron with Miami Heats (2 rings)

After that, LeBron will go to Florida, where he will play for the Miami Heat for the next few seasons.

Performing for this team, LeBron managed to win the first two championship rings in his career. In that team, LeBron had a much better chance of winning the title as he played alongside Chris Bosch and Dwayne Wade. 

They made the big three that will bring two titles to Miami in the coming years. Cleveland fans did not welcome his departure, so in the first game against his new team, they whistled at him every time he received the ball. In the first season with the team from Florida, LeBron reached the final, where he was eventually defeated by the Heat of the Dallas Mavericks. Lebron James reached his first title in the 2011/12 season. In that season, LeBron won the MVP award and averaged 27 points per game.

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In the final playoff series, the Miami Heat met the Oklahoma City Thunder led by Kevin Durant. LeBron came to his first championship ring after the Heat defeated the said team after five games. LeBron won the MVP award in the final and averaged just over 30 points per game. The following season James won the MVP award again and averaged almost 27 points per game. LeBron crowned that season with another championship ring. This time Miami defeated the San Antonio Spurs in the final and James was again the MVP in the final. 

In Florida, James will stay for another season in which the Spurs took revenge for the defeat of the previous season, so LeBron failed to win the third consecutive championship ring.

James LeBron with Cleveland Cavaliers (1 ring)

After that season James returns to Cleveland where he will spend four seasons this time and come up with another championship ring. Immediately upon his return to Ohio, James fought for the title again but was defeated by the Golden State Warriors in the 2014/15 season. LeBron was really fantastic in the final playoff series, considering that he averaged more than 35 points, and that was because he took on more responsibility due to Love and Irving’s injuries. 

The following season, the two mentioned teams met again in the finals, but this time LeBron was more successful with his Cavaliers. It looked like the Warriors would win another title but the Cavaliers made a big turnaround that of course, LeBron deserved.

The Cavaliers tied three wins after a 3-1 result, the last of which was on the Warriors’ field. With almost 30 points scored per match, LeBron again won the MVP award in the final. The following season, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors met for the third time in a row. LeBron played great again but the Cavaliers were defeated by the Warriors for the second time. James ’second stay in Cleveland ended the following season when the Cavaliers played in the final against the Golden State Warriors again. LeBron was injured in the final series, so he played only one game. His team was convincingly defeated in the final 4-0 and his second term in Cleveland ended in an infamous way.

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LeBron with Lakers (1 ring)

After leaving Ohio for the second time, LeBron went into one of the best franchises of all time, the Los Angeles Lakers. LeBron marked this team as ideal for trying to win another championship ring. In his first season at the Lakers, LeBron suffered an injury that caused him to miss a lot of games, so without him, the Lakers failed to qualify for the playoffs. 

In the next 2019/20 season, which was interrupted at one point due to the COVID-19 pandemic, James managed to win the fourth and for now the last championship ring. This time in the final, LeBron played against the Miami Heat, the team he once played for and with which he won his first two NBA championship rings.

As in previous situations, when LeBron won the championship ring, he also won the MVP award in the final. James averaged nearly 30 points. In that way, at the age of 35, LeBron managed to win the award, making him the second-oldest player to do so. 

Getting to 6 rings for Lebron

James is the only player with three different teams to win the award and is one of the few players to have won the NBA championship ring with three different teams. In the next two seasons, the Lakers did not have much success, considering that in the 2020/21 season they were stopped at the start of the playoffs and in the 2021/22 season, the team was left without a playoff. Although LeBron is already 37 years old, he still plays at a fantastic level, and since he is a born winner, James will certainly not give up on winning another championship ring by the end of his career.

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