How many championship rings does Steve Kerr have

Steve Kerr is the current coach of the Golden State Warriors and a former celebrated player for several teams in the NBA. Kerr was very successful as a player, as he won five titles during his career. 

He won three titles playing for the legendary Chicago Bulls generation while winning two titles playing for the San Antonio Spurs. 

After finishing his playing career in the NBA, he tried his hand as a coach and has been leading the Golden State Warriors for eight seasons, with which he won three more championship rings. 

How many rings does Steve Kerr have as a player

He started his playing career in the NBA in the Phoenix Suns where he spent one season. Before that, he played at the University of Arizona and in 1986 he played for the USA at the World Cup, which was the last time that amateur players played for the national team, after which the famous “dream team” was formed.

Kerr was known in college for a great three-point shot. 

His good games recommended him to the Phoenix Suns who selected him as the 50 pick in the second round of the 1988 NBA Draft. 

After the Suns he played for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic but failed to reach the championship ring with them. 

After three seasons in Cleveland and one season in Orlando, Steve Kerr moved to the legendary generation of Chicago Bulls led by Michael Jordan, which also played Denis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, and from the bench led by one of the best coaches in history Phil Jackson who won as many as six championship rings. 

Kerr is currently halfway through that performance since he won three championship rings as a coach.

Kerr spent a total of six seasons in Chicago. In the first two seasons, the Bulls managed to advance to the playoffs but not to the finals, which was largely due to the absence of Michael Jordan throughout 1994 and a good part of 1995. 

When Jordan returned to the team in the 1995/96 Bulls season, the team and Steve Kerr came to the title with a win against the Seattle Supersonics in the final. That’s how Kerr got his first championship ring. 

Kerr was almost certainly in the shadow of some other players, most notably Michael Jordan, who was the leader of the team, but Steve made a huge contribution to winning the championship title in the 1996/97 season. That season the Bulls reached the finals again and this time their rival was the Utah Jazz.

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It was in that final playoff series that Kerr played an important role because he hit a shot that made him recognizable back in college. 

He first brought an equalizer to his team and then received a pass from Jordan and hit a three-point shot that decided the winner. 

The Bulls thus won the championship for the fifth time while Kerr won the second championship ring as a player. 

That season, Steve Kerr also showed at the All-Star competition how good a shooter he is. Kerr won the All-Star 3-point Shootout in 1997. The following season the Bulls played again against the Utah Jazz in the final, and Kerr again played an important role especially in the second game when he caught the ball after missing a shot for three points and added to Jordan who hit a crucial shot to win.

Kerr thus won the third championship ring wearing the Chicago Bulls jersey. After that title, Kerr left the Bulls and moved to the San Antonio Spurs. Kerr has played for this team twice as a player. In his first term, he spent two seasons in the mentioned team. 

Kerr came to the Spurs as part of a trade that included both Chuck Person and a pick in the next draft. Kerr with this team wins another and his fourth overall championship ring. The San Antonio Spurs won the first championship title in franchise history in the 1999/20 season, defeating the New York Knicks in the finals. 

Kerr thus became only the second player in the history of the league to win four championship rings in a row. He was also only the second player to win titles with two different teams in two consecutive seasons.

Kerr did not stop there when it came to winning championship rings while he was a player. After playing for the Portland Trail Blazers one season, Kerr returned to the San Antonio Spurs with whom he won another championship ring. 

He came to Spurs again as a traded player and won the championship again. That season, Kerr played a particularly important role in the conference final against the Dallas Mavericks when his great three-point shot came to the fore again. 

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Kerr reached his last championship ring as a player thanks to his team’s victory in the grand final against the New Jersey Nets. In that way, Kerr brilliantly crowned his playing career, during which he eventually won five championship rings. 

As we mentioned, a great three-point shot brought him victory in the 1997 All-Star 3-point shootout.

The college where he became famous for his great games pulled off the number 25 jersey. During his playing career, he also won a gold medal with the USA at the 1986 World Cup in Spain. 

After finishing his playing career, Kerr tried his hand as a commentator and broadcaster. He could be heard in legendary basketball games such as NBA Live and NBA 2K. He was also the general manager of the Pheonix Suns, which he once wanted to buy. 

How many rings does Steve Kerr have as a Coach

He made a reconstruction of the team, but the Suns did not make a significant result. Kerr began his coaching career in 2014 when he sat on the bench of the Golden State Warriors, which he still leads today.

What he did as a player he continued as a coach. Kerr won five championship rings during his playing career, and then as a coach he added three more, with the fact that in the coming years he has a real chance to win another championship ring. 

In his debut season as a coach, Kerr achieved as many as 21 victories in the first 23 games, which had not been achieved by any coach until then. 

That season, Kerr reached the first championship ring as a coach. His Golden State Warriors met the Cleveland Cavaliers in the finals then led by another rookie coach David Blatt. These two teams will build a great rivalry in the coming years.

Kerr was more successful in this duel as the Warriors celebrated after six games, thus winning his sixth NBA championship ring and his first as a coach. 

The following season, Kerr had back problems, which is why he was not on the bench of the NBA title defender for several months. 

When he returned to the bench, he led the Warriors to an unrealistic 73 victories in the season, which broke the record of the Chicago Bulls, for which Kerr played as a player when they achieved 72 victories in the 1995/96 season. 

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In that way, Steve Kerr became the first man to achieve over 70 victories in one season, both as a player and as a coach. 

That season Kerr was named Coach of the Year although the Warriors were eventually defeated in the final by the Cleveland Cavaliers who had avenged their defeat a year earlier. Then the Warriors had a big 3-1 advantage, but the Cavaliers led by Lebron James were back in the game. 

In the seventh game played in San Francisco, the Warriors were defeated, so the Cavaliers thus won the first title in the history of the franchise. 

The following season, Kerr had back problems again. Kerr missed a certain part of the season again, but returned for key fights in the grand final in which the Warriors reunited with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but this time they took the win after five games. 

In the playoffs that season, the Warriors lost just one game. In that way, Kerr won the championship ring twice in three seasons, making him only the fourth coach in the history of the NBA to do so. 

Kerr came to the last ring of the championship as a coach right next season when he again competed with the Cleveland Cavaliers, who were convincingly defeated in the grand final 4-0. In the previous few seasons the Kerr-led Warriors due to a lot of injury problems were not at the level of previous results, but this season they are back on the tracks of old glory and in the coming seasons they should be expected to fight for the title again. 

Does Steve Kerr have 8 Rings?

Kerr has won a total of eight championship rings so far as a player and coach, and we will see if he will reach the double-digit number of rings in the near future. He is officially ranked among the 15 best coaches in NBA history. Last year, as an assistant coach, he won a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

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