Charles Barkley vs Michael Jordan 2022 Who Was The GOAT

Charles Barkley vs Michael Jordan Comparison: Who Was The GOAT 2022

In this blog, we will compare and contrast the careers of two of the NBA’s greatest players: Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan. Both men were immensely talented, but their games differed in many ways. Barkley was a bruising power forward who used his size and strength to bully opponents. Jordan, on the other hand, was a gifted scorer and acrobatic athlete who could seemingly defy gravity. Who was the better player? 

Charles Barkley vs Michael Jordan

Charles Barkley vs Michael Jordan

NBA Championships and Seasons

Charles Barkley Michael Jordan
NBA Championships 0 6
NBA Seasons 16 15
Playoffs Played 13 13
All-Star Games 11 14

Honors and Awards

Charles Barkle Michael Jordan
Season MVP 1 5
Finals MVP 0 6
All-NBA First Team 5 10
All-NBA Teams 11 11
All-Defensive 1st Team 0 9
All-Defensive Teams 0 9
Defensive Playerof The Year 0 1
Scoring Leader 0 10
Rebounds Leader 1 0
Rookie of The Year 0 1

NBA Regular Season Stats

Stats Per Game

Charles Barkley Michael Jordan
Points Per Game 22.1 30.1
Rebounds Per Game 11.7 6.2
Assists Per Game 3.9 5.3
Steals Per Game 1.5 2.3
Blocks Per Game 0.8 0.8

Totals Stats

Charles Barkley Michael Jordan
Total Points 23,757 32,292
Total Rebounds 12,546 6,672
Total Assists 4,215 5,633
Total Steals 1,648 2,514
Total Blocks 888 893
Total Games 1,073 1,072
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Offense comparison

Jordan was one of the league’s most dangerous scorers. Meanwhile, Barkley was a low-post master. He possessed a dependable jump shot.

Jordan has two 50-point games versus his adversary. Barkley’s highest-scoring game versus MJ was a 42-point effort.

Offense comparison

Jordan was considerably better at involving his teammates when it came to assists. He had many double-doubles in points and assists.

Both guys were great and effective scorers against each other. Jordan converted 54.1% of his shots against Barkley, which was far better than his career average. However, the 1993 MVP shot 61.1% from the field. He shot above 80% in two games.

Michael Jordan vs. Charles Barkley Defense Comparison

Michael Jordan is not just the greatest player in NBA history, but he is also one of the best defenders the game has ever seen. He was voted Defensive Player of the Year in 1988 and was chosen to multiple All-Defensive teams.

Barkley, on the other hand, was a below-average defender. He was classified as 6-foot-6 but is thought to be an inch or two shorter. Despite his small stature, the forward dominated the class.

jordan vs barkley

Jordan had an eight-steal game against Barkley because of his fast hands and outstanding instincts. Jordan had a career-high four thefts against him. Both players blocked four shots against each other.

Barkley had an advantage in rebounding, as he averaged 11.7 rebounds per game versus Jordan. This average includes three distinct 20-rebound games, including a 40-point, 20-rebound outburst in 1987.

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Michael Jordan vs. Charles Barkley in the playoffs

Michael Jordan vs. charles barkley playoff record

Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley faced a battle against each other in three different playoff series. They played twice in the Eastern Conference Semifinals, and their last meeting came in the 1993 NBA Finals.

Jordan dominated every series against his opponent, winning 12 games to Barkley’s four.

Jordan once again pushed his game to the next level in the playoffs, and he absolutely destroyed the opposition. In the 1993 NBA Finals, he averaged 41 points per game, which remains the best scoring average in a finals series.

The six-time NBA champion had repeated 40-point performances against Barkley’s 76ers and Suns. His greatest scoring effort was 55 points in Game 4 of the 1993 NBA Finals.

Barkley was also highly efficient and a double-double machine, but stopping Michael Jordan was simply impossible.

Head to Head: Michael Jordan vs. Charles Barkley

Head to Head Michael Jordan vs. Charles Barkley

In a head-to-head matchup, it’s hard to argue against Michael Jordan as the better player. He has six NBA titles and was named Finals MVP a record six times. He also was the regular season MVP five times. In comparison, Charles Barkley has only one NBA title and was named Finals MVP once. However, Barkley was the regular season MVP in 1993.

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Does Michael Jordan like Charles Barkley?

Jordan and Barkley struck up a friendship during their playing days that continued well past the end of their respective Hall of Fame careers. However, their relationship soured several years ago after Barkley, an analyst for TNT, made critical comments about Jordan’s ownership tenure with the Charlotte Hornets.

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Is Michael Jordan mad at Charles Barkley?

23 from being successful. He could hold the Bulls legend until he said enough and went through the Detroit Pistons on his way to the first of six championships. MJ also saw two of his best friends becoming strangers in recent years, first getting mad at Charles Barkley for criticizing his decisions as an executive.

How many times did Michael Jordan go to the NBA Finals?

Michael Jordan had six appearances in the NBA Finals in his career.


In short, it is clear that Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan are two of the greatest basketball players of all time. They both have incredible skills and accomplishments. However, when comparing them head-to-head, Jordan clearly comes out on top. He has better statistics, more championships, and is generally considered the better player.

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