Brooklyn Nets Overview News, Rumors, Scores, Stats, Roster, History & More

Brooklyn Nets Overview: News, Rumors, Scores, Stats, Roster, History & More

The Brooklyn Nets are a professional basketball team based in Brooklyn, New York. The Nets compete in the National Basketball Association (NBA) as a member of the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference. The team plays its home games at Barclays Center. They are one of two NBA teams located in New York City; the other is the New York Knicks.

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Brooklyn Nets News

NBA Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie Irving’s agent disputes report he ‘hates’ HC Steve Nash, GM Sean Marks.

Kyrie Irving is trying to cleanse the negative energy surrounding him in the press right now.

NBA Insider Bobby Marks Says Current Nets Roster Is The Best Kevin Durant Has Had In Brooklyn Era

To discuss the future, Kevin Durant met with Nets owner Joe Tsai this week. Durant is still insisting on a trade, and it appears that it will only be a matter of time before he dons a different uniform, despite the league’s teams’ reservations.

Kevin Durant prefers to sign with the Celtics and the 76ers.

According to Ian Begley of SNY, Durant has a “desired landing spot”—the Boston Celtics. The Philadelphia 76ers would also pique his curiosity.

NBA Insider Discloses the Drop Date for the Schedule

The NBA’s 2017 schedule is just one of several aspects of the league that are uncertain at the moment. Around this time in the summer, the schedule for the following season is usually made public.

Kyle Lowry reacts to Kevin Durant trade rumors.

Several trade suggestions for the two-time Finals MVP have included Lowry.


Brooklyn Nets rumors

Nets originally asked Celtics for both Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown from the Celtics for Durant.

Because the Celtics are in a better position than most to present an alluring package, Boston has been viewed as a potential landing site. Yet there are boundaries. The source claims that Brooklyn initially attempted to trade Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown to Boston in exchange for Kevin Durant.

Naturally, that suggestion was rejected. The source reportedly changed Brooklyn’s focus to a trade centered on Brown, Marcus Smart, and a sizable haul of future first-round draft picks, according to recent reports. The Celtics, however, had no interest.

Kyrie Irving agent: ‘Kyrie does not hate Steve Nash nor Sean Marks.’

Despite what a source told The Post about his feelings on Monday, Kyrie Irving of the Nets wants to make it plain that he does not despise coach Steve Nash or general manager Sean Marks.

I am not sure where this narrative is coming from, but Kyrie does not hate Steve nor Sean. That’s not a part of his being nor how he represents himself in the world. He’s about peace, love and acceptance,” his agent and stepmother, Shetallia Riley Irving, told The Post.

Kevin Durant was not consulted on the Nets’ firing of assistant coach Adam Harrington.

Durant, among other things, was not consulted on the Nets’ firing of assistant coach and director of player development Adam Harrington when the season ended, the source believes.  “There are simple things that erode a relationship. You fired someone he was close to and didn’t have a conversation about it,” the source said.

Brooklyn Nets History

Brooklyn Nets History

The Brooklyn Nets were first known as the New Jersey Americans when they began to play in Teaneck, New Jersey, in 1967. The team moved to Long Island in 1968 and played in a variety of arenas there as the New York Nets during its formative years.

The Nets won two ABA championships in New York under the direction of Hall of Famer Julius “Dr. J” Erving before being selected as one of four ABA teams to join the NBA following the ABA-NBA merger in 1976.

The New Jersey Nets were forced by the NBA to pay the New York Knicks an “encroachment charge” of $4.8 million (equivalent to $23 million in 2021), unlike the other three ABA clubs that joined the NBA and played in locations without any NBA presence.

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The Nets went from winning the final ABA championship in 1975–76 to have the poorest record in the NBA in 1976–77 as a result of the team financing that payment by selling Erving’s contract to the Philadelphia 76ers.

In 1977, the group relocated once more to New Jersey and changed its name to the New Jersey Nets. The Nets, who were based in the state, were led on the court by point guard Jason Kidd, and they participated in two straight NBA Finals in the 2001-02 and 2002-03 seasons.

After spending 35 years playing in New Jersey, the club relocated back to New York, adopted the moniker Brooklyn, and started playing in the brand-new Barclays Center in time for the 2012–13 NBA season. The NBA Board of Governors unanimously approved the team’s relocation from New Jersey to Brooklyn on April 13, 2012.


Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics

In the early 2000s, the rivalry between the Nets and Celtics was heating up. The tensions started with trash-talking from the Celtics fanbase, who claimed that Jason Kidd was a “fake tough guy.” When the series returned to New Jersey, Nets fans responded with signs that read “Wife Beater!” In response to Kidd’s 2001 domestic abuse charge.

However, when asked about the fan barbs being traded, Kenyon Martin stated that “our fans hate them, their fans hate us.” Bill Walton said at the time that Nets-Celtics was the “beginning of the next great NBA rivalry.” Led by Kidd, the Nets advanced to the NBA Finals and, the following year, swept Boston in the 2003 playoffs.

New York Knicks

New York Knicks

The Knicks-Nets rivalry has historically been a geographical one, with the Knicks playing in Madison Square Garden in the New York City borough of Manhattan, while the Nets played in the suburban area of Long Island and in New Jersey and since 2012 have been playing at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

However, the rivalry has taken on a similar dimension to other New York City teams, such as the Dodgers-Giants rivalry and the Islanders-Rangers rivalry since the move of the Knicks to Brooklyn and the addition of the Nets.

Toronto Raptors

Toronto Raptors

Vince Carter was traded to the Nets in 2004, and the two teams did not meet in the playoffs until 2007. The series went to seven games, with a game-winning block by Paul Pierce giving the Nets the 104-103 victory.

The rivalry intensified when general manager Masai Ujiri made derogatory remarks toward Brooklyn at a fan rally outside Maple Leaf Square before Game 1. The Raptors and Nets met each other in the 2020 NBA playoffs in the first round, with Toronto winning the series four games to none.

2021-22 Brooklyn Nets Stats

Brooklyn Nets Stats

  • Record: 44-38, Finished 7th in NBA Eastern Conference
  • Coach: Steve Nash (44-38)
  • Executive: Sean Marks
  • PTS/G: 112.9 (9th of 30) Opp PTS/G: 112.1 (18th of 30)
  • SRS: 0.82 (15th of 30) Pace: 99.0 (11th of 30)
  • Off Rtg: 113.6 (11th of 30) Def Rtg: 112.8 (19th of 30) Net Rtg: +0.8 (15th of 30)
  • Expected W-L: 43-39 (15th of 30)
  • Preseason Odds: Championship +230, Over-Under 56.5
  • Arena: Barclays Center Attendance: 711,539 (12th of 30)

NBA 2022 Playoffs:

Lost NBA Eastern Conference First Round (0-4) versus Boston Celtics

Other statistics as of the end of the 2020–21 season

Most minutes played
Player Minutes
Buck Williams 23,100
Jason Kidd 18,733
Brook Lopez 18,118
Richard Jefferson 17,499
Kerry Kittles 16,686
Most rebounds
Player Rebounds
Buck Williams 7,576
Billy Paultz 4,544
Brook Lopez 4,004
Derrick Coleman 3,690
Mike Gminski 3,671
Most assists
Player Assists
Jason Kidd 4,620
Bill Melchionni 3,044
Kenny Anderson 2,363
Deron Williams 2,078
Darwin Cook 1,970
Most steals
Player Steals
Jason Kidd 950
Darwin Cook 875
Kerry Kittles 803
Chris Morris 784
Kendall Gill 652
Most blocks
Player Blocks
Brook Lopez 972
George Johnson 863
Buck Williams 696
Mike Gminski 599
Derrick Coleman 559


New Jersey Americans

New Jersey Americans uniform

The New Jersey Americans first appeared in the ABA in 1967 and sported white and red uniforms. The club name and numbers were printed in red with blue trim on the white uniforms that had white, blue, and red stripes.

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While the city name and numerals were in blue with white trim, the red jerseys replicate the striping arrangements of the white uniforms.

New York Nets

New York Nets


They adopted the original American template when they relocated to Long Island as the New York Nets, with the exception of the city and team name.

The “Nets” lettering on the white uniforms had a tail accent, while “New York” was written in block letters on the red uniforms (similar to the New York Knicks). The letters and stripes underwent a few changes over time.


When the Nets relocated to Nassau Coliseum, they updated their attire. The white uniforms had a wide blue stripe on the left with white stars and a red stripe with a white outline. Red block letters are used to spell out the team name. Similar to the white uniforms, the blue uniforms bore the word “New York” in white block letters.

New Jersey Nets

New Jersey Nets uniform

1977–1981; 1983–1990

In 1977, the Nets brought the “Stars and Stripes” attire to New Jersey. The blue suit had “Nets” written in front while the white outfit remained the same. Later, inside the red stripe, the blue uniform included “New Jersey” in block white lettering.


The Nets’ uniforms underwent a temporary alteration in 1981 when they relocated to the Meadowlands. Although the color scheme changed to blue with a red accent, the white uniform retained the “Nets” writing from the original New York Nets outfits.

The word “New Jersey” was written across the blue uniform in stacked script letters that were red with white accents.


Before the 1990–91 season, The Nets received a graphic redesign. The red, white, and blue “Nets” writing was more futuristic on the white uniform, which also had red, white, and blue stripes.

After just one season, the Nets transitioned to a solid blue jersey from their initial white and light blue gradient road outfits that had a tie-dye effect. The identical “Nets” font in red appeared on both blue uniforms, along with blue and white trim and red and white stripes.


Prior to the 1997–98 season, the Nets altered their look, choosing a darker red and blue color combination with silver elements. The team name was printed on the white uniform, which has essentially not been altered throughout its history, with silver and red trim.

The city name was in silver with a blue and crimson accent on the navy uniform. The city name was initially shown on the dark grey alternate uniform, which was worn until 2006, in navy with white and red trim; however, after just two seasons, the color scheme was switched to white with red and navy trim.

The “NJ” alternative logo on the neckline was only present on this particular outfit. The team name was printed in white with navy and silver trim on the red alternate uniform, which took the place of the grey alternate and became the main dark outfit in 2009. All of the uniforms had broad argyle stripes in silver and navy.

2012–2017 Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets uniform

The Nets adopted a straightforward black and white uniform scheme when they relocated to Brooklyn in 2012, adding the word “Brooklyn” to both the white and black uniforms. Additionally, they had three separate backup uniforms.

As a visual reminder of the Brooklyn Dodgers, a grey-sleeved alternative bearing the word “Brooklyn” in Dodger blue was first worn in 2013. The team name was printed in black on a white-sleeved alternative that also had the vintage “Stars and Stripes” design.

A sleeveless dark grey alternate featured the team name in white and the city name in white inscribed inside a black stripe, intended to evoke the New Jersey Nets uniforms from the 1980s.

2017 – Present

The Nets switched to Nike in 2019 and kept their uniforms mostly the same. However, they have two different uniforms – the “Association” Uniform and the “Icon” Uniform. The “Statement” Uniform is a newer uniform that was introduced in 2019.

In the 2019-2020 season, the Nets updated their uniforms to a lighter grey base with black and dark grey stripes. The “BKLYN NETS,” Written in graffiti style, was designed by Eric Haze.

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Mascot in Brooklyn nets

Sly the Silver Fox is the mascot of the New Jersey Nets. He debuted on October 31, 1997, as part of the rebranding of the Nets for the 1997-98 season. Prior to that, the Nets’ mascot was an anthropomorphic dragon named Duncan the Dragon.

After the Nets’ move to Brooklyn, the team introduced a new superhero mascot named BrooklyKnight (a pun on the demonym “Brooklynite”) on November 3, 2012.

In his first appearance, he was lowered from the ceiling of Barclays Center amid sparks and fanfare and introduced by Nets public address announcer David Diamante: “Here to defend Brooklyn, he’s the BrooklyKnight.” The mascot was co-created by Marvel Entertainment, a sister company to NBA broadcasters ABC and ESPN.

Team anthem

Team anthem

John Forté, a musician from Brooklyn, wrote and recorded “Brooklyn: Something To Lean On,” which the Nets debuted as their new team song on November 3, 2012. The chorus of the song is significant because it includes the “Brooklyn” chant that is well-known among the audience at the Barclays Center.

Brooklyn Brigade

Brooklyn Brigade

The Brooklyn Brigade is a group of fans who are known for their loud chants and passionate attitude towards the Nets. The group was founded by Udong “Bobby” Edemeka in 2012 and grew in popularity during the 2014-2015 NBA season when they were given seats in Section 114 of the Barclays Center.

In 2016, Sean Marks was hired as the general manager of the Nets and became an immediate supporter of the group. During the 2018-2019 season, the Nets reserved section 114 for passionate fans and called it “The BK Block.” Although the Brigade is an independent fan group of the Nets, The Block comprises mostly Brigade members.

Brooklyn Nets Current Roster

Number Player Position
00 Royce O’Neale Forward
1 T.J. Warren Forward
2 Blake Griffin Forward
4 Edmond Sumner Guard
6 David Duke Jr. Guard
7 Kevin Durant Forward
8 Patty Mills Guard
10 Ben Simmons Guard-Forward
11 Kyrie Irving Guard
12 Joe Harris Guard-Forward
14 Kessler Edwards Forward
20 Day’Ron Sharpe Center
21 LaMarcus Aldridge Center-Forward
24 Cam Thomas Guard
30 Seth Curry Guard
21 Alondes Williams Guard
33 Nic Claxton Center

Brooklyn Nets Coach

Name Position Tenure Inducted
Lou Carnesecca Head Coach 1970–1973 1992
Chuck Daly Head Coach 1992–1994 1994
Larry Brown Head Coach 1981–1983 2002
John Calipari Head Coach 1996–1999 2015
Bill Fitch Head Coach 1989–1992 2019
Name Position Tenure Inducted
Rod Thorn Assistant coach 1973–1975,


Executive 2000–2010
Del Harris Assistant coach 2009–2010 2022


The Brooklyn Nets were fully purchased by Joseph Tsai, the executive vice chairman of the Alibaba Group, on September 18, 2019. Tsai was appointed NBA Governor of the Nets and its affiliates when the deal was finalized.

David Levy, a former president of Turner Broadcasting, was also named CEO of the Nets and Barclays Center. David Levy, who had taken over as CEO less than two months earlier, stated on November 12 that he would be leaving the organization. Interim CEO duties were taken up by Oliver Weisberg, president of Tsai’s holding business, J Tsai Sports.

Ownership history

Brooklyn Ownership history

In 1967, trucking magnate Arthur J. Brown founded the Nets as an expansion team in the newly formed American Basketball Association. The following year, Brown sold the team to entrepreneur Roy Boe for $1.1 million.

In 1977, Boe moved the team back to New Jersey and sold it a year later to a group of local businessmen led by Alan N. Cohen and Joseph Taub, who became known as the “Secaucus Seven”.

Due to financial losses suffered while the team was on Long Island, the Secaucus Seven decided to move the team back to New Jersey in 1978.

In 1998, the Community Youth Organization (CYO) secured an agreement with New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner to form YankeeNets, a holding company that owned the two teams and later also the New Jersey Devils.


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