Best Under 25 NBA Players: Top 28 Famous Current Basketball Players

Best Under 25 NBA Players: Top 28 Famous Current Basketball Players

As the NBA season closes, Red’s Army looks at the Best Under 25 NBA Players. These young players have been lighting up the court and will surely be future stars. Who are the best under 25?

Top Rated 28 Best Players Under 25 NBA

1. Luka Doncic, Dallas (22 years)

Top Rated 28 Best Players Under 25 NBA

Luka Doncic is only 22 years old and is already regarded as a top 5 under 25 NBA. The Slovenian superstar has won the MVP award in his previous seasons and will continue to lead the Dallas Mavericks to the playoffs each year.

Every night, Luka poses a triple-double threat and is a self-sufficient offensive force who can score and create plays for others. The finest player in the world under 25 years old, the 6’7″ phenom, is playing point guard this season but can play in any position because of his versatility.

Luka has the best opportunity of any of the league’s top stars to take on the role of the league’s spokesperson in the future.

2. Trae Young, Atlanta (23 years)

Trae Young, Atlanta

Despite being 6’1″ and 164 lbs, Little “Ice Tre” is immensely dominant because he uses his speed and skill to punish defenders. Young, a superb shooter and facilitator, accomplished the unbelievable by taking the Atlanta Hawks to the Eastern Conference Finals and nearly to the Finals last season.

Young, who is only 23 years old but is already one of the finest guards in the NBA, is being compared to Stephen Curry because of his ability to shoot long-range shots and be dominant in his position. Young, an outstanding ball handler, scorer, and passer, has career-high stats and projects to start for the majority of All-Star games.

3. Ja Morant, Memphis (22 years)

Ja Morant, Memphis

With MVP-caliber performances and leading the Memphis Grizzlies to a top-3 finish in the Western Conference, Ja Morant has emerged as a superstar in the NBA.

The most physically gifted player in the league right now, Ja, is acting in ways that make a young Derrick Rose look good when it comes to scoring the ball and exploding to the rim. In light of playing style and overall impact, those parallels are actually quite true.

Morant has quickly established himself as the game’s second-best point guard, and the Grizzlies’ star is undeniably the most dominant player at his position after Stephen Curry.

The rest of the league faces difficulty as Ja becomes more at ease holding the ball in his hands. The Dallas Mavericks player is the only man who has already surpassed Ja in becoming the league’s face.

4. Jayson Tatum, Boston (23 years)

Jayson Tatum, Boston

At his age, Jayson Tatum might be among the top two players in terms of pure offensive talent. The 24-year-old forward is a reliable go-to scorer in crunch time and already possesses a ton of moves and countermoves. We might be in the presence of a superstar based on what we have seen so far from Tatum.

Even though Tatum is currently excellent, he must keep developing his defensive skills and playmaking in order to become a superstar. He has led the Boston Celtics back into the postseason picture this season with his play, and he deserves a lot of praise for earning his third consecutive East All-Star berth.

5. Zion Williamson, New Orleans (21 years)

Zion Williamson, New Orleans

Top-10 talent in the league Zion Williamson is, but we haven’t seen it yet. The powerful forward has yet to participate in a game this year, and reports suggest that injuries have delayed him more frequently than anticipated. It is unfortunate that a world-class athlete at the age of 21 cannot maintain consistency in his health so early in his career.

The New Orleans Pelicans should be a playoff club moving forward if Zion can stay healthy. Williamson recorded 27.0 PPG and 7.2 RPG in just his second season last year, which also marked his first All-Star participation.

Zion has the potential to compete with a few other players to become the face of the NBA. He is a physically gifted athlete who can score in the paint and grab rebounds. What will determine Williamson’s longevity is whether he can maintain good health and a healthy weight.

6. LaMelo Ball, Charlotte (20 years)

LaMelo Ball, Charlotte

LaMelo is, without a doubt, the finest Ball brother in the NBA because he demonstrates to everyone that the hype around him for so long is genuine. The gifted guard improves everyone around him as he develops the ability to dominate games against the elite competition thanks to his limitless range and unstoppable handles.

Ball has improved teammates’ performance like Miles Bridges, and Charlotte will remain a challenge moving forward. Ball, then 20 years old, made the All-Star Team after winning Rookie of the Year in his second season. Ball will be among the best players in the world in a few years, with averages of 19.7 PPG and 7.3 APG.

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7. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Oklahoma City (23 years)

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Oklahoma City

One of the top young NBA players with developing shooting skills has been discovered by the Oklahoma City Thunder as their new Russell Westbrook. Gilgeous-Alexander has put up tremendous numbers this season and appears more at ease making choices as the offense’s go-to player.

Despite being only 23 years old, Shai has four years of experience, including three consecutive seasons in which he averaged over 19 PPG. The former Los Angeles Clipper has exceptional quickness and outstanding stature (6’6″) for a point guard, giving him the advantage on both ends of the court.

The former No. 11 selection shot the three last year at 41.8 percent, with a career average of 34.7 percent. Gilgeous-ability Alexander’s to shoot threes could be the difference between him becoming a superstar and not.

8. Bam Adebayo, Miami (24 years)

Bam Adebayo, Miami

Despite the fact that he is only 24 years old, Bam Adebayo is one of the top 25 nba players right now. Because Jimmy Butler joined the Miami Heat as a free agent and Bam developed into an All-Star during the past three seasons, the team has become a title contender.

Even when battling at the center position with players who are typically bigger than him, Adebayo is a defensive superstar.

Bam, who is only 6’9″, plays much bigger than his true size. He has excellent passing skills and the ability to catch lops and to shoot the mid-range jump shot. The center, whose résumé already included two All-NBA Team selections and two seasons in which he averaged a double-double, is skilled at making the appropriate plays on both sides of the court.

9. Jarrett Allen, Cleveland (23 years)

Jarrett Allen, Cleveland

Given that he is one of the league’s top rim defenders, Jarrett Allen’s selection as an All-Star in his fifth season was probably not controversial. Allen, a world-class shot-blocker and high flyer improve Cleveland whenever he is on the field. For such a young player, his effect is definitely significant, even if he is only able to score close to the basket.

This season, Allen is averaging 16.3 PPG and 10.9 RPG, which are career highs. Allen had the potential to develop into an All-Star center while he was in Brooklyn, and so far, he has played up to that promise. Allen is currently Cleveland’s top big man, while Evan Mobley is not far behind.

10. Deandre Ayton, Phoenix (23 years)

Deandre Ayton, Phoenix

Chris Paul helped the Phoenix Suns significantly improve last season, but the team wouldn’t have made it to the Finals without the performance of their future All-Star center. The big man’s motivation going into the season was questioned due to contract negotiations with Deandre Ayton, but he has allayed any concerns.

Ayton is instead maintaining his play on both sides of the court by enhancing his offensive strategy and also more consistently defending the rim. In only his third season, the center made it to the Finals, giving him some postseason experience.

Phoenix might have an All-Star in the paint for many years to come as long as Ayton can keep up his level of play and obtain the contract he believes he deserves.

11. Darius Garland, Cleveland (21 years)

Darius Garland, Cleveland

Darius Garland is one of several dynamic young players on his squad, but his scoring and playmaking skills have made him stand out the most. The 22-year-old, who had averaged 20.7 PPG and 8.1 APG through 49 games, was named to his first All-Star Team this year. Darius can shoot the three-pointer really well (38.5 percent of the time), convert his free throws when he gets to the line (89.8 percent of the time), and also set up other players when opponents begin to focus on him.

Nobody anticipated Cleveland to be much of a danger at this point, but the quick teenager has likely guided the team to a top-6 finish in the East this year. Garland has made it abundantly apparent that he wants to create his own history alongside his Cavaliers colleagues, separate from the legendary LeBron James.

12. Anthony Edwards, Minnesota (20 years)

Anthony Edwards, Minnesota

Anthony Edwards is a young man who exudes extreme confidence and possesses some amazing attacking skills. Most people felt he was destined to be a star. Edwards, a capable shooter and quick athlete, doesn’t mind going to the basket in front of stronger opponents. Edwards, who is 6’4″ and weighs 225 pounds, is built to be a reliable scorer.

Anthony Edwards, the first choice in the 2020 NBA Draft, has repaid the Minnesota Timberwolves for their faith in him. The Timberwolves need to find a way to keep Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns together for the long term because it is difficult to find an above-average scorer who is hungry to grow better.

If both players can work well together on the court, missing the playoffs may become a thing of the past.

13. Jamal Murray, Denver (24 years)

Jamal Murray, Denver

Jamal Murray, another player who made this list entirely on the basis of reputation and prior success, is anticipated to return at some point this season, which is why we included him in our rankings.

Since Murray has stepped up with outstanding performances in the playoffs and has a level of shot-making at the point guard position that helps him stand out in a crowded position, consistency is essentially his only flaw.

14. Brandon Ingram, New Orleans (24 years)

Brandon Ingram

Because he packs so many talents into his 6’8″ frame, Brandon Ingram is a special talent. Ingram is lanky and slender with explosive athleticism and some top-scoring abilities, much like Kevin Durant.

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Ingram’s inconsistent play and propensity to make poor shots—qualities frequently associated with young athletes still figuring out how to win—have been his primary problems.

The 2020 Most Improved Player has already made an All-Star Team and has had three seasons in a row with at least 22 PPG and 4 APG on average. While it will be unrealistic to say that Ingram can replace Kevin Durant, he can undoubtedly establish his own legacy if he improves his playmaking and shoots at a higher rate.

15. Evan Mobley, Cleveland (20 years)

Evan Mobley, Cleveland

All season long, Evan Mobley has performed like the best rookie, averaging 14.5 PPG, 8.0 RPG, and 1.7 BPG. In the East as well, the big guy will soon be an All-Star. Mobley is a priceless asset for the Cavaliers because of his great confidence when shooting from outside the arc and protecting the rim.

A potential twin-towers partnership would give Cleveland, who already has All-Star big man Jarrett Allen on the roster, a nearly impenetrable force down low. Allen lacks Mobley’s attacking prowess and may perhaps have more defensive potential. Evan is only 20 years old right now, but as he gets older and more experienced, he will be something spectacular.

16. De’Aaron Fox, Sacramento (24 years)

De'Aaron Fox, Sacramento

De’Aaron Fox’s reputation may have suffered recently as a result of trade rumors, but there is no denying that the quick point guard is a valuable member of the team. Fox is especially adept on the break and can easily blast to the rim. How many times have we seen Fox outrun opponents while holding the ball?

Fox needs to keep getting better in the playmaking department since the point guard can start laying claim to All-Star status by averaging at least 8 APG. It remains to be seen if Fox can go to the next level or runs the risk of plateauing with his performance after the Sacramento Kings provided him with some instant assistance in the form of Domoantas Sabonis.

17. John Collins, Atlanta (24 years)

John Collins, Atlanta

John Collins is a forward who can shoot threes and collect lobs from All-Star point guard Trae Young for the Atlanta Hawks. Collins continues to put up extremely impressive numbers for the team. The large, athletic player got a lucrative, five-year, $125,000,000 contract because he has everything a contemporary forward needs to succeed.

Collins, after all, was perhaps the second-best player in a group that advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals the previous season. As he enjoys yet another All-Star campaign, John Collins has been Trae Young’s finest go-to partner in the offense. The forward, who is 24 years old, can continue to develop his defense and shooting to advance as a possible All-Star.

18. Miles Bridges, Charlotte (23 years)

Miles Bridges, Charlotte

Alongside All-Star LaMelo Ball in Charlotte, Miles Bridges is one of the contenders for Most Improved Player this season. Bridges is developing into one of the best young players in NBA because of his incredible ball handling and three-point shooting skills. Bridges can develop into a two-way great while still being a developing defender.

The former No. 12 overall pick has improved his stats all around and may soon be a contender for an All-Star Team. Bridges is producing well, averaging 19.7 points per game while shooting 48.0 percent from the field. The big man is a key factor in the Hornets’ playoff chances.

19. Lonzo Ball, Chicago (24 years)

Lonzo Ball, Chicago

Despite the fact that Lonzo Ball may never achieve the superstar status that many of us had high hopes for him to achieve early in his career, he is still among the greatest point guards in the NBA. Ball is a superb defender and possesses a natural ability to pass to his teammates—two qualities that are essential for a competitive Chicago Bulls squad.

Although Lonzo’s stats don’t often jump out at you, his effect as a reliable defender and playmaker most surely does. Most importantly, Lonzo has made progress in his outside shooting. A career-high 42.3 percent of threes are being made by the former No. 2 overall choice, which is a sure sign that Lonzo will eventually become an even better player.

20. Scottie Barnes, Toronto (20 years)

Scottie Barnes, Toronto

Scottie Barnes is a strong contender for Rookie of the Year along with Evan Mobley. The Toronto Raptors may have a hidden gem on their hands with the gifted forward who has developed into a starter in just his first season. Barnes, who was selected fourth overall, was unquestionably a tremendous addition for the Raptors.

Barnes is scoring 14.9 points per game while shooting 48.5 percent from the field, which are excellent figures for a forward who prioritizes defense and gives it his all every night. The 20-year-old is competing for a playoff seeding in the Eastern Conference with OG Anunoby and Fred VanVleet, two outstanding young players.

21. Jaren Jackson Jr, Memphis (22 years)

Jaren Jackson Jr, Memphis

Jaren Jackson Jr. has established himself as a powerful two-way player and is already among the league’s greatest defensive players. Jackson Jr. still has plenty of time in his early career to start earning All-Star votes, even if he didn’t make the All-Star Team this year.

Ja Moran and Desmond Bane are only two of the Grizzlies’ finest players, but Jackson Jr. is the team’s defensive anchor and ultimate enforcer. The big man can also score from close range by finishing his open opportunities with a gentle touch. Jackson has a career average of 35.1 percent from a distance, which will be effective if he can maintain it for the remainder of the year.

22. Tyler Herro, Miami (21 years)

Tyler Herro, Miami

Tyler Herro is playing fantastic ball for the Miami Heat this year and is quite possibly the clear favorite to win the 6th Man of the Year award. Herro is having his best year as he pursues a max contract after last year’s questions about his mindset and consistency. Miami might spend the money given that they have been the East’s most reliable club this season.

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Considering his team’s record, Herro is averaging an All-Star-caliber 20.6 PPG on 38.1 percent of his three-point attempts and 86.5 percent of his free throw attempts. Tyler has the intrinsic ability to make any shot he wants and is improving as a ball handler so that he can also make shots for other people. Herro, who is only 22 years old, is already among the top shooting guards in the world.

23. Jordan Poole, Golden State (22 years)

Jordan Poole, Golden State

In Klay Thompson’s absence earlier this season, Jordan Poole exploded into the scene, providing Stephen Curry with a crucial ally who can shoot from outside and attack defenses.

The shooting guard is having a fantastic season, scoring 16.3 points per game while shooting 44.2 percent from the field.

Once Klay returned, there were concerns about Poole maintaining his level of play, but those concerns have been dispelled. Even at the age of 22, the shooting guard still poses a threat when he has the ball in his hands.

Poole will remain one of the league’s top young players as long as he improves his technique and continues to study the two greatest shooters in history.

24. Desmond Bane, Memphis (23 years)

Desmond Bane, Memphis

The future of the Memphis Grizzlies is in very capable hands, thanks to Ja Morant. The great point guard has had a fantastic season and raised the caliber of play of those around him.

Demond Bane, a shooter with exceptional scoring potential, is one of those players. Of course, he also possesses the frame (6’5″, 215 lbs) to make a difference on the wing in terms of defense.

This season, Bane has produced outstanding scoring totals at extremely effective shooting percentages, providing a preview of what to anticipate from the young player moving forward. The 23-year-old is scoring 17.6 PPG while shooting 45.4 FG, 41.1 3-PT FG and 90.5 FT.

In addition to being one of the top young players in the NBA, Bane is one of Morant’s best supporting cast members.

25. Tyrese Maxey, Philadelphia (21 years)

Tyrese Maxey, Philadelphia

When James Harden joined the Philadelphia 76ers, speculation of a dynamic tandem became widespread. But Tyrese Maxey is balling like crazy so that Philadelphia might have a Big Three. Maxey is averaging 17.6 PPG on 48.3 percent field goal shooting and is growing more at ease on the court with each game.

Young players rarely find it easy to play for a club that is in contention for a championship, but Maxey has handled it well. Under the guidance and influence of former MVP Jame Harden and likely MVP contender Joel Embiid, the point guard can shoot the three and is getting better as a facilitator.

26. Michael Porter Jr

Michael Porter Jr

This season, Michael Porter Jr. has only played in 9 games due to persistent back problems that have reappeared. Despite having outstanding offensive skills, the gifted forward who was given a maximum salary this offseason has yet to prove he can compete at the All-Star level.

Porter Jr.’s injuries shouldn’t be used against him even though he hasn’t yet demonstrated the capacity to develop into a top player. The forward had impressive stats for a young player still finding his footing last season, averaging 19.0 PPG and 7.3 RPG. Porter Jr. needs to get healthy to realize his potential as one of the league’s top young players.

27. Collin Sexton

Collin Sexton

Sexton, like Porter Jr., has dealt with ailments that have prevented him from playing in the NBA for the duration of the year. The scoring guard has only played in 11 games so far, but he has averaged 16.0 points per game on 45.0 percent field goal shooting. Darius Garland’s development has caused people to already forget about the fourth-year student.

Sexton has a chance to rank among the top 28 players under the age of 25 in terms of quality. He has a growing basketball IQ, great range, and self-assurance with the ball.

The 23-year-old had 24.3 PPG and 37.1 percent from three last season, showing that he has the potential to make an effect on the game with the elite Cleveland Cavaliers. To advance, Sexton needs to start feeling better and enhance his playmaking skills.

28. RJ Barrett

RJ Barrett

Despite the team’s struggles, RJ Barrett is becoming the New York Knicks’ go-to scorer. Since his rookie season, the gifted swingman has significantly improved his shooting, raising his averages from 32.0 percent 3-PT to 35.3 percent 3-PT this year. Barrett was hitting more than 40% of his threes last year.

Barrett, an above-average scorer and rebounder, is currently one of the Knicks team’s best players. He is a youthful athlete that competes at the small forward player and shooting guard positions, standing 6’6″ and weighing 214 lbs. Both Barrett’s statistics and his overall performance are becoming better.


There are many young, up-and-coming NBA players that fans are excited about. Some of the best young NBA players under 25 years old include Luka Doncic, Evan Mobley, Tyler Herro, and Tyrese Maxey. These players are some of the most talented in the league and have the potential to be superstars.

Hope that you can find it interesting in this blog post. Thanks for reading!

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