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Best Basketball Crowd Chants

Loud chants will always have a place and be one of the most memorable moments for every supporter out there. Being a fangirl and a fanboy means you should get your vocals ready as shouting your chants would always be part of watching a sport, whether you’re at an arena or merely at a school sportsfest.

Nevertheless, are loud chants necessary? Don’t get me wrong; if you enjoy watching live sports competitions, engaging in the crowd shouts would be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

Therefore, if you have plans to watch a live tournament or any other event, regardless of the sport or the event itself or the time it will take place, you can calm since we will be providing a ton of the finest crowd chants in this post that will undoubtedly boost the crowd’s energy.

These top crowd chants would also be ideal if you are a part of a group that intends to support and motivate your school or any team during an event. We promise that at the end of this post, you will have a ton of ideas for crowd chants that you may use. 

Without further ado, let’s get started and begin strategizing how to get a crowd hyped!

Crowd Chants for Hyping Up the Crowd

1. Hey, What Do You Say?

This chant would be perfect to hype up the crowd and even your team before the game or event officially begins.

Cheer script:


Hey, what do you say?

Black and Gold x3

Hey, what do you say? 

Black and Gold x2

Hey, what do you say?

Black and Gold x2

2. Can You Pump It Up

Why not try this out if you’re the cheerleader captain to energize your gals and get the audience energized before the game or event officially starts?

Cheer script:


Hey cheerleaders – Yeah

Hey cheerleaders – Yeah

Can you handle it – Yeah

Can you handle it – Yeah

Can you pump, pump, pump it up


pump, pump, pump it up



3. Hey Cheerleaders

This is another perfect chant for all pretty cheerleaders out there to hype up the team you’re cheering for!

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Cheer script:


Hey Cheerleaders

Hey What?

Hey Cheerleaders

Hey What?

Show me how you get down

No way!

Show me how you get down


We stomp our feet

Boogie to the Beat

Turn around

And touch the ground

And that’s the way we get down!


4. Were Strutin’ our Stuff

When the both teams are already on the court, field, or stage, this crowd chant would be perfect to make your team hyped. 

Cheer script:


We’re struttin our stuff 

We just can’t get enough 

Our [team name] will dominate 

Our [team name] in first rate

So move off and back away

Our [team name] is here to stay!

We’re here to show you what we’ve got

So move off cuz we’re hot!


5. We are the [team name]

If the crowd is still not hyped enough, this chant could make them more excited and thrilled.

Cheer script:


One we are the [team name]

Two a little bit louder

There I still can’t hear you

Four more, more, more



6. Hey Hey You

If there’s already a tension between your team and the other team, this chant must try to have a more exciting moment before the game or event begins.

Cheer script:


Hey hey you

Get out of our way

Today is the day

We will put you away



If you want to start the crowd chant at a very energetic level, give this out a try!

Cheer script:


Y-E-L-L, Y-E-L-L

Everybody yell c’mon

[team name] (2x)


8. Hey let’s shout it

Looking for just a cool and calm crowd chant that would not cause much tension between any team? This one could be one that you are looking for. 

Cheer script:


Hey let’s shout it

There ain’t; no doubt about it

Spirit we got some

Let’s face it we’re awesome


9. Spirit and Might

Another cool and calm crowd chant that won’t cause any tension between any teams. This is just a nice opening crowd chant just to make the crowd engaged. 

Cheer script:


We’ve got a team with spirit and might 

We’ve got a team that can really fight


And the last for the opening crowd chants, this chant will surely make both your team and crowd feel so thrilled and excited at the same time. 

Cheer script:


Wake up 

Pay attention 

Try to stay calm

The [team name] are here

And we are the bomb


Crowd Chants for Intense Game

11. All Across the Nation

If the game becomes more intense, a crowd chant like this could be the good combo for that to release some tension between the players. 

Cheer script:


All across the nation

There’s a [team name] sensation 

We’ll take you for a ride

And move from side to side

Boom, boom

Hey, can you feel it

Boom, boom

Hey, can you feel it


12. Victory

Another chant to make the crowd more intense and thrilled with the game. 

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Cheer script:


[first color] is our color

[second color] is the other

Split that V, 

And do that I

Rock that C-T-O-R-Y


13. We’re not 2…

If the other team is already becoming naughty with their chants, why not give them a simple yet solid naughty chant as well?

Cheer script:


We’re No. 1, Not 2, Not 3, Not 4

We’re gonna win, not lose, not tie the score

We’re No.1 (clap 2x)

We’re gonna Win (clap 2x)

Check it out, Check it out, Check it out, Check it out

(Right hand on hip, Sprinkler to the right)

Goooooo, [team name]

(Rollong pompoms, High V)


14. We Don’t Mess Around

Having an intense game means you and other supporters must have a crowd chant that will make the players more relaxed and release some tension. This chant would be perfect for that. 

Cheer script:


We don’t mess around uh-huh

We don’t mess around no way

We don’t mess around we just huh

Get down


15. Zero One Two

If the crowd is already feeling intense with the game as well, a chant that would make the crowd relaxed and show more support with your team, a chant like this is highly recommended.

Cheer script:


Zero, one, two

You know what to do

So come on everybody

Get up and bugaloo


16. There’s no competition

Another chant that could make your team feel more relaxed with their play. 

Cheer script:


There’s no competition

Like the real competition

And the real competition

Is the [team name]


17. Dominate Intimidate

Want to have some naughty chants to pissed off a lil bit the other team? Of course, that is totally normal for every supporter out there. Try out this chant if you want to achieve that not-so-naughty chant that can make the other team pissed off a lil bit.

Cheer script:


Dominate Intimidate

Gonna take you through the leaves 

[team name] gonna smash you

Down to your knees


18. We Will Rock You

Another not-so-naughty and a cool chant at the same time. This will be perfect if all in the crowd will shout it loud.

Cheer script:


We will, we will rock you

We will, we will rock you

We’ll rock you to the east

We’ll rock you to the west

When you’re rocking with the [team name]

You’re rockin with the best


19. Go, Fight, Win

A not so new crowd chant but will still surely make the crowd and your team feel hyped up especially if the game is becoming more intense.

Cheer script:


Hey, hey (clasp, clasp) let’s go! (clasp)

Pick up the best let;s roll (clasp)

(clap 3x) go! (clap 3x) fight! (clap 3x) win!

[team name]

(clap 3x) go! (clap 3x) fight! (clap 3x) win!

Go fight win [team name] Go fight win!


20. Split the V

Are the scores of your team and other teams very close? A chant like this that will make your team more motivated to play better could probably help. 

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Cheer script:


Split the V

And dot the I

And rock the C-T-O-R-Y

I said rock that C-T-O-R-Y


Crowd Chants during Timeouts

21. Hey fans!

During timeouts, a chant that will make the crowd stay hyped up is important. This chant could just not make the crowd more hyped, but the team you are cheering for will also be more hyped and more motivated. 

Cheer script:


Hey fans in the strands

Yell with us and clap your hands

Yell [first color, 2x]

Yell [second color, 2x]

Put it all together

Yell it [first and second color, 2x] 


22. We can do it if we try

If the timeouts occurred between an intense game, this chant could make the crowd more wild and make the players of your team more dedicated enough to win the game. 

Cheer script:


We can do it if we try


Victory, victory!


23. Give me a GG

A simple yet solid crowd chant that will make your team feel happy and thrilled at the same time. 

Cheer script:


Give me a G-G

Give me an O-O

Go, [team name] Go! (4x)


24. Whoopsie 

In this chant, you can get the crowd jumping with this cheer during a timeout.

Cheer script:


We’re #1

Can’t be #2

We’re gonna kick

The whoopsie outta you


25. Red Hot

Another short timeout crowd chant to get the fans excited.

Cheer script:



Wadda we got, we got a lot

We got a team that’s, red hot


26. We are fired up 

A cool chant during a timeout could also lessen the tension between the teams that could probably help the players lessen their tension as well.

Cheer script: 


We are fired up

Hey we are fired up

Hey, hey, hey


27. Step to the back

If the other team started again shouting a not-so-naughty chant during timeout, this chant will be perfect to shut them up. 

Cheer script:


Step to the back, get out of our way

We’re [team name]

And we’ll blow you away

Blow you away!


28. Dynamite

Including your team’s colors are just something different that can make a chant very cool, just like this.

Cheer script:


[three colors of the team]

The [team name] is dynamite!

Coming at ya like never before

The [team name] is back for more.


29. Big G – Little O

Another simple yet very cool chant that will get the crowd more wild during timeouts. 

Cheer script:

Big G, little O

Big G, little O, let’s go, let’s go!


30. Our team is pumped

And last on the list is a chant that will make both the crowd and players of the team be more excited and thrilled with how the game will flow until the end. 

Cheer script:


Our team is pumped and ready for action

We won’t give up till we reach satisfaction!

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