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Best Basketball Cheers for Fans 2024

Watching live basketball games wouldn’t be complete without solid and loud cheer chants from every supporter. Cheer chants are just something that makes the game more fun, intense, and exciting. 


Leading the audience in cheers is one way to motivate the basketball players or the team we are pulling for to win. By motivating the crowd with these cheer chants, you may help the team you are rooting for succeed.


Therefore, you’re definitely looking for the finest basketball cheers if you’re intending to attend a live basketball game this weekend, aren’t you? We are here to help since we are aware how difficult it may be to create your own chants, especially if they are needed immediately.


You won’t need to worry about anything since we’ll provide you with plenty of suggestions for the finest basketball cheers you can use to support the team you’ll be watching in a live game.


Be sure you read this page all the way through as we prepared a list of the top basketball cheers for timeouts, defense, offense, and free throws 


What then are we still holding out for? Now let’s move on to the first list of our favorite basketball chants!

Cheers for timeouts

1. This is How We Do it

If the team decided to have a timeout between an intense game and a very close score with the other team, this could help the players and the crowd be somehow relaxed yet more thrilled with the game.


Cheer script:


This is how we do it , This is how we do it


Shoot that ball, Right through the hoop


This is how we score, C’mon score


Two points more!

2. We’ve Got The Beat

A chant that will make the crowd and fans more wild and hyped up during timeouts.


Cheer script:


We’re the [team name], We’ve got the beat


So get down and move our feet


Hey! (stomp, clap, stomp, stomp, clap, stomp, stomp)

3. Power

A power chant can also make the players of your team more powerful and regain some energy during their timeouts. 


Cheer script:


[team name] power! (2x)


Give it a little bit of uh! A little bit of power!


A little bit of, uh, [team name] power!

4. What about our color?

Hyping up the crowd can be more fun while chanting the colors of your team. 

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Cheer script:


[shout team’s color] (2x)


What about, What about


What about our color shout?


[first color] 


[second color] 


And a [third color] (7x)

5. Time Out

If the game is becoming more intense and the fans notice that the players in your team need a little time to regain their energy, this chant could be effective. 


Cheer script:


Time out (2x)


It’s time out


So shout it out


[team color] 

6. Go, Fight, Win

A cheer chant with some clapping of hand and stomping of foot will definitely make the crowd more engaged with the chant and will be more hyped up to cheer during timeouts.


Cheer script:


(stomp, stomp, clap, stomp, stomp, clap) GO!


(stomp, stomp, clap, stomp, stomp, clap) FIGHT!


(stomp, stomp, clap, stomp, stomp, clap) WIN!




(stomp, stomp, clap, stomp, stomp, clap) GO!


(stomp, stomp, clap, stomp, stomp, clap) FIGHT!


(stomp, stomp, clap, stomp, stomp, clap) WIN!

GO, FIGHT, WIN [team name]

7. People in the front

During timeouts, it is actually one of the best times to give out your best to shout out loud your cheer chant. And with this chant, the entire timeout for your team would not be dull and the hype will remain good. 


Cheer script:


People in the front


Let me hear you grunt (uh)


People in the back


Show me where it’s at (right here!)


People in between


Let me hear you scream (AH)


People in the stands


Stand up and clap your hands 


(clap sequence)

8. Take it to the limit

When you cheer for your team, you must always be positive at all times, of course. Even if your time is not the one who is leading, it is important to still cheer for them. And this chant could be perfect for that.


Cheer script:


Take it to the limit


Take it to the top (all right)


We’re the mighty [team name]


And we can’t be stopped!

9. Victory

As we say victory, the crowd will surely get wild. So, if during the timeouts and the crowd are already not that hyped enough, try to cheer this out. The hype will surely come back. 


Cheer script:




Pump it up, Pump it up




Say what?




Is what we see


Go [team name]

10. Fire it up 

And last on the list for the best cheer chants during timeouts is this chant that will make the crowd get more excited and thrilled with the game.


Cheer script:


Fire it up (2x)


Hey, let’s fire it up


Say hey let’s fire it up!


Cheers for a close game

11. We Got Spirit

A crowd chant like this one can be a nice combination if the game grows more intense to help the players relax.


Cheer script:


We got spirit yes we do,


We got spirit, how about you? (3x)


We got more, We got more!

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12. D-D-D

Cheering for a good defense could help the players in your team be more focused with their game. 


Cheer script:


D-D-D Deffense!


Move, move, move that ball (3x)

13. Rowdy

If the game is becoming intense, it is natural that the crowd will be really loud. This chant could be perfect for that.


Cheer script:


Let’s get a little bit rowdy



14. Shake your booty

It might seem that it looks very long and too dull to cheer but trust me, if all the crowd will join you in cheering this, this will be one of the best cheer chants you’ve ever cheered for your team.


Cheer script:


We don’t need no music


We don’t need no bands


All we need are fans


Jammin’ in the stands


Jump, shake your booty


Jump, jump shake your booty


Jump shake your booty


Jump, jump shake your booty

15. Score Six More

If your team is behind or leading in the game that needs more than six score to have a tie game or to just simply win the game, this chant would be very perfect. 


Cheer script:


Move it down the field


Score six more!

16. Defense

If your team is lacking in defense between an intense game, try to cheer this out. It might help the players be more focused with the game and improve their defense skills. 


Cheer script:


D-D-D Defense


Get, get, get that ball


(repeat 3x)

17. Fired up

Sounds simple and dull, right? But trust me, once the crowd cheered this out, the game will feel more intense. 


Cheer script:


Let’s get


Fired up! (3x)

18. Touchdown

If the other team had a foul between an intense game, don’t forget to include this in your cheer chants. 


Cheer script:


Touchdown, touchdown, 


Touchdown boys


You make the touchdowns


We make the noise!

19. Awesome

Once the team you are supporting has been doing great during an intense game, this chant could help lessen the tension.


Cheer script:




Awesome, awesome



20. That’s okay

And of course, not all the time the team you are supporting will do great. That’s why this chant can make the players feel somehow relieved and relaxed even in between an intense game.


Cheer script:


That’s okay, that’s alright,


Stay in there and




Cheers for Defense

21. Defense attack

With this goofy long cheer chant, a defensive ang naughty lines could help improve the defense skills of your team.


Cheer script:


Miss it like that


Defense, do it!


Defense attack, Fight back!


Defense defense block that shot


Don’t push, Don’t pull, Just play it cool


Defense be aggressive get that ball


T-A-K-E take it away


STE-AL defense steal that ball


Jump up and block it, defense let’s stop it


R-E-B, R-E-B, R-E-B-O-U-N-D


R, RE, REBOUND that basketball


Lobos get it get it


Up down round and round

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Cheers for Offense

22. Move that ball

You don’t want your team to make such foul again so this chant could help for them to be more focused while on offense.


Cheer script:




Move that ball

23. Get out of the way

This is a classic offensive chant that might give the team a lift to make that goal on the next movement.


Cheer script:


Get out


Hey, hey


Get out of the way (2x)

24. Shoot it

Another chant to hype everyone if the ball is within your team’s hand. 


Cheer script:


Basket, basket 


Move that ball on down the court 


Shoot it through the hoop


Make that basket 


Yes I think so


Dribble it, pass it 


S-I-N-K sink it [team name] sink it


Shoot for 2 [team name] shoot for 2 


Dribble, Shoot, Shoot!


Cheers for Free Throws

25. Make that free throw

Free throw moments are the most crucial parts in a basketball game. To lessen some tension, cheer this out if your team will be doing a free throw. Cheering out the surname of the specific player who will be doing the free throw is much better. 


Cheer script:


Go [team name] go, make that free throw


DRI-double B-LE dribble that ball and shoot 


Offense, offense move that ball!

26. There’s no competition

Hype everyone up in the arena while your team does the free throw with this short yet powerful cheer chant.


Cheer script:


There’s no competition


Like the real competition


And the real competition is the [team name]

27. Let’s go team

Lessen the tension of the player who will be doing the free throw shot with this cheer chant. 


Cheer script:


Come on [team name] 


You can do it 


Put a little power to it 


Let’s go [team name]

28. Dribble, Shoot, Hoop

While the team is still on the center for the free throw shoot, make sure to make the most out of it and give out your best to cheer for your team.


Cheer script:


Drible, Drible


Shoot, Shoot 


Take that ball to the hoop hoop 

29. Scared

Free throw shoots are just some of the moments that make us all nervous. And to lessen that, try to cheer this out for your team instead. 


Cheer script:


S-C-A-R-E-D, We’ve got ‘em scared!


Woo! Shakin’ in their knees

30. Victory

And last but totally not the least, this long and powerful cheer chant will help your team to be more focused with their free throw shots. 


Cheer script:


Straighten that V, Dot that I


Curve that C-T-O-R-Y


Take it up, 2-3-4, take it down 2-3-4


Take it up, 2-3-4, take it down 2-3-4


Now freeze, again!


(3x, last time: now freeze, no more!)

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