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Marion to Mavs nearly a done deal

Marion to Mavs nearly a done deal

Adrian Wojnarowski reports. The Dallas Mavericks are close to acquiring Shawn Marion in a sign-and-trade deal with the Toronto Raptors, league sources said Wednesday. Jerry Stackhouse will be dealt to the Raptors, who will ship his contract to another team for considerations. The Memphis Grizzlies or Oklahoma City Thunder are believed to be the possible [...]

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Cuban: We’re not pursuing Baby

Cuban:  We’re not pursuing Baby

Gary Tanguay said yesterday that Dallas is going after Big Baby.  About 15 minutes ago, Marc Cuban went to twitter to say that's not true. Very often, things like this come out when an agent or someone who knows the player says a team has made a phone call.  Then it gets reported as a [...]

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Detroit pursuing Thibodeau

Detroit pursuing Thibodeau

All I've been hearing is how much Joe Dumars wants an experienced head coach candidate.  But suddenly,  assistant coaches are being thrown into the mix. With Avery Johnson no longer considered the inevitable choice, the candidacy of Cleveland Cavaliers assistant John Kuester has gained momentum in the Detroit Pistons coaching search, league sources said Friday. [...]

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Reports: Gortat commits to Mavs

Reports:  Gortat commits to Mavs

ESPN has the scoop: Sources told ESPN.com that the Mavericks are bringing Gortat to town to tour the area and the team's facilities after extending him an offer believed to be worth Dallas' full mid-level exception — which could translate to a five-year deal starting at roughly $5.6 million — in hopes of dissuading the [...]

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C’s to Powe: “‘Good luck with another team”

C’s to Powe:  “‘Good luck with another team”

I still say that when it comes to pure business… not offering Powe a qualifying offer was the right move.  But man… it's getting really hard to defend anything besides that.  Today… Leon gave his side of the story to the Herald: “Of course I was disappointed, because I want to come back,” Powe said [...]

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Celtics Interested in Kidd?

Celtics Interested in Kidd?

Via the Dallas News: Wednesday is when teams officially can begin talking to free agents, and Kidd is expected to get overtures from several teams: Cleveland, Portland, Boston, New York and perhaps the Lakers. All of those teams except for Portland are stymied by the salary cap. The Knicks can only offer their mid-level exception, [...]

June 28, 2009 Chuck - Red's Army Uncategorized 5

Mavericks Get Screwed, Lakers Get Lucky

Mavericks Get Screwed, Lakers Get Lucky

If the Celtics are the aggressors (to use Doc's words) in tonight's game, then they will beat the Magic and even this series at 2-2. If not….well then I start watching a lot more baseball. There's too much going on in the Western conference for me to ignore. Let's start with the Mavericks/Nuggets game. Carmelo [...]

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