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Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo: Sneaky dirty?

Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo:  Sneaky dirty?

So says Dime Magazine.. in its list of the top 10 "sneaky dirty" NBA players. 8. Ray Allen — Another of the NBA’s nice guys who definitely has a dark side. Glaring at somebody or talking smack after hitting a big shot is one thing (everybody does that on the playground), but Ray’s history goes [...]

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Talkin’ Sheed

Talkin’ Sheed

I'll be talking Sheed today on  Their live broadcast is on right now (12:30pm) and I'll be on a 1:40 to talk about the Sheed signing.  They're Cleveland guys, so I'm gonna be busting their balls hard about way overpaying Andy Varejao. [...]

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