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Michael Beasley Worn Out or Passed Out?

TMZ has some pictures of Heat forward Michael Beasley passed out sleeping on a fishing boat. According to one Heat official, this was a team sponsored trip and Michael was simply worn out from an earlier practice. Despite all those empties, the team official claims Beasley, who spent time in a substance-abuse rehab center this... [More]

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“Kings of the Mountain”

One of these days, Rasheed Wallace is going to come out of his shell and tell us what he really thinks about stuff.  C'mon Sheed… get off the fence.  There is definitely an aura in the air that we can definitely go ahead and be the kings of the mountain. It’s just a matter of... [More]

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“Now we know he’s a bleeder…”

The headline is a quote from Rasheed Wallace as he spoke about the cut Ray Allen suffered above his left eye during practice yesterday. The Globe has more details: “You couldn’t see it, then all of a sudden he’s laying down. Then you saw the blood and you’re saying, ‘Oh no, I don’t think he’s... [More]

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The Sad, Sad Story of Antoine Walker

The Globe has an expose on the financial troubles facing former Celtics star Antoine Walker. The Cliffs Notes version: Walker likely squandered most of his $110 million fortune. Aside from the extravagant lifestyle; homes, cars, custom suits, watches, etc, Walker also supported 70 friends and family members. Former teammates say 'Toine always took care of... [More]

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Lazy Saturday evening reading list

It's Saturday evening and I've parked my lazy ass in front of the computer with a Crown & Coke (in a Red's Army "Tommy Points" mug, of course), listening to my Blip.fm stream, and going through a TON of good links that you might have missed.  So if you're similarly lazy and you're looking to... [More]

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Perk Nails Ray With Elbow

  Via Jess Camerato at WEEI.com: Ray Allen left Celtics practice on Saturday after getting unintentionally elbowed above the left eye and knocked to the ground by Kendrick Perkins. Allen received stitches above his left eye. “The sad thing is it was a skeleton offense. There was no defense,” said Doc Rivers. “We run a... [More]

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Yeah… Tony came back too soon

"Hah hah hah…. look at what was my career swirling down that toilet!!" What's it say about Tony Allen that the boot on his clearly-not-ready ankle matches his suit better than that dumb sneaker? Globe Photo / Aram Boghosian... [More]

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The Week in Review

The final week of preseason basketball is finally behind us (which means no more poems by John). The Celtics said goodbye to Mike Sweetney and hello to Ty Lue. They destroyed the Cavs (and a feisty Mo Williams) in their final tune-up, and LeBron expects more of the same in the regular season opener. Sick... [More]

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Eddie House’s Funny Impersonation of Ray

This is a must watch. Eddie House delivers an absolutely hysterical impersonation of Ray Allen. (Courtesy: WBZTV.com) Check out what Rasheed Wallace was wearing at the Shamrock Foundation gala….after the jump. (courtesy Aram Bogoshian/For the Boston Globe)... [More]

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KG: STFU about my knee already

I'm going to give everyone a little tip, here.  Quit it with the questions about KG's knee before he snaps and bites someone's face off.  Consider the answer he gave to that question yesterday a sort of warning shot. “I just told you. That [stuff] is getting old, now. That [stuff] getting real old. You’re... [More]

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