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Ray Gets Screwed

Paul Pierce is the only other Celtic joining Kevin Garnett at the All-Star game. Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo didn't make the cut. Here are the rest of the East reserves: Chris Bosh Joe Johnson Danny Granger Jameer Nelson Rashard Lewis Devin Harris Yes….Rashard Lewis. Am I the only one suprised? Here's a look at... [More]

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Kobe Fears Dog Poop

Here's a blurb from Kobe Bryant's interview with Complex.com (whatever that is): Complex.com: Talk to me about a private failure that wasn't in the headlines, the thing that just keeps you up at night. Something people can relate to. Not necessarily a public thing, but a thing you twist and turn over. Kobe Bryant: [Long... [More]

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Anyone Hiring A Tiny Acrobat?

We got an email about this… but the Celtics prefer to respond to "legitimate" outlets like the Globe. Basketball sources confirmed to the Globe today that the Celtics have dismissed Damon Blust, the man who played mascot Lucky the Leprechaun. The Globe is investigating the reason for Blust's departure.... [More]

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The Courtship of Eddie’s Jumper

My latest piece on The Examiner Eddie is 22 of 32 from downtown over his past 4 games.  And that includes a "night off" in Orlando (0 for 3).  Let's be clear here.  You're not supposed to shoot 7-11 from three-point land twice in a week.  And you're definitely not supposed to follow those up... [More]

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Don’t Do It Eddie

"Eddie's in a special place right now, and I know how he feels. It feels like every time he shoots, it's going to go in, no matter who's on him, who he is playing against. I can tell the way he's shooting it that he feels that every shot is going to go in." That's... [More]

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Rondo Makes His Case

Rajon Rondo (24 pts, 10-15 FG, 9 assists, 1 TO) sure looked like an All-Star in this one. I'm hoping the coaches who have yet to make up their mind check out the highlights from the Celtics 119-100 win over the Kings. Unlike most of the games in this 9 game winning streak, the Celtics... [More]

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KG Would Never Lose To Young Jeezy

KG Would Never Lose To Young Jeezy

… and there's no way Young Jeezy really has "basketball money"… not like KG.... [More]

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Ride ‘Em, Doc

It might seem like Doc haphazardly uses guys like Leon Powe, Glen Davis and Brian Scalabrine.  But there is a pattern here. He rides the hot guy. It usually takes an injury to make it happen.  That's how we got to know Leon Powe in the first place.  It's how Ryan Gomes got off the... [More]

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Another Kings Blowout?

The Celtics absolutely pummeled the Kings (108-63) in Sacramento last month, holding them to 28% shooting. But Doc Rivers is warning the guys about overlooking the 10-36 Kings tonight: “Because you beat them by 45, they’ll know that,” Rivers said. “People have memories in this league, and they absolutely will be ready. I don’t care... [More]

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Blogger MVP/ROY Voting: The Red’s Army Edition

We bloggers have come together again to show actual MVP and Rookie of the Year voters how it's done.  This is round 6… and we're hosting this sucker right here (you can find past votes here).  Joining me in the voting are these fine folks: David Arnott:  Rufus on Fire Rob D: nbamate.com Andrew Feinstein: ... [More]

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