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Ray Makes His Wife Cry

That's Ray Allen's wife, Shannon, and their 8-week-old son Wynn. Shannon gained about 70 lbs during her pregnancy and now Ray is kicking her ass and making her cry at the gym. “He’s tough,” said Mrs. 20. “He’ll say when I get on the treadmill, ‘Run one minute on 10.’ Ugh. Everybody at the gym... [More]

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Rondo’s contract & KG’s knee

Who needs coffee?  I woke up this morning to look in the mirror and see a shocking amount of gray in my goatee… and then sat to an even more shocking development on my laptop:  Celtics news! The Globe has an update on KG and his knee… “Kevin looks good, he’s in here working out... [More]

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Rondo: “I just want to get the season started”

Don't we all brother… don't we all.  The Herald caught up with Rajon today and asked him about his contract extension. Rondo was also tight-lipped about any talks about a possible contract extension with the C’s. Danny Ainge said early in the offseason that any extension talks would not take place until the fall. Rondo... [More]

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Slam Likes Celtics Offseason Moves

Joey Whalen of Slam Online examines the offseason moves made by the teams in the Atlantic Division. Here's the summary: Best Move: Toronto Adding Hedo Turkoglu Potential Over the Top Move: Celtics Sign Rasheed Wallace Best Long Term Move: Nets Trade for Courtney Lee Overpriced Signing: Toronto resigning Andrea Bargnani Best Offseason: Celtics I can't... [More]

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Tommy’s points tie up the series

After dropping Game 1 to BigMck, team RedsArmy came back to take Game 2 on a Tommy Heinsohn 16 footer at the buzzer. "I figured if I was going to be giving out 'Tommy Points' in my broadcasting career, I might as well set the example," Heinsohn said. Tommy only shot 5 of 13 on... [More]

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Pierce, Wooden honored

Pierce, Wooden honored

Paul Pierce and Basketball GOD John Wooden were honored for their off the court work recently.  FanHouse has the scoop and the video.  It starts with Pierce, but he doesn't say much.  But hey, it's Pierce, and he's talking, and we're showing it to you.  So get off my ass.  Well, that was 10 minutes... [More]

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The Heat Are a Mess

Since there's absolutely zero Celtics related news out there, I figured we'd start the day by taking shots at the Miami Heat. The chances Dwayne Wade stays in Miami beyond next season are getting slimmer by the day. After an off-season which saw the addition of one marginal player (Quentin Richardson), and subtraction of Michael... [More]

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Legends Series: Bird Leads BigMck To Game 1 Win

 For those who haven't heard, John and I drafted teams of Celtics legends and are pitting them against one another in a Legends Series, courtesy of WhatIfSports.com. Team BigMck edged RedsArmy in Game 1, 103-94. Larry Bird was the player of the game; 18 pts, 9 reb and 5 assists. Havlicek had 18 pts and... [More]

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That Chick in Red Dress Is Michael Jordan’s Girlfriend

Every time the camera cut away to the Jordan family during Mike's Hall of Fame acceptance speech, I thought – "Who is that chick in the red dress? That can't be his girlfriend can it?" The answer is – Yes. Her name is Yvette Prieto, a Cuban model. Luis Arroyave of the Chicago Tribune says... [More]

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Pardon my absence… and a plea for help

I've been out of the mix here on Red's Army for a few days because I've been looking for my lost dog Zoe.  If we have any readers in the Foxboro area, please take a look at and keep an eye out for her.  You can email me: jjkaralis@gmail.com or call Foxboro police at 508-543-4343... [More]

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