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Welcome Twitter Followers (Especially This One)

Yeah, Paul Pierce is now following Red's Army on Twitter.  In fact I asked him what the hell was going on in this picture. His reply: The Truth just got onto Twitter this weekend, so he's just getting into it.  And Pierce's following of Red's Army has led to a ton of new Red's Army... [More]

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Dancer Madness – Tough Choices

The days of blowouts might be over in our Dancer Madness brackets.  Golden State's Alexis might have pulled off the last of the dominating wins.  Even Miami's Nikki, a clear favorite among the commenters, had a tougher than expected time with Erin of Orlando. Now onto the really nitty gritty of the competition. East: Amanda... [More]

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KG Out Again

Frank Dell'Apa reports Kevin Garnett will miss the Celtics' game against Oklahoma City Sunday night and is questionable for Wednesday's matchup with Charlotte. Garnett, recovering from a right knee strain, did not participate in this morning's shootaround. "I just think we've got to be smart about it," coach Doc Rivers said. "It's just like when... [More]

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Two Teams, Two Decisions

The Cavs want what the Celtics got.  A ring.  But they're in two very different positions right now. Barring an historic collapse or catastrophic injury, the Cavs are going to be the #1 seed in the East.  They're 1 game ahead of the Lakers for the best overall record in the NBA.  So they're in... [More]

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Caption This

What… the HELL… is going on here?  You tell me. (via GIF Party)... [More]

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Dancer Madness – Next Round

Alison and Jessica cruised to easy wins yesterday… which was to be expected.  Today, we bring out the dancers who have pretty much established themselves as seeds 1a in each conference.  So without further ado… Nikki – Miami vs Erin – Orlando Alexis – Warriors vs Harmony – Clippers... [More]

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Stay Positive People

I've been scouring the web this morning for any and all updates on KG's knee. Sore? Re-injured? Out for regular season? Out for playoffs? Career-ending? Amputation? We turn to Marc Spears for the answer: An NBA source said Garnett still has discomfort and tightening in his knee. Rivers said Garnett will likely miss tomorrow's game... [More]

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Ch 5: KG Out For Rest of Reg. Season?

During a break in the Kansas/Michigan St game I flipped over to WCVB Ch. 5 and heard Bob Halloran cite a source claiming Kevin Garnett will miss the rest of the regular season. The Celtics remain non-committal on KG's status. According to Marc Spears: While Rivers said it was possible Garnett could return Sunday night... [More]

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Gettin’ It Done

The Celtics outplayed and outhustled the Hawks for 3 1/2 quarters tonight and held on for the 99 – 93 win. Big Baby (19 pts, 12 reb) lead the charge in the first half. You need to see his block on Joe Johnson. Every time the Hawks cut into the lead in the 4th, Ray... [More]

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Baby Earns Extra Orange Wedges At Halftime

Glen Davis' numbers for the first half:  10 points, 10 rebounds, and a block, steal and assist in about 22 minutes of play.  He's more than picking up KG's slack… which is good.  KG might be out longer than just tonight Rajon Rondo is clearly still bothered by his ankle injury.  Marbury is stepping up... [More]

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