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Dahntay Jones wants 4 years?

    Dahntay Jones is apparently a big-time target for the Celtics this season.  Yes, we drafted him and traded his rights away.  And yes we signed and waived him within a month a couple years ago.  But now… if you believe Stephen A. Smith… The Celtics are willing to pay him $4 million over a... [More]

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The best news we’ve heard this offseason

It comes to us via the Celtics twitter page. We're live at the Celtics Dancers audition in Waltham. Stay tuned to Celtics.com for photo galleries this afternoon. Yes!  Now I hope the folks at Celtics.com remember that the bar for photos from Celtics Dancer auditions was set by Alison Preston a year ago. For anyone... [More]

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Celtics Wanted the 36th Pick

Via the Memphis Commercial Appeal: Boston tried to entice the Grizzlies twice. The Celtics offered Brian Scalabrine, Tony Allen and a choice of J.R. Giddens or Bill Walker for the Grizzlies' 36th pick and cash considerations. The Celtics' best offer for the Grizzlies' No. 2 pick only included center Kendrick Perkins. We've heard the Perk... [More]

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Hudson happy Ainge doesn’t hold grudges

We would have known more about Lester Hudson earlier this week… that is… if he had shown up for a schedule workout with the Celtics.  But he canceled that, probably because he thought there was no way in hell that he would slip all the way down to the #58.  But on draft night, Hudson... [More]

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“We value Rondo more than anyone else in the league”

Danny Ainge was on WEEI… again.  And he was answering questions about Rajon Rondo… again.  This time, though, the tone was a little nicer. “I think we value Rondo more than anybody else in the league values him and we know everything about him — all the good and the bad that comes with a... [More]

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Let’s play some basketball… and listen to me on the radio

A few of you have been asking me about the basketball game I proposed about a month ago.  I haven't forgotten about it.  I just wanted to put the call out once again.  If you've emailed me before, you don't have to email me again.  I have all of them.  If you want to play,... [More]

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Did David Kahn just outsmart the NBA?

All of the buzz about David Kahn is about how he stocked up on a bazillion point guards in the draft.. and how dumb he seems to be for doing it. But is he really? He said this morning on ESPN Radio that he had extensive talks with Ricky Rubio.  Rubio’s father said today that... [More]

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Celtics 1, Rumors 0

"Look Rajon… it's not that we don't like you.  Ok….  I think you're a bit ofa d-bag… but Danny likes you.  Well….. Danny thinks you're kind of a punkbut I'm pretty sure the guys like you.  Ok… you know what… just gotake some jumpers, will ya?" I'll admit… I was a little bit worried as... [More]

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Say Hello to Lester Hudson

With the 58th pick in the draft the Celtics select…..Lester Hudson. Hudson is a 6-3, 190lb shooting guard who averaged 27.5 ppg for Tennessee-Martin. Strengths (according to NBADraft.net): Talented combo guard with excellent NBA potential … Prolific scorer, (over 25 ppg) … Has a quick first step and a killer crossover allowing him to blow... [More]

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The Official 2009 NBA Draft Post

10:45pm Update: Switch over to Comcast where Marc Spears tells me not to get my hopes up about Antonio McDyess. The guy likes Detroit and told Spears he won't chase a championship. 10pm Update: Damn…this thing is B-O-R-I-N-G. Not sure if I'll be able to stay up for the #58 pick. I've got one eye... [More]

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