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Baby Was A “Raging Animal”

The way I see it, Big Baby did that fat kid a favor by nudging him out of the way.  Option #2 was to run him right over.  But the kid's father, Ernest Provetti, is apparently making a big deal out of this. Provetti sent an e-mail to the NBA League office this morning. He... [More]

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So What Did Baby Say To This Kid?

A lot of people are talking about Baby pushing this kid out of the way.  This photo catches it in progress.. So it's begging for a caption.  Have at it.  Best one gets that kid's hat.... [More]

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Perk Having Beast of a Series

Where are all the national stories on Kendrick Perkins? We should be reading columns with the following headlines: Perk Keeping Howard In Check Underrated Perkins the Real Superman Perk Truly is a Beast Words cannot describe how well Kendrick Perkins has played in this series against the Magic. He's manning up on Dwight Howard –... [More]

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The Pass From Pierce

A lot of talk this morning will be about Big Baby nailing that shot a the buzzer.  And it should be. That was a cool as ice moment and clearly the biggest shot of his life.  But some of that talk should go Paul Pierce's way, too, because I don't know if ANY other star... [More]

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Big Baby!!!!!

Big Baby’s jumper at the buzzer ties this series and rips the heart out of the Magic. No way Orlando recovers from this loss. Bring on Cleveland. The game winner was Glen Davis’ second clutch shot of the game. His jumper with 32 seconds left pushed the Celtics back in front at the time. Wow…what... [More]

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Cs Eye Series Tie In Game 4

Cs Eye Series Tie In Game 4

1 @ 2 Sunday, May 10, 2009 8:00 pm ET Amway Arena (Orlando, FL) I assume that you've all heard the sports term "win or go home." Tonight, the Celtics need to take it to heart, as a Game 4 loss would give Orlando a comfortable 3-1 series lead. Now, that isn't impossible to recover... [More]

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First Project With The New Toys

Like I said in the last post, I just upgraded my setup.  Part of the purchase was a tablet that allows me to use a pen and draw, rather than just use a mouse for Photoshop.  So I figured the only appropriate thing for me to do with it is make something obnoxious and obscene... [More]

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KG’s New HP Commercial

KG’s New HP Commercial

That's KG's newest commercial for HP computers.  What's funny about this is that I just bought an HP as part of the new Red's Army multi-media upgrade (I hope to be showing the effects of that purchase soon).  I have 2 reactions to this commercial: 1 – KG is the Peyton Manning of the basketball... [More]

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Mavericks Get Screwed, Lakers Get Lucky

If the Celtics are the aggressors (to use Doc's words) in tonight's game, then they will beat the Magic and even this series at 2-2. If not….well then I start watching a lot more baseball. There's too much going on in the Western conference for me to ignore. Let's start with the Mavericks/Nuggets game. Carmelo... [More]

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No Suspension For Perk

No Suspension For Perk

Cue the people who think the Celtics get preferential treatment… Kendrick Perkins won't be suspended for his flagrant 1 against Mickael Pietrus.  Of course, we C's fans never thought it should be a consideration.... [More]

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