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Now that we got Sheed, C’s turn attention to Hill

Let's say you're planning a long drive.  There are two ways to plan making sure you've enough gas to make it. 1:  Fill 'er up and go.  The full tank will get you there and back with gas to spare… and in case you get lost on the way, you have enough get you out... [More]

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The Celtics will be the talkin-est team around

The Celtics will be the talkin-est team around

The Celtics are already notorious on-court talkers.  Now Sheed will take things to a new level.  I think Doc's gonna need earplugs at practice. Just a tip, C's fans… the Celtics are going to lead the world in technical fouls.  Don't get upset about it.  Just accept it as part of the deal.... [More]

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Sheed’s signing with Boston!

Ladies and Gentlemen… get ready to welcome your newest member of the Boston Celtics… Rasheed Wallace! An NBA source said tonight that Detroit free agent forward Rasheed Wallace has committed to sign with the Celtics on July 8 when free agents are able to sign. Wallace is expected to get a two-year deal using the... [More]

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Cuban: We’re not pursuing Baby

Gary Tanguay said yesterday that Dallas is going after Big Baby.  About 15 minutes ago, Marc Cuban went to twitter to say that's not true. Very often, things like this come out when an agent or someone who knows the player says a team has made a phone call.  Then it gets reported as a... [More]

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Report: Doc Meeting with Grant Hill

Via FanHouse: Rivers, now coach of the Boston Celtics, and Hill, an unrestricted free agent who played last season for the Phoenix Suns, will meet Sunday in Orlando to discuss the possibility of working together again. Both make their offseason homes here. "I don't have to go very far to meet with him this time,''... [More]

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Big Baby the Big Consolation Prize?

Whichever team loses out on Rasheed Wallace will set its sights on Glen Davis. At least that's the theory one league source floated to the Herald's Mark Murphy: A league source said the Celtics’ pursuit of Wallace actually may affect the team’s ability to sign its own restricted free agent – not because of the... [More]

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5 teams want Big Baby

Gary Tanguay says Dallas is now the 5th team to court Glen Davis. Dallas has become the 5th team interested in Glen "Big Baby" Davis, along with Memphis, New York, San Antonio and Detroit. He wants to stay in Boston but the money may be to good to turn down. Leon Powe is an example... [More]

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Does the Artest deal help the C’s?

Interesting theory explained on The CMSB.  Here's one of the 4 reasons: How bad does Sheed look if he signs with another team for more money? Currently it sounds like the Spurs, Mavs, and Magic are in play (hat tip to Gary Tanguay's Twitter page). If he signs with San Antonio, it looks alright. If... [More]

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Musical Chairs

The following is a guest post.  Guest posts can be submitted via email, but are not guaranteed to be posted.  Please don't take it personally Musical Chairsby GantI doubt there's anyone reading this who was not at some point forced by professional educators to play the game, "Musical Chairs." It was a long time ago... [More]

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Happy Birthday America!

It's America's birthday… and most people are going to take the day off.  But not us.  We'll be watching the C's… and letting you know if they make any moves.  Well… we will for as long as we're sober. All is quiet on the NBA front right now.  Just some minor moves like Orlando not... [More]

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