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Are the Celtics Really Shopping Rondo?

Via HoopsWorld: Off the record, we have several sources telling us that Ray Allen is, indeed, on the block. It's easy to make the leap, as the Celtics have managed to develop some nice young talent around their Big Three while also managing to win a championship. They might have even repeated had Kevin Garnett... [More]

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Et tu, Larry?

You know, I'm having a hard enough time coping with Kobe Bryant's seemingly eventual championship (and the onslaught of Laker trolls that will hit this site)… the last thing I needed was to hear Larry Bird's current favorite player is a Laker. Johnson: Larry Bird told me that Kobe Bryant is his favorite player. How... [More]

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Two States Like Orlando’s Chances Tonight

  Via ESPN's SportsNation Poll – Which Team will win Game 1 of the NBA Finals? Go Magic!!!! I'm working on the New Hampshire vote.... [More]

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KG Guarantees Titles in 2010, 2011

Via the Globe: "I talked to [Garnett] and he guaranteed the championship in 2010 and in 2011," Grousbeck said. "He was as fired up as he's ever been." Not shocked that KG would spout off like that. What's interesting though, is that Wyc failed to mention the guarantees when his comments were first sent out... [More]

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Blame the Trade Machine

Our first trade rumor of the season was a pretty goofy one, but it sure sparked a reaction.  One reaction is from Bethlehem Shoals on the Sporting News… who says we should blame the Trade Machine for all these silly rumors. The real story is that apparently, we've all become such Trade Machine junkies, and... [More]

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Live Celtics Games on the Web?

Via the Herald: Boston Celtics [team stats] fans could soon have another way to watch their team play – online. The NBA franchise is in talks with Comcast to stream games live, and free, on the Web next season. (President Rich) Gotham said details of the deal with Comcast SportsNet have yet to be worked... [More]

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Oh those meddling Maloofs

We're still waiting for word on what is gonna happen with Tom Thibodeau.  But we are hearing that the process is getting bogged down by the Maloof brothers… who apparently are sticking their noses in where they said they wouldn't. Whoever gets the Kings coaching job will be the second choice. League sources contend that... [More]

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“I saw KG this morning, he’s feeling great”

The Celtics tweet the KG update from Wyc: "I saw KG this morning, he's feeling great and he's the most fired up he's ever been. For KG, that's saying something." So there, some good Celtics news.  Savor the flavor.... [More]

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This is surprising: Tony Allen had surgery

"I didn't know I needed surgery either" Maybe this is why Tony was so awful late in the season… and why Doc barely used him in the playoffs.  He had ankle surgery today. The Boston Celtics announced today that guard Tony Allen underwent successful arthroscopic right ankle surgery and posterior tibial tendon repair today at... [More]

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We can thank Clifford Ray for Dwight Howard

Photo from reader Jesse Haley's parade photos on Flickr Clifford Ray and Robert Parish run a big man camp every year… and one of Cliff's former pupils is Dwight Howard.  With Dwight now in the spotlight and about to lead his team to a sweep of the Lakers (hey, I can dream), Cliff has reason... [More]

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