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The New Lucky

The New Lucky

  I was at the Celtics game last Friday when during a time-out, this video was played on the big screen a.k.a. "CelticVision".  This guy got the crowd going much more than Lucky would.  I think he would have a shot at being the next Lucky if he were about 8 inches shorter and actually... [More]

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Chris Bosh = RuPaul?

Shaq is taking his war of words with Chris Bosh to another level: "I heard what Chris Bosh said, and that's strong words coming from the RuPaul of big men," O'Neal said. "I'm going to do the same thing (in their next meeting) I did before — make him quit. Make 'em quit and complain.... [More]

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Pierce’s ABC Interview

Pierce’s ABC Interview

... [More]

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Depth a Real Problem

The Celtics medical staff has officially diagnosed Brian Scalabrine with his 3rd concussion in less than a month. He's out indefinitely. “You can’t do anything,” Scalabrine said of the last week’s inactivity. “I can’t watch TV for more than 30 minutes. I can’t read a book. I can talk to my wife, but she gets... [More]

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Doc Doesn’t Know What Rest Means

Last Monday, Doc had this to say about keeping the Big 3 fresh: “Even if I play a Billy (Walker) and a Gabe (Pruitt) and we’re struggling with them in, I’ve got to sit and take it because I can’t burn Paul and Ray out. That’s going to be a tough one." Apparently Doc can't... [More]

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We all hate the guy for his theatrics, but Rip Hamilton (25 pts, 9 assists, 6 reb) killed the Celtics today. Coupled with the fact that Ray Allen (10 pts, 2-1o FG) was a no-show and you get a 105-95 Pistons victory at the Garden. The Celtics play was too streaky. They had strong runs... [More]

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Giving Mikki Some Love

The past week has been all Stephon-this and Stephon-that… so I figured I'd show Mikki some love today.  And honestly, what he provides is going to be at least as important as what Steph gives us, if not more so. Think about last season… when PJ Brown was our most important late-February pick up.  Steph... [More]

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Obama’s A Cool Dude

Forget your politics for a minute. Take a look at that picture from last night's Wizards-Bulls game.  That's just cool.  And to top it off… he bought that kid next to him cotton candy. Nice to see a President enjoying the game from a seat and enjoying a beer like a normal human being. (via... [More]

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Rondo Upset With Maxwell?

Courtesy the Celtics blog on boston.com: A bizarre incident between Rajon Rondo and Celtics radio broadcaster Cedric Maxwell. Rondo had some harsh words for Maxwell as he headed into the showers, and the point guard did not appear to be joking. Definitely some tension in the room. Maybe Max told Rondo to get in the... [More]

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Stephon’s Interviews

This is like our 3,000th straight post about Marbury… but what else are we gonna talk about right now? Here are a couple of his interviews from yesterday.  Postgame, pre-game, and his introductory press conference.... [More]

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