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Sacto decision “sooner rather than later”

I've heard the "decision will be made soon" thing before… but King's GM Geoff Petrie is singing it again.  This time, we're hearing potential contract details. Sources with knowledge of the situation said the team's hypothetical offer that Westphal already agreed to would apply to Rambis as well: two seasons guaranteed at $1.5 million with... [More]

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Rumors: TA for Willie Green; Memphis #2 Pick

The Celtics have surfaced as potential suitors for Memphis' #2 pick in the draft: As the rumor mill churns, the Griz have been approached by several teams about acquiring the second overall pick. Boston, Houston and New York are said to be among the most recent suitors. Boston and Houston would likely have to offer... [More]

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The 5 Worst Moments in Kobe Bryant’s Life

He might be on the cusp of his 4th NBA title, but I thought this would be a great time to take a look back at the low points of Kobe Bryant's career. 5. 2003-2004 NBA Finals  The heavily favored Lakers got demolished in 5 games by the Detroit Pistons. Here's how NBA.com summarized his... [More]

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It Wasn’t Goaltending

Not sure why the sports blogosphere is suddenly buzzing about the alleged goaltending at the end of Game 2. I've dug up the NBA rules on goaltending. Here are the sections that apply to last night's controversial ending to the Lakers/Magic game. Section I-A Player Shall Not: a. Touch the ball or the basket ring... [More]

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The Knicks COULD get their coveted free agent

It looks like the New York Knicks could get the free agent they're dying for.  All this fuss has been about Marcin Gortat, right?  What?  LeBron who?  What a funny name that is.  Must be made up. It's looking like the market for Marcin is gonna be a good one.  I'm starting to think this... [More]

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Maybe the Lakers winning is a good thing

Maybe I'm romanticizing the past a little bit.  But to me, basketball was at its absolute peak in the 80's.  The play was great.  There were so many great players and good teams.  We had classic individual performances (71 points by David Robinson), classic All Star weekend performances (Bird's "who's finishing 2nd three-point contest win,... [More]

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THE shirt for Orlando Magic fans!

    We made a little tweak to our normal "Losers" shirt to take a shot at Kobe.  You can get this shirt in our store right now… and still have it in time to wear for a home game against LA.  We have this design on other shirts as well (for men and women)… so... [More]

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Want to go to an All Star game? Root for global warming

I think going to an All Star game could be fun.  It would be a great weekend of cool events throughout the city… and the chance to see all of the NBA's stars in one place would be great.  Unfortunately, if you want to actually GO… you're probably going to have to travel. Boston ain't... [More]

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Draft day is Ainge Day

The NBA draft is 18 days away, and the Celtics have what amounts to a throw-away pick at #58 overall (Minnesota has our #1 pick via the Garnett trade)… but don't expect Danny Ainge to do absolutely nothing.  As was noted in the Herald today, NBA Draft day is essentially Danny Ainge day.  Take a... [More]

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Doc’s Take, Antoine and More…

Bill Burt of the Eagle Tribune recently spent 30 minutes with Doc Rivers. Here's Doc on the bench: Q: The one thing the Celtics hit on last year was bench guys you brought in, including James Posey, P.J. Brown and Sam Cassell. Is it safe to assume that the Celtics have to do a better... [More]

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