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Nothing is over until we decide it is

Bluto's Speech NSFW Language Turkoglu… is a DEAD MAN!! Howard…. DEAD!!! Van Gundy… DEAD!!! Now who's with me?!?!... [More]

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4 Reasons Why The Celtics Will Win

Aside from all the history (Celtics 32-0 when leading a series 3-2, 17-3 in Game 7s at home), I've come up with a handful of reasons why the Celtics (2.5 pt favorites) will beat the Magic in Game 7: 1. By the 8pm tip-off, it will have been nearly three full days since these teams... [More]

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Doc Rivers Laughs at Patrick Ewing

Patrick Ewing has guaranteed a win in Game 7.  Doc Rivers finds that humorous. "Patrick Ewing did that? We feel great. We feel great about that. I've been on those Knicks teams where he had some predictions. But you know what I've always said about predictions, what else are you going to say? Are you... [More]

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Rafer Kisses A Ref

In case you missed it from the other night.... [More]

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Maybe Ray needs a refresher course

Maybe Ray needs a refresher course

So Ray Allen is struggling a bit.  It happens. They're hounding the hell out of him and it's thrown him off.  So I, being a caring human being, decided that I'm going to do what I can to help.  So I turned to the one man that can help Ray Allen:  Ray Allen.  Hope it... [More]

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Caption This

That's the lovely Brandi Garnett at Game 5.  Enjoy.  And because everyone needs to cheer up today, every caption is a winner… and your prize is dancer photos after the jump.... [More]

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Hungry dogs defending their last scrap of food

It's become very clear that the Celtics simply don't have enough left to win a championship (although I will still find some way to explain how they could if they win game 7).  They are too hurt… too run down… too reliant on guys who should be getting 15-20 minutes per game, rather than 35-40. ... [More]

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Is Dwight Really Dominant?

Is Dwight Really Dominant?

SevenSecondsOrMess does a great job breaking down video.  Today, it's Dwight Howard and his offensive game under the microscope.  Once again, TV analysts seem to accept some misconceptions about Dwight Howard being a dominant player.  Even last night, in a monster game, he didn't score very often on an offensive move.  He dominated the boards. ... [More]

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“I guess we just choked”

Getty Images I feel hungover, but I didn't drink last night.  I'm trying to look at game 6 and figure out why we couldn't seal the deal.  But after 6 games of similarly inconsistent play, I'm at a loss for anything new to say.  So I'll just let Rondo sum it up for me. “We... [More]

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I’ll see your meltdown, and I’ll raise you one

Getty Images So that's how Orlando felt after Game 5. The Celtics scored a whopping 29 second half points.  Their last points of the game were scored by Rajon Rondo at the 3:46 mark.  Orlando erased a 10 point Celtics lead halfway through the 3rd quarter to force a game 7 Sunday night.  Box Score... [More]

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