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Doc: Neither KG nor Big Foot Will Play

Via the Globe: Celtic coach Doc Rivers quashed rumors of Kevin Garnett reappearing for Saturday night's game against the Chicago Bulls. "Sasquatch is going to show up next," Rivers said after the team's morning shootaround. "I swear, somebody was going to spot Kevin on the floor, and Sasquatch." Courtesy Jess Camerato of WEEI.com: There was... [More]

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Moment of Truth

Moment of Truth

3 @ 3 Saturday, May 2, 2009 8:00 pm ET TD BankNorth Garden (Boston, MA) Here it is, folks. The moment of truth, where players are made: Game 7. This series, which is potentially one of the most scintillating of all-time, has provided us with a countless number of unforgettable moments and finishes. Both the... [More]

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Why Game 7 Won’t Be That Close

I have seen amazing things in this series.  Impossible shots falling time and time again.  Clutch shot after clutch shot after clutch shot.  Except for game 3, it's pretty much been a matter of who gets the ball last, wins.  That won't be the case tonight. A funny thing happens to young, "no one gave... [More]

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I Don’t Understand Why LeBron Would Leave This

I Don’t Understand Why LeBron Would Leave This

I mean, Cleveland has SOOOO much to offer.  I don't get why he's as good as gone in 2010 Blatant antagonism of Cleveland fans courtesy of The Internet Is Terrible.  NSFW lyrics... [More]

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Rondo, Hinrich Not Punished

Rondo, Hinrich Not Punished

People WAAAAAAY overreacted to this Rondo/Hinrich tussle.  In my opinion, the refs pretty much got the call right.  Maybe the punishments should have been equal, considering Hinrich's push… but whatever… I can see why they made this call. But idiots were calling for suspensions.  Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for us, there won't be any. ... [More]

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The All “I Want To Punch Him In The Face” Team

It's very simple.  I have an unnatural hatred for these individuals.  It burns with the white hot energy of a thousands suns.  The mere sight of them makes me wish were standing in an octagon.  They are the players at each position I'd most like to punch in the face.  I think you do too.... [More]

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Hinrich’s Version of the Story

Here's how Kirk Hinrich described his little skirmish with Rajon Rondo: "I was just boxing him out and he tried to throw me to the side," Hinrich said. "I pushed him, so I guess they looked at it and gave him a flagrant and gave me a technical. I just shoved him." Hinrich said Rondo didn't... [More]

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You’re Not Enjoying This?

I'll start by quoting the worst coach/GM in the history of the Boston Celtics – "All the negativity in this town sucks." I am truly disturbed with the negative attitudes of many of our readers. The Celtics and Bulls are about to finish off the greatest playoff series in the history of the NBA and... [More]

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Ainge Says Forget About KG

Marc Spears asked Danny about KG playing in Game 7: Kevin Garnett will not only not be available tomorrow but is done for the season, according to Celtics president Danny Ainge. Ainge said in a text message early this morning that the injured All-Star will not be returning for the rest of the playoffs. "I'm... [More]

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Why Ray Allen Can Do What He Does

Ray Allen was awesome last night.  Unreal.  If I was going to list all the people responsible for losing that game, Ray Allen would not be on that list. But Ray is awesome for a reason.  On a night where he shot 18 of 32, and 50% from 3, he had this to say after... [More]

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