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The Lakers Are Setting Up For Failure

The Lakers are trying to figure out how to beat the Boston Celtics.  It's the only thing on their minds.  'How can we beat the Celtics'… 'how can we avoid being embarrassed again?'… And their answer is: defense. "The thought process is that you want to win a championship. In order to beat a Boston,... [More]

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Thanksgiving Turkeys

That, my dear friends, is what is known as a Turbaconducken.  It is, of course, a turkey, stuffed with a duck, that was stuffed with a chicken… and the whole thing is wrapped in bacon.  Today, someone will eat that.  Tomorrow, that person's heart will explode.  (via frumpzilla) So in the spirit of the holidays,... [More]

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Take Notice

God damn, this kid has taken his game to the next level. Once the national media runs out of LeBron to NY stories, they'll have to start writing about Rondo's game. Check out this stat line: 22 pts, 9-15 FG, 8 reb, 7 assists, 2 stls and ZERO turnovers This should have been a blowout,... [More]

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Please Make It Stop!!!!!

Are there any other storylines in the NBA worth covering? Or how about the entire world of sports? In our world – the present – the defending champs are gearing up for tonight's game with the Warriors. Newsflash – Golden St. is not good. They added Jamal Crawford (for Al Harrington) but he didn't help... [More]

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Perk Has Me Confused

Kendrick Perkins talked with the Globe's Julian Benbow about his league leading 8 technical fouls. I read the article and I'm not really sure what the hell he's talking about. "Yeah they fine me," said Perkins after practice yesterday, two days after a dunk, a yell, and a mix-up with Chris Bosh in Toronto earned... [More]

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How The C’s End A Quarter

How The C’s End A Quarter

It's a simple play, but it's a nice little breakdown of one of the Celtics final-second plays. CelticsBlog found this interesting note about Glen Davis' newly found jumper.  The team has encouraged him to start using it.  I like it.  A guy his size should be a threat to pull up from 10-12 feet.  But... [More]

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Our Thoughts Are With You Tommy

Tommy Heinsohn's wife… "The Redhead From Needham"… has passed away. Our thoughts are with you Tommy. Helen Heinsohn's obituary I'm updating this with a link to a wonderful tribute to Helen Heinsohn on Perk Is A Beast.  Very touching... [More]

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A Little Perspective

Don't have much time this morning, but I would like to share a little perspective with everyone. I know one consistent theme so far is the fact that the Celtics haven't really played a top-to-bottom great game yet… which is amazing when you think that we're 13-2. In a recent conversation with a blogger for... [More]

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Is KG a Bully?

Here's a blurb from Mitch Lawrence's column in the NY Daily News: Kevin Garnett has been going after smaller guys, including Toronto's Jose Calderon and Milwaukee's Luke Ridnour, and it's starting to hurt his rep. One executive said of Garnett, "He's nothing but an instigator." With several teams complaining about Garnett's antics in recent weeks,... [More]

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Damn Right Donnie’s In Trouble With Celtics Fans

I'm going to admit something here:  I'm just like Vince Carter.  I'm also religiously checking my statistics (zing!) So when I saw that a bunch of New Kids On The Block fans started hitting the site, I knew it was because I announced Donnie Wahlberg is dead to me.  A couple of clicks (and 1... [More]

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