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This Just In: Rondo Is Good

Wow. Not much more I can add to the Rondo lovefest taking place in Celtics nation. I had the fortune of witnessing the triple-double in person last night and I echo the sentiments of KG – it felt like there were three Rondo's on the court. However, being the cynical one around here, I must... [More]

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After a tight first half… the Celtics pulled away in the 3rd quarter before watching their 24 point lead get cut to 8.  The starters then returned and put the dagger in the Pacers and win 114-96. There, that's your generic recap to explain this game.  Now let me gush. Rajon Rondo is a killer!! ... [More]

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In the Holiday Spirit

Fresh off a weekend trip to Santa's Village with the family, I've decided to forego a blog analyzing the match-ups in tonight's Celtics-Pacers game (I'll be there – Sec 20), in lieu of some Christmas cheer. Courtesy of the Blazers blog, Blaze of Love, here are some pictures sure to invoke your favorite Yuletide memories.... [More]

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The Savior vs. The Zen Master

Jeez… a couple of losses and the bitching already begins in La La Land.  The man who has been touted as THE reason the Lakers will get past the Celtics this time… Andrew Bynum… doesn't like Phil Jackson's substitution pattern. "The second unit played well, got a 16-point lead in the fourth quarter. We were... [More]

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Will People Still Get Rondo’d?

Will People Still Get Rondo’d?

Rajon Rondo has been a Reebok guy… until this season.  Reebok… the company that put out these "Rondo'd" ads, is apparently being dumped for Nike.  I didn't even notice, because Rajon's been wearing very monocrhomatic kicks every night.  Maybe this is something nicekicks.com will be able to explain. Rondo was dishing assists last night… by... [More]

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Lakers Choke Against Pacers

I'm going to guess our normal Lakers trolls won't be coming around to celebrate this: INDIANAPOLIS (AP)—Danny Granger scored 32 points and led Indiana back from a 15-point fourth-quarter deficit, and Troy Murphy’s buzzer-beating tip-in completed an improbable 118-117 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday night. The Lakers came into the game with... [More]

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Tony Allen May Sit

Tony Allen came back from his sprained ankle last night… but it's not 100%.  Doc Rivers says Allen might miss the Pacers game “He’s probably probable at best,” Rivers initially determined before elaborating just a bit. “It got pretty big last night after the game so there’s probably a very good chance he may not... [More]

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Pierce or Carmelo?

That is the question being posed on Dime Magazine. Part of the argument for Paul: P-Double is a warrior. Night after night this guy just gets it done. So much so that the two All-Star teammates that flank him just keep feeding him the rock in the clutch.  Unlike Anthony, Pierce demands the ball and... [More]

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The Truth Revealed

SI has a big feature on Paul Pierce coming out in tomorrow's issue.  I was sent an advance copy of the article.  Here are some of the highlights: Pierce on his standing in the NBA: "I've always been the Rodney Dangerfield of this game," he says. "Maybe it was meant to be that way, but... [More]

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Best Assist Man In The NBA?

Gary Tanguay makes that statement, pretty definitively On the Late Edition I made the statement that many of the top scorers in the NBA would want Rondo as their point guard because he gets the stars the ball in the right spot at the right time and never thinks about his own shot first (... [More]

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