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“Two Man Game” with Jess Camerato at 9pm

August has been deadly boring… but we're going to break up that boredom with a little call in show tonight.  WEEI's Jess Camerato will be joining us tonight at 9pm for a little Celtics talk on "The Two Man Game".  We'll look at what Marquis Daniels signing for the bi-annual exception rather than a sign-and-trade... [More]

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Ray Allen Will Teach You How to Shoot

The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation is auctioning off 30 minutes worth of shooting lessons from Ray Allen: Shoot some hoops with one of the Boston Celtic's most integral and successful players, Ray Allen. Considered to be one of the most accurate 3-point shooters in the history of the NBA, Ray Allen is an extremely accomplished... [More]

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KG’s New Soccer/Basketball Sneaker

Via WEEI.com's Jess Camerato: KG’s favorite club, Chelsea, has partnered with adidas to create a limited edition basketball sneaker that combines his name with the club’s colors and logo . According to EPL Talk: The adidas TS Commander LT will available from August 29, 2009 exclusively from a Boston-based retailer named Bodega. They’ll offer an... [More]

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Finally, a Writer Who Gets It

Via Matt Steinmetz of FanHouse: Still, no team upgraded more this offseason than the Celtics, who added the perfect complementary piece in Rasheed Wallace. Boston also mitigated the damage of losing Leon Powe by re-signing Glen Davis and acquiring Shelden Williams. What makes the Wallace acquisition so good is that it was more a tweak... [More]

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It’s a great day for golf

Chuck and I are going to enjoy a little golf outing this afternoon.  Figure this is a good time to grab a couple of hours of course time.  Besides, I'm sure if anything happens, KWAPT will DM me and I can post something from the course (that's actually possible).  Pray for Chuck.  It's hot out... [More]

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Will the 2010 Cavs Be Better Than 2009 Cavs?

It seemed like the Cavaliers added a new player to their roster every week of the off-season. But will they be able to improve on their 66 win regular season and appearance in the Eastern conference finals? Here's a look at the top ten players from the 2009 roster vs the 2010 roster: 2009                      ... [More]

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Ron Artest Thinks He Signed With 90s Bulls

Via Sports Radio Interviews: “The opportunity was unbelievable.  I get a chance to play with Kobe, Michael Jordan’s my favorite player, Kobe’s probably the closest person to Michael Jordan, so I get to kind of relive that whole Chicago Bulls thing growing up, that was my favorite team.  So, Phil Jackson, you got Kobe Bryant,... [More]

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Brendan Haywood should just worry about trying be good at basketball

… and not about what Stephon Marbury is doing.  This is what he said about Stephon Marbury's live streaming madness. “At first it was cool, but after a while it just became disturbing.  He’s on YouTube crying with no shirt on for no reason, sweating while his boy’s rubbing his shoulders.  What’s that about?  That’s... [More]

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Daniels deal will be done soon

Celtics fans are wondering when the Marquis Daniels deal will be done.  So a lot of them are asking him directly on twitter.  One of them is our own twitter freak @KWAPT: @lambo6 Think there's a chance you'll officially become a Celtic this coming week 'Quis…? Thx. To which he replied: @KWAPT week r so... [More]

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Leon: I Never Go Back on My Word

Via HoopsDaily: What happened with Boston?  Why did you decide to sign with the Cavs? There was no offer from Boston.  I waited a while, about a month or two, because I love Boston, I love the fans, I wanted to be there, but nothing happened.  Then Cleveland made their offer, and I had nowhere... [More]

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