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Report: Celtics Will Open Season in Cleveland

Via the Cleveland Plain Dealer: As of now, the Cavs are penciled in to host the Boston Celtics at The Q on Tuesday, Oct. 27, which is expected to be the first night of the season. Usually those games are on TNT. Nothing like pitting the two top dogs (Sorry Orlando) in the East against... [More]

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Just sittin’ around, waiting for somethin’ to happen

Just sittin’ around, waiting for somethin’ to happen

This video is infinitely more interesting than anything going on right now in Celtics-land.  So enjoy.  I'm just sitting here hoping Jeff Clark is clairvoyant.  No… there's not much going on in the way of news.  Leon Powe apparently talked to the Cavs (via Lex).  Ball Don't Lie has more on Perk's wedding.  Jess Camerato... [More]

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Paul Pierce: The last great Celtic

I wish I knew how to stop time.  If I could, I'd do it right now. But Father Time is a stubborn bastard.  He's not stopping for anyone.  So before we know it, Paul Pierce will be standing at center court at the Garden… tears in his eyes… thanking Boston fans before he, the last... [More]

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Rajon Rondo: role model

WEEI writer, and friend of Red's Army, Jess Camerato spent some time out in Vegas this summer watching the summer league and talking to a lot of the players.  One thing she heard a lot of, was Rajon Rondo praise from the rookie guards. "He just goes out there and plays hard every game," Sacramento... [More]

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Meet the Kings Dancers

Meet the Kings Dancers

This video doesn't compare to these photos of past Kings dancers, but hey, there's nothing else going on tonight. PS – Don't bother with the volume.... [More]

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We read Charley Rosen so you don’t have to

Charley Rosen… subject of perhaps the only possibly-nude publicity photo of all time… is back at it with ridiculous comments that get picked up in blogs.  I can't help it.  I'm like a smart large-mouthed bass.  I know that there's someone on the other end of that line dangling the bait… but goddammit… I can't... [More]

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We Read Bill Simmons, So You Don’t Have To

Bill Simmons recaps the NBA off-season in a two-part epic on ESPN.com. Minus all the quotes from "Almost Famous," his laughable choice as the best movie of the decade (off the top of my head – I'd take "Remember the Titans"), it's a good article about the NBA. He's not a big fan of the... [More]

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Ray & Rondo: Top guard duo?

It's a discussion that began on SirCharlesInCharge.com… and has since been picked up by ComcastSportsNet.  Here's how Sir Charles sees it: Here’s how I think the top 10 backcourts in the NBA shakes out: 1. Rondo/Allen 2. Nelson/Carter 3. Parker/Ginobili 4. Fisher/Bryant 5. Billups/Smith 6. Nash/Richardson 7. Williams/Brewer 8. Miller/Roy 9. Bibby/Johnson T10. Kidd/Terry T10.... [More]

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Shaq More Focused Than Ever on A Title

I recently took a shot at Shaq upon learning he was spending his offseason taping a reality show. Now he's upping the ante by rasslin' with the goons on Monday Night Raw. I'm told his feet never left the ground (yes, John watches wrestling) so the injury risk was minimal, but I stand by my... [More]

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Are the Pacers, Nets & Celtics Ready for a Three Way?

Via the NY Post: If the Nets want to pursue Celtics restricted free agent power forward Glen "Big Baby" Davis, they may have to do so in a sign-and-trade scenario that involves a third team and helps the Nets alleviate their logjam of 15 guaranteed contracts…The Celtics' proposed sign-and-trade to land free agent Marquis Daniels... [More]

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