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More on Pierce from Jared Dudley

Jared is tweeting away from Vegas.  Here's his latest on our guys. just got back from pick up paul pierce played and look like he was in good shape.. i was on his team today and we went 5-2 and    KG didnt play but did sit courtside to watch.. our team was paul, big baby,... [More]

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KG’s knee is “looking real good”

That's what Jared Dudley is tweeting: ok breaking news KG and Paul pierce are in vegas working out.. i hear KG knee is looking real good I like the way that sounds. (Thanks @KWAPT)... [More]

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A quick look at how we’ve improved

We've gone through a bit of a metamorphosis this summer.  I was toying around with the roster and decide to take a quick look at just how we've upgraded at certain positions.  Here's a simple look at it 2008-'09 ————– 2009-'10Rondo —————– Rondo –> evenPierce —————– Pierce –> evenRay  ——————– Ray  –> evenPerk ——————- Perk... [More]

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Rick Pitino Mess Brings Smile to My Face

I know, I'm being petty. And I should move on from the whole Rick Pitino-destroyed-my-favorite-team grudge. But I cracked a smile this morning upon hearing the latest news regarding slick Rick: University of Louisville men's basketball coach Rick Pitino told police that he had consensual sex with Karen Cunagin Sypher at a Louisville restaurant where... [More]

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What minutes will Glen Davis really get?

The reaction to Glen Davis signing has generally been pretty good.  I like it too.  But a few of you noticed that Glen Davis didn't exactly sound psyched to rejoin the Celtics.  That's probably because he was hoping to cash in and be a starter… instead of sitting on the bench and fighting for minutes.... [More]

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C’s paying Baby to stay thin?

Just found this buried in the middle of Dime Magazine write up about Dwyane Wade buying a place in Chicago. Big Baby Davis‘ new contract with the Celtics includes some weight-based incentives that could be worth as much as $500,000 per season. If that’s not enough motivation to stay below 4X shorts, nothing will work... [More]

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There Isn’t Room For Leon

I love his game, his toughness, his tenacity and his story, but (despite the latest reports) there just isn't room on the Celtics for Leon Powe. Prior to the start of last season, we knew Danny was going to have a difficult time re-signing both Glen Davis and Powe. Both are undersized players who can... [More]

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Celtics tried to get Powe back

This came in via the Cleveland Plain Dealer's beat writer Brian Windhorst on twitter (via CelticsBlog Twitter) Leon Powe signing should be official in morning. 2 years, $1.77 mil. Sources say Celtics tried to re-sign him after word got out about Cavs. UPDATE: Marc Spears just reported this on Comcast Sports Tonight: "Someone from Cleveland... [More]

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Leon Looking for Revenge? Bring It

ESPN.com is reporting that the Cavs and Leon Powe have reached agreement on a two-year deal. I'm guessing Leon's surgically repaired left knee passed extensive testing. Leon will likely sign a two-year, $1.77 million deal on Wednesday. According to Chris Sheridan, Leon wants to make the Celtics pay: Los Angeles, Portland, Dallas, Orlando and Miami... [More]

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Hey Lebron, this is how you handle getting dunked on

Hey Lebron, this is how you handle getting dunked on

That's John Wall, a soon-to-be Kentucky Wildcat, dunking on Jerry Stackhouse.  Now, Stack is not LeBron… but he is showing LeBron here how to handle getting dunked on.  Step one:  Inbound the ballStep two:  Continue playing basketball That's it.  In fact, you can see Stack looking for the ball so he can take advantage of... [More]

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