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Cavs forget they’re the Cavs, print Finals tickets

The last time the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA title was….. ……………… Hmmm… they don't seem to be on the list.  I should take a different approach to start this post. The Cleveland Cavaliers have been in the finals so many times they…….. Huh?  Just once?  Really? Then why the hell are they printing and... [More]

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SLAM: Pierce 17th best in the NBA

SLAM has been ranking the NBA's best players all summer.  They're up to 17… which is where we find Paul Pierce. Pierce remains one of the very few players who has stayed with the same team for the last ten plus years. The total? Six. Yup, only six guys: Kobe, Tim Duncan, Dirk, Zydrunas Ilgauskas... [More]

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KG second best player this decade

According to Ball Don't Lie… KG falls behind only Tim Duncan on the list of greatest players this decade. KG takes the cake over Kobe by a hair due to his defense, an area that isn't always accurately documented by statistics. His stats, though, are pretty awesome. Garnett averaged over 20 points, 10 rebounds, and... [More]

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Shelden’s fresh start

 The hardest role on this team to define might be that of Shelden Williams.  Is he an insurance policy?  Does he fill a Leon Powe role where his minutes depend on matchups? Whatever it is, Shelden is keeping it simple… and looking at it like a fresh start. “They want me to come in and... [More]

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People told Doc to pass on the Celtics job

People told Doc to pass on the Celtics job

I've got to give credit where credit is due.  Celtics.com is stepping up this preseason.  They've been posting interviews with everyone and making a lot of good stuff available to C's fans. Today, they put up a 5 minute interview with Doc Rivers.  Among the topics:  his association with Red Auerbach… who is great coaching... [More]

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Ray admits to being hurt last year

First… we heard that Ray Allen was dealing with a hamstring issue in last year's playoffs.  Then… he said "no.. I wasn't." Now, he's finally admitting to it. “My hamstring was bothering me, but it was something going on in my lower back,” Allen said yesterday. “You get toward the end of the season something... [More]

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The new guys are fast learners

Ho hum… another day, another piece about how awesome the chemistry is on this team and how smart the new guys are. "We put in a few sets and we're playing off that so well right now," said Paul Pierce as the team returned to its Waltham practice facility yesterday following five days of workouts... [More]

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Doc won’t limit starters’ minutes

Doc Rivers is an NBA coach… a former coach of the year and an NBA champion. I'm a slob who sometimes drinks alone, could stand to lose a few pounds, and uses terms like "we" and "us" when referring to his favorite pro teams. So I get why Doc Rivers doesn't want to listen to... [More]

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Celtics letting Perk score a little

The Celtics are throwing a few wrinkles into their out-of-bounds play selections… including an option for Perk.  instead of passing to a cutting teammate or someone on the perimeter, Perkins took two dribbles and dunked, the last thing second unit opponents expected. "That was almost a fun section of practice," coach Doc Rivers said. "We... [More]

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Buy Dwight Howard’s House

Via the Big Lead: Dwight Howard is selling his 7,796 square foot, 5.5 bedroom, 4-bathroom mini-palace in Windemere, Florida. Howard, the 2008 NBA dunk champ, is asking just $2.95 million. The pool sounds pretty sweet: “A resort style lagoon pool with swim up bar, a spa, and summer kitchen with grill area.” All this for... [More]

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