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What’s Up with KG’s Knee?

KG hit the floor tonight sporting a large, white sleeve on his right knee. According to Marc Spears, there's no known injury regarding the knee. Garnett has worn a small, black sleeve on the knee this season so maybe it's nothing. But seeing that larger brace certainly has me concerned.... [More]

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Fun With Scal

When a web site like funwithscal.com exists… you have to share. It's basically a site that features photoshopped images of Scal.  We sent along our "Scallie" pic… which you can now find (and with a full 5 out of 5 scal ranking, I might add). I know a few of you guys are also photoshoppers…... [More]

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Little All-Star Love for the Celtics

The NBA has released the current voting tally for the All-Star game, and the results are not pretty for Celtics fans. Forwards: LeBron James (Clev) 643,786; Kevin Garnett (Bos) 495,514; Yi Jianlian (NJ) 356,556; Chris Bosh (Tor) 274,195; Paul Pierce (Bos) 153,512; Shawn Marion (Mia) 144,066; Josh Smith (Atl) 59,574; Tayshaun Prince (Det) 56,846; Hedo... [More]

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Somone Needs A Hug From Mommy

Like this guy… who has a mild distaste for the Celtics. I HATE THE BOSTON CELTICS. I HATE THE BOSTON CELTICS. Let me say that again… I HATE THE BOSTON CELTICS Let me count the ways: 1. Luck- The current roster of the Boston Celtics was assembled by pure luck and no skill by their... [More]

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Don’t Overlook Washington

Three days off  + 4-15 team + New Orleans (and the return of James Posey) tomorrow could = let down tonight.  It's not that I expect it… but the ingredients are there.   They did beat Detroit 2 nights ago. They still have Caron Butler.  They still have Antawn Jamison.  Both are averaging more than 20... [More]

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Wizards are Bad, Dancers are Naughty

As usual, I research and scout the opposing team before every Celtics game. Today, I uncovered some interesting facts about the Wizards….dancers. Back in February, pics of the Wizardettes (I just made that up) partying after a photo shoot surfaced on the web. In my ongoing effort to leave no stone unturned, I present this... [More]

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Chris Webber really likes Rajon Rondo. Best part of this video:  he yells it 2 inches from Gary Payton's nose.  Of course, the Glove has shown no love for Rondo… insinuating he's lucky to be on the team and benefit from everyone else. (Via neswsports.com) Remember:... [More]

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We’re Having A Sale

Our "No Kobe" shirts have been marked down today so you can order them in time to wear them on Christmas. The short-sleeve shirt is now $16.99 The long-sleeve shirt is now $20.99 Buy them now, get them in time for Christmas.  As usual, check out the full store for all of our fine gift... [More]

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Perk & Rondo vs the Best

We all know that Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins have improved their play this season. But it's tough for the kids to get any attention playing with three future Hall of Famers. The fine folks at Comcast SportsNet did some research (I still don't know what that word means) and examined how Perk and Rondo... [More]

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KG Orders A Meatball Sub

From Food Court Lunch, via Ball Don't Lie. A highlight: SA: That will be seven dollars, please. Garnett: (slams ten dollar bill on counter; snatches sub) Keep it! (stomps away, fixated on sub) You picked a bad time to be a meatball sub, meatball sub! A baaaaaad time to be a meatball sub… Classic.  But even... [More]

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