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Dwight Howard Spits on Balls

Dwight Howard Spits on Balls

Via Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle: On Saturday night, I learned that Dwight Howard spits on the ball. Every time a Warriors player went to the line to shoot two, after the first free-throw try, the Orlando Magic's  massive center asked the ref for the ball, spit on it and flipped it back to... [More]

December 10, 2009 Chuck - Red's Army Uncategorized 2

Fewer 3’s mean an improved Sheed

Rasheed Wallace has stepped up his game in December.  After averaging single-digits for the first quarter of the season, Sheed has pushed that up to 10.8 over the first 4 games of December.  Just watching the games, you can see it looks like Sheed is passing up some of the 3's he was taking earlier... [More]

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The Morning Dump… Where Perk likes to get as deep as possible

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as satisfying a good morning dump. Boston Celtics center Kendrick Perkins talks like he plays: with maximum efficiency and the delicacy of a sledgehammer. "I'm a guy who never settles for a face-up jump... [More]

December 10, 2009 Chuck - Red's Army Uncategorized 4

“He doesn’t know what he’s saying half the time”

Here's the best part of Doc Rivers on WEEI today: Is Kevin really, truly angry on the floor? It’s more of his look. He’s not really angry, he’s intense. He’s a tough guy to describe because off the court he’s one of the more wonderful people you could ever be around. But on the court... [More]

December 9, 2009 RedsArmyAdmin Uncategorized 3

Tony Allen wasn’t horrible… which is a good start

Maybe it's a case of very low expectations… but I actually saw a couple of things that I liked out of Tony Allen last night. Alright, let me clarify.  This is definitely a case of extremely low expectations, because I saw some things out of Tony Allen that didn't make me taste my own bile.... [More]

December 9, 2009 RedsArmyAdmin Uncategorized 17

Brendan Haywood aka Mr. Sensitivity

The Wizards Brendan Haywood offered up his opinion on the Tiger Woods fiasco: "All I'm saying is that Elin better be glad she's married to Tiger Woods instead of Chris Brown or this whole story could've been reported differently!" That's great advice, telling a woman victimized by infidelity that she's lucky she wasn't beaten? And I... [More]

December 9, 2009 Chuck - Red's Army Uncategorized 6

What the Daniels Injury Means to the Rotation

Marquis Daniels passed along the following message via his Twitter account: Thanx 4 everyones prayers my surgery went well, I'll be back better than before I had been, I'd like to say thanks to all dat prayed 4me Upon hearing the news that the Celtics swingman was going to miss 6-8 weeks after having surgery... [More]

December 9, 2009 Chuck - Red's Army Uncategorized 8

Rondo’s getting closer…

It's a small step.  A baby step.  But Rajon Rondo shot 5 of 7 from the line last night.   From where I was sitting… you could see the tiny little twitches in his shot.  The little move he makes with his right hip to seemingly get this arm in line.  You could see his elbow... [More]

December 9, 2009 RedsArmyAdmin Uncategorized 5

Your KG Face of the Day

Wednesday, December 9, 2009 The "Dude… Andrew… what are you, a B Cup?  Do some push ups or something… or at least get a man-sier"... [More]

December 9, 2009 RedsArmyAdmin Uncategorized 6

Enemy Chatter: “He took it to our rookie pretty good.”

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Milwaukee. "Every time we got close we kind of hurt ourselves," Scott Skiles said. "But it's another game where our opponent shoots over 50%. It's hard to overcome... [More]

December 9, 2009 Chuck - Red's Army Uncategorized 2