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Are You Excited for Celtics vs Rockets?

I think we're all looking forward to watching the Celtics first pre-season game tonight (8:30pm) against the Houston Rockets. Here's what I'll be looking for tonight and throughout the preseason: Kevin Garnett – Can he get through it without limping? Rasheed Wallace -  Does he fit in off the bench? Marquis Daniels – Can he... [More]

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Bynum moved to the bench

A couple of years ago, all we heard was how the Finals would have been different if Andrew Bynum was playing. This year, with all the Lakers "faithful" praying to whatever evil pagan deity it is they've sold their souls to for a rematch, they'll have to find a new excuse when they get destroyed…... [More]

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Ron Artest is a Genius

You gotta love the latest stunt pulled by Ron Artest. He hired 23-year-old Turkish model Natalin Avci and his own camera crew to join him for an interview with Sports Illustrated. If you thought Ron-Ron has gained some amount of sanity of the past few years, think again: "I signed for five years but I... [More]

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NBA GMs: Not As Smart As You Might Think

NBA.com polled 30 GMs about the upcoming season: Which team will win NBA Finals 2010? 1. Los Angeles Lakers 60.7% 2. Boston Celtics 17.9% 2. Cleveland Cavaliers 17.9% 4. San Antonio Spurs 3.6% Which team will win the Eastern Conference? 1. Boston Celtics 50.0% 2. Cleveland Cavaliers 42.9% 3. Orlando Magic 7.1% Which team will... [More]

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Just remember, the problem is with KG’s shin

The Celtics return to action tonight in their first preseason game of the year.  And EVERYONE is going to be watching Kevin Garnett out there.  Just remember when you're watching… if he's limping, it's because he's got shin splints and some mysterious calf problem now. “He’s been good, (but yesterday) I thought they bothered him... [More]

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Danny admits to reading blogs… sort of

In a long, detailed interview (via Celtics Blog) in which Danny discusses things like KG's knee (there are no staples in there), his heart attack (he's feeling pretty good), and Rondo's attitude (the guys really like him)… we self-centered pricks here at the Red's Army office focused on this: "People were trying to read between... [More]

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“I think Rajon Rondo will be a lifetime Celtic”

Doc Rivers was on WEEI earlier this morning…and the thing that seems to be resonating with people is what he said about Rajon Rondo. I think Rajon Rondo will be a lifetime Celtic. I really do. I think this process he’s gone through is the process all players go through at times. The maturity process... [More]

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Cavs forget they’re the Cavs, print Finals tickets

The last time the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA title was….. ……………… Hmmm… they don't seem to be on the list.  I should take a different approach to start this post. The Cleveland Cavaliers have been in the finals so many times they…….. Huh?  Just once?  Really? Then why the hell are they printing and... [More]

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SLAM: Pierce 17th best in the NBA

SLAM has been ranking the NBA's best players all summer.  They're up to 17… which is where we find Paul Pierce. Pierce remains one of the very few players who has stayed with the same team for the last ten plus years. The total? Six. Yup, only six guys: Kobe, Tim Duncan, Dirk, Zydrunas Ilgauskas... [More]

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KG second best player this decade

According to Ball Don't Lie… KG falls behind only Tim Duncan on the list of greatest players this decade. KG takes the cake over Kobe by a hair due to his defense, an area that isn't always accurately documented by statistics. His stats, though, are pretty awesome. Garnett averaged over 20 points, 10 rebounds, and... [More]

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