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A Rookie Who Doesn’t Know His Place

Just another example of the stupidity of America's youth: After getting pranked for failing to bring fruit to practice, Sacramento Kings rookie Donté Greene decided to get revenge. AMG CL63? Check. Dog Food? Check. Soy Sauce? Check. Assorted Condiments? Check. Bad idea? Double Check. The prank originated Monday when Greene failed to fulfill his rookie... [More]

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The Medical Report

A lot of good news flowing in Celtics Nation this morning. Amazing what a win over a crappy team can do. I think we're all still gushing over the play of Leon Powe. But how about KG's jab in the lockerroom: “That wouldn’t happen [with me around],” the injured Kevin Garnett barked from the other... [More]

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Grown-Ass Man

Leon Powe is a grown-ass man.  He established his dominance early on, and he kept on dominating Marc Gasol (the second Gasol he's toyed with) to finish with 3o points (10-14 fg, 10-14 ft), 11 rebounds, 5 blocks and 3 assists.  He kept drawing fouls (as usual) and taking charges (as usual).  He just dominated... [More]

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Marco Jaric Might Be The Dumbest Person Alive

Marco Jaric… who is married to Adriana Lima… is accused of sexually assaulting a woman. Authorities in Philadelphia are investigating allegations of a sexual assault against a woman by Memphis Grizzlies player Marko Jaric, according to an online report on SI.com. According to the report, the assault allegedly happened in Philadelphia while the Grizzlies were... [More]

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Rondo Will Play Tonight

Via the Globe: Point guard Rajon Rondo said during the Celtics' shootround this morning that he plans to play tonight against Memphis after missing the past two games with a sprained right ankle. "I'm going to give it a go," Rondo said. Rondo suffered the injury a week ago against Cleveland. Forward Glen Davis, who... [More]

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Be Like Jon Barry

Despite my partner's best attempts to lift my spirits, my confidence in the Celtics to repeat remained shaky. But that all changed once I read Jon Barry's article in Daily Dime: Boston Celtics Biggest Concern: Injuries I see Boston as the most mentally tough team. Still, I don't think the Stephon Marbury experiment is going... [More]

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Accentuating The Positive

Ok, so things aren't exactly going the way we want them to.  Some people, like John Hollinger, seem all to happy to focus on the negative… like the Celtics 22-14 record since Christmas. But I'm a positive person.  The Celtics are only 2.5 games behind Cleveland, and they've hung around despite injuries to key players... [More]

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Call Me Corny…

…but I loved those "One Shining Moment" montages produced by CBS after the NCAA basketball title game. The dude who created it just passed away, but I'm sure the highlites will live forever. For the record, I hated when they brought in Luther Vandross to sing. As for my One Shining Moment – I dropped... [More]

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You’ll Hate Me For This

For the day between Celtics games, it's insanely quiet out there.  So this is going to un-quiet things.  For those who don't know… the Celtics show this dumb thing on the jumbo-tron during games… so it's technically relevant to this site. Just for fun… here's the Family Guy version.... [More]

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The Closest KG Will Come To Playing Ball In LA

The Closest KG Will Come To Playing Ball In LA

The latest KG/Addidas "Brotherhood" ad features him in the UCLA locker room. (via The Sporting News)... [More]

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