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Best. Picture. Ever.

This might be the best picture I've ever seen (click it for larger version).  Let me count the ways. Even while barely holding onto a bath towel and holding a Lever 2000 body wash and bottle of baby oil… Kendrick Perkins still manages to be a scary MF.  He'd drop that towel and those bottles... [More]

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Meet the Luvabulls

Looks like I'm backing up my pledge to do more advanced scouting for tonight's game against the Chicago Bulls. Since the game is here in Boston, we won't be able to see the "Luvabulls" in action on TV. But fret not, because I have provided an extensive array of pictures….... [More]

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Widen The Court!

Widen The Court!

Marty Burns tackles an issue that I, and many others have been advocating for quite some time. It's time to widen the basketball court. He posed the question to Jerry West… and the logo isn't opposed: "I think it's an intriguing idea," West said. "There'd be some coaches, those who like to play quicker, who... [More]

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Just A Reminder

That the special shipping deal in the Red's Army store ends today.  Anything you order today will automatically be upgraded to 2-day shipping at no extra charge.  Remember… our anti-Kobe short sleeve and long sleeve shirts are marked down.... [More]

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Playing It Cool

Everyone is well aware that the Celtics are G-D awesome.  They're almost as awesome as that picture… and playing it almost as cool as that kid.  Scott Souza notes in the Globe OT, that you can't ask the Celtics a question about their current streak or record without them going into full Belichick/Patriots "stick to... [More]

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Why Mutombo Makes Sense

Asked if he had talked with Mutombo, Rivers replied, "Always. He's a good friend. He's going to come back. I talked to him last week – he will come back. "We're over the [salary] cap so it's tough for us to do a lot of stuff, but we're looking at everybody." I'm still trying to... [More]

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A Lotta Oops This Year

I don't have any official stats, but after watching KG and Rondo connect on that alley oop last night… I thought to myself "Damn… Rondo's thrown a lot of oops to KG this year" I know they torched the Pacers  a couple of times.  Then they dusted off that same play against Portland (pictured).  Last... [More]

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Meet Leon & Baby… And Help Someone In Need

Glen Davis and Leon Powe will be at the Modell's on the Fellsway in Medford today as part of the Celtics winter coat drive.  Leon will be there at 5pm.  Then Baby will tag in at 6pm for an hour.  Here's more info from their press release: Fans are asked to donate new or gently... [More]

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Why Kevin McHale Is A Bad GM

I'm on record:  I hate that Kevin McHale is now a joke in the NBA.  But when he does things like blame bloggers for the spate of coach firings, it's kinda easy to see why. “I think you’re going to see more and more shorter term stuff in our league,” he said. “Just because the... [More]

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“This Is Not A Rivalry”

Kevin Garnett clearly wanted to make a point.  When the Globe asked him about a Celtics-Hawks rivalry, he said: "This is not a rivalry.  [The Hawks] are a very good team, they play with a lot of confidence and swagger. Joe Johnson is one of the best in the business and they cause a lot... [More]

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