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Courtney Lee is off the hook. Dwight Howard is the new goat of this series. Yes, I know he sucks at free throws. But if Howard makes one of the two freebies with 11 seconds left and Orlando up 3, the Magic win this game. There's no second-guessing Stan Van Gundy for not-fouling the Lakers.... [More]

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Doc on PTI, and other assorted stuff

If you read this before 5:30 pm, The C's just announced that Doc Rivers will be on PTI tonight.  Should be interesting to hear what he says. Other assorted stuff out there to check out: Brian Scalabrine had a big pizza party with some local school kids. Tommy Heinsohn won the NBA's first ever lifetime... [More]

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Lakers Lose Their Hottest Fan

Lakers fan Leonardo DiCaprio has reportedly split with the hottest supermodel on the planet – Bar Rafaeli I say the Lakers are losing their hottest fan because it's common knowledge chicks this hot don't really root for teams. Now that DiCap is out of the picture, Bar couldn't care less about the Lakers. Do I... [More]

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Mike Brown on the way out in Cleveland?

"I'm just gonna go pack my stuff now" Back on May 27th, in the midst of the Cavs/Magic series, I said this: There's no doubt in my mind that if Cleveland loses, Mike Brown is gone Turns out, I might be right. The Cavaliers' front office has reportedly been in disarray since the team was... [More]

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Who Drives the Fastest Car in NBA?

The answer is….Marcin Gortat. Really? Yup. He's got a BMW M5 with an 800 horsepower engine. "People in this country don't know me yet for my game, but people around this town know my car,'' Gortat said as he was showing off his ride to FanHouse. "I don't think there are any cars out on... [More]

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Call in show TONIGHT! Operators are standing by!!

Hooo man do we have a lot to talk about.. .and we're gonna talk about it tonight at 9pm when we do our first call in show in a while. To join in, listen, or download the show after the fact, just visit our show page.  If you just want to call in, the number... [More]

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Pau Gasol admits to being a total pussy

It's no secret that Pau Gasol is soft.  But this one takes the cake.  He basically announced to the world that he's a total pussy by saying Dwight Howard is too physical. “(Dwight Howard) is allowed to do physically a couple more things here at home,’ Gasol said after the game. Asked if those ‘things’... [More]

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Gabe Pruitt & Nick Young at a Party with Hot Chicks

Gabe Pruitt & Nick Young at a Party with Hot Chicks

Pruitt and his buddy at the Roadstarr Motorsports mansion party last week. There's a bunch of hot chicks in the video and Pruitt does show off his championship ring, but other than that, the video is a bit weak. Meanwhile, Deadspin has this great post (I love the police transcript) on some writers who feel... [More]

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Sometimes players just miss… even Kobe

I know this might come off as a defense of Kobe Bryant… and I guess it sort of is in a way.  But one thing that I can't stand even more than Kobe is the knee-jerk reaction to something like the game he had last night. Take, for example, Bill Plaschke… who writes this today:... [More]

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Gortat gets more awesome by the day

I've made no secret about it… I want Marcin Gortat on the Celtics.  Don't get me wrong… I'm not pretending that he's going to come here and give us 20 and 10.  He's a good back up that can give us some quality minutes.  But the legend of Marcin Gortat continues to grow.  The latest... [More]

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