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KG: “The Wings are Coming”

The Globe's Frank Dell'Apa has this nugget from today's practice: "He took a lob and dunked it — it was an amazing dunk," Celtics coach Doc Rivers said of Garnett. "Everybody said, 'we haven't seen that.' " Garnett went the distance in an hour-and-a-half practice, during which "we worked them hard," Rivers said. Garnett has... [More]

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KG Has Nothing On Owen Schmitt

Have you seen this video of Seahawks fullback Owen Schmitt smashing his face with his helmet during pregame introductions? And we thought KG was crazy…... [More]

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Tony Allen: Back too soon?

It's the obvious question after the Celtics latest tweet. TA didn't practice and is not expected to travel to New Jersey and Hartford for next two games. Here comes the barrage of "who gives a crap?" comments.  But we do have a vested interest in him being healthy and contributing.  Either he'll help the team... [More]

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Give Rondo’s jumper time

I'm already starting to see and hear grumblings about Rajon Rondo's jumper.  In 3 preseason games, not only hasn't it fallen with any regularity.  It really hasn't fallen at all.  So people are already starting up with the Rajon Rondo still can't shoot types of comments.  Maybe some of that is our (as in the... [More]

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New 8th Seed… Finally

I admit, I’m a little tardy on the posting of our latest episode of the 8th seed.  It was recorded last week, as training camps opened up.  We talked a little bit about our respective teams… we got into the Delonte West absence. The bombshell of the show came early when Glenn Moore declared his... [More]

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What do Devin Harris, Donny Marshall & Reds Army Have in Common?

The answer? We understand how important Marquis Daniels will be to this Celtics team. Even though we were skeptical of his point guard skills, John and I recognized the importance of having a quality player, a guy who could start for many teams in the league, backing up Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. Comcast analyst... [More]

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A case of love and hate

The alarm clock might as well be a sledgehammer at 6 am the morning after a Celtics/Red Sox/Patriots marathon day.  But I know I'm not alone.  A lot of us went from watching the C's (and then the last inning of the Red Sox season) to watching football the rest of the afternoon.  Including everyone... [More]

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Get up Rajon!

Cool video and pic from today’s game.  Git on up Rajon! I think we saw some flashes from Rondo today.  Now if only he can get back to blogging… or get on Twitter or something… I’ll be happy. Click on photo for full size. Photo courtesy Getty Images... [More]

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The Truth comes alive

This preseason has been all about Kevin Garnett getting back in shape, Rasheed Wallace and Marquis Daniels fitting in, and Kendrick Perkins showing signs of taking another step in his progression. Today, it became about Paul Pierce reminding everyone he he's still the man. Pierce went off for 25 points in 29 minutes.  He was... [More]

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Sheed: “I Think We Can Get That Bulls Record…”

Via Tom Halzack in the Connecticut Post: Rasheed Wallace… Oh definitely. Definitely, playing with those three other guys, also combining that with the guys we have on the bench, I think we can definitely can. Me personally, I think we can get that Bulls record. You know we have the talent for it. We have... [More]

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