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Big Baby, Big Contract?

"I'm excited, I'm nervous," Davis said. "I feel a lot of emotions. It's a business. Would this be my first choice? Yeah. I want to win. That's the most important thing." Asked about his ties to the Celtics factoring into a business decision, Davis said, "That's the hardest part, the camaraderie with the team just... [More]

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Welcome To Issel’s Army!

We have two favorite teams here at RedsArmy.com:  The Boston Celtics, and whichever team is playing the Lakers.  Since our horse is out of the race, we're throwing our Laker-hating weight behind the Denver Nuggets.  So for now, we're renaming the site "Issel's Army," after Denver Nuggets great Dan Issel. And what a great team this... [More]

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Thibodeau Interviewing With 76’ers

What's worse than the Celtics being bounced from the playoffs?  The architect of our defense possibly leaving the team. According to Danny Ainge, the 76ers asked and received permission to speak to Thibodeau over last weekend. The Celts were well aware of Thibodeau’s desire to become a head coach. He had, in fact, worked for... [More]

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I Will Always Secretly Question KG’s Knee Injury

“I’m looking forward to getting better,” Garnett said, before adding, “I’ll see you guys next year.” I want to move past the KG injury, but something deep down inside just won't let me do that. It might be because the last time we saw him (a four game stretch in late March), he played "effectively"... [More]

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Offseason Questions: Stephon Marbury

I really wasn't prepared to be asking these questions right now… but… here we are. There are a lot of questions for the Celtics to answer this offseason.  As Chuck alluded to last night, the Celtics are in a precarious financial position.  They've got all their money tied up in the Big 3, and that... [More]

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Another Impulsive Season Recap

This entertaining email-turned-post comes from loyal Red's Army reader and infrequent contributor – Rob G. Enjoy! Even though I have very little respect for Orlando as a team (relative to the other top notch teams in the NBA) and I am positive that the Celtics would have mopped the floor with the Magic if they... [More]

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They Had Nothing Left

The Celtics have been driving with the gas light on for a long time (like Kramer in that Seinfeld episode).  And last night, they just ran out of gas.  Paul Pierce said so. “We still had our chances. I thought going into the fourth quarter, I think we were down five or six, and we’ve... [More]

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It’s Over

The reign as defending world champs came to a frustrating end tonight. In the end, the Magic simply had more weapons than the Celtics. Orlando played superb defense in this series. Except for tonight, they (Courtney Lee and J.J. Redick) busted their ass and wouldn't let Ray Allen beat them. They doubled team Paul Pierce... [More]

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Worst Possible Start

  After crapping the bed in the first quarter, the Celtics salvaged the first half by playing halfway decent basketball in the latter part of the 2nd quarter. The Magic are shooting a scary 70% from 3-point land, while the the Celtics' offense is stagnant. The refs finally started calling fouls on the Magic and... [More]

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Doctorate of Clutch

Larry may look goofy as hell in a Boston University cap and gown, but he was the best at ripping out a team's heart with the game on the line. Here's hoping some of Larry's killer instinct finds his way into Paul Pierce tonight. Go Celtics!!!!... [More]

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