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History Made….Twice.

27-2: Best start to a season in NBA history. 19 consecutive wins: Longest winning streak in Celtics history. It's a good night when you can set both of those records. Philly had no chance to win this game. Maybe…if KG, Pierce and Ray all got stuck in traffic and missed the game (That nearly happened... [More]

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Pierce’s Christmas Shoe

When the Celtics destroy play the  Lakers on Christmas day, Paul Pierce will be wearing a special version of his signature sneaker, the Nike Max P2 V (click photo for hi-res).  It's got the cool gold trim (which makes me think the Celtics will be wearing their cool gold trim jerseys on Christmas), and a... [More]

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Eat Your Beasties!

The fine folks at perkisabeast.com are asking for beastly photoshop submissions.  So I just threw this together for them, and I figured I'd post it here too.  Perk's been eating his Beasties daily… which would explain why he's tearing people up lately. On the tenth day of Christmas, The Celtics gave to me… 10 more... [More]

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Merry Christmas, John

This Christmas I'm giving my partner something he dreams about daily – Maria Menounos. Since he'll never get to meet her (or it will be a while, that restraining order expires in 2035), I've come up with this photo gallery. I realize this has nothing to do with Celtics, but I'm hoping you're all able... [More]

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Kobe Bryant… Still A D-Bag

The Lakers snapped a 2 game losing streak last night in a tough game against Memphis.  Nothing unusual there.  Memphis has some talent… they played LA tough… and LA pulled it out in the last few minutes.  Good for them. The Lakers had pushed it to 103-96 with 3 seconds left when Kobe stole the... [More]

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DWill Is Voting Rondo

Deron Williams was asked on Fanhouse about the best point guards in the east. DW: I got Devin Harris up there, I got Rajon Rondo. MW: Who's your pick for the All-Star game? DW: Those two. Those two, and Iverson's probably going to be voted in by the fans, but I'll pick those two next.... [More]

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Rondo Has Soft Lips

ESPN's Chris Sheridan uncovered this tidbit about Rondo: For another, he keeps a tube of Carmex lip balm tucked into his sock every time he plays. "You know, my lips get dried during the game," he said. You serious? "Yeah, serious," Rondo said. "Ever since I started doing that, I've been playing well. A few... [More]

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Hey LA, How’s That Defense Treating Ya?

Remember how everyone was going ga-ga over the Lakers new "defensive" mindset? Yeah, that didn't last long… right Lamar Odom? "We're not making it hard enough for teams, as far as around the basket, as far as our defense. At the beginning of the year, maybe the first seven or eight or 10 games, we... [More]

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“I ’ll always have a home here in Boston”

“I ’ll always have a home here in Boston”

Paul Pierce has dropped hints that he could spend a few years in Greece when his NBA days are over.  But he's been saying more often that he's not going to bolt for LA when he retires.  He said it again last night… he's staying in Boston for good. “I feel like I’m always going... [More]

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So… About That Bench

I hate to nitpick a team that is off to such an historic run.  But is anyone else concerned about how the bench is playing?  Here's a look at the second quarter totals for December (working backwards): Knicks 37 – C's 26 Chicago 34 – C's 24 Atlanta 22 – C's 20 Utah 27 –... [More]

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