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Marbury Actually Making Sense

I know Starbury is crazy, but he did say share some intelligent thoughts with the Marc Berman of the New York Post: "I'm just talking as a fan and New Yorker who grew up loving the Knicks: why would I give you my money to watch them?" Marbury told The Post. "This is atrocious. Guys... [More]

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Giddens is Getting Noticed

Since the night he was drafted, there hasn't been a reason for the media to speak with J.R. Giddens. Until now. The second year swingman opened a lot of eyes with his hustle play (13 rebounds) in Tuesday night's game against New Jersey: “I know I have to defer offensively and play well defensively,” he... [More]

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A conversation with Ray Allen

A conversation with Ray Allen

Here I am, posting about the Celtics from Vegas.  This is another of the Celtics.com "conversations" series.  In this one, Ray talks about his legacy and how he got to where he is. As for Vegas… the one thing that might illustrate my experience so far is Day 1 had me awake for 22 straight... [More]

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All Work and No Play Makes Kevin a Dull Boy

This photoshop needs one more edit – Kobe's face on Shelly Duvall's body. Thanks to KWAPT for the picture. That's why this guy is in the Red's Army HOF. He brings his A game all the time!... [More]

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One Reason to Love Stephen Jackson

Via the Contra Costa Times: Jackson took his beef with Kobe to a public level. I don’t think he’s ever been a fan of Kobe. Especially to an official street dude like Jax, Bryant isn’t going to get the benefit of the doubt. So if he really called Jax young fella (though they’re the same... [More]

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KG’s New Adidas Commercial

KG’s New Adidas Commercial

(thanks to WEEI.com's Jess Camerato)... [More]

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Perk Takes a Shot at Chris Bosh

Via CelticsBlog: He started off the game, got aggressive. He got calls early. I think… as the game went on the refs started letting us play physical, you know they’re a finesse team. They’re not a physical team. You can’t be somebody you’re not. So I think the refs just started letting us play a... [More]

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Do We Really Need Much More From KG?

  KG's line from last night's game: 16 points, 6 rebounds, 2 blocks in 22 minutes. This production is enough to help us win a title (Had he been able to give us half that in the playoffs last year, we would have blown past Orlando). Yes, the numbers will increase with the minutes, but... [More]

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Return of My Favorite Play

Here's a highlight from the first quarter: Kevin Garnett with the spin, catch and dunk off the feed from Rajon Rondo. Damn, it's nice to see these two completing this play again. Yes, that's my kid squealing in the background. The Celtics rolled over Toronto 106-90. Garnett finished with 16 points (8-13 FG), 6 rebounds... [More]

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Big 3 Will Play, ‘Sheed Doubtful

UPDATE: Sheed will not play, but Daniels will. According to Greg Dickerson, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett will all play in tonight's game versus the Toronto Raptors. Dickerson projects each will play about 20-25 minutes. Despite the minor ankle sprain, Rasheed Wallace was taking part in pre-game shootaround. However, Dickerson suspects Sheed will... [More]

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