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The Week in Review

Ray Allen made plenty of headlines this week. First he was called "sneaky dirty" by Dime Magazine. Clearly upset by that label, Ray unleashed his "eye of the tiger." Then he planted old sneakers across the greater Boston area. And what better way to finish off the week then with talk of a contract extension.... [More]

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Michael Jordan tells it like it is

The reactions by all my fellow bloggers, sports writers, and basketball fans on Twitter during Michael Jordan's speech last night were priceless.  A constant stream of "this is awesome!"…. "this guy's an a-hole"…. "he's sparing no one!".  MJ broke out both barrels and unloaded on all of the people who motivated him throughout the years. ... [More]

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Ray wants to stay

If this is indeed Ray Allen's last year with the Celtics… it won't be because he chose to leave. He's looking to stay. “Of course, but it will be dealt with in its time,” said Allen, when asked whether he would like to play more years in Boston. “My job doesn’t change. I gotta go... [More]

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Cameron Diaz Teams Up With Bill Walker, JR Giddens

We all know how much charity work Bill Walker does around town. Today, Walker and teammate J.R. Giddens got some help from Cameron Diaz. Via the Boston Herald: Hollywood honey Cameron Diaz surprised Boston Celtics J.R. Giddens and Bill Walker this morning when she turned up to get her hands dirty at the team's beautifying... [More]

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Ray Allen Giving Away Old Shoes

Via Ray's Twitter page: I just finished workin out and realized I have so many shoes that I don't wear anymore so as I am driving thru Boston I decided I'm gonna leave a pair of shoes somewhere for whoever to have. When I find a good place I'll tweet the address. The shoes aren't... [More]

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Yeah, let grandpa keep reffing games!

This whole mess between the league and its refs is getting ridiculous.  Now the union is telling Fanhouse that this the contentious negotiations is all about forcing older refs out. "The NBA is trying to push out the veteran referees without violating age discrimination laws," McMorris said. "These officials live the game, they love the... [More]

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I Clearly Underestimated KG’s Knee Injury

Earlier this week when Paul Pierce revealed that KG still wasn't scrimmaging, I shot a "say what?" expression back at my computer. Now we're learning the team is being uber-cautious with the knee (courtesy Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports): Garnett began working out at the Celtics’ practice facility on Monday. For now, he is limited... [More]

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The Red’s Army Hall of Fame

As the NBA inducts its newest Hall of Fame class (Michael Jordan, John Stockon, David Robinson), we feel this is the perfect time to honor our most loyal Red's Army readers. Nearly 5 years ago, on a cold winter morning, sleep deprived and mentally fatigued from working yet another overnight shift, the dreams of two... [More]

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The Return of Dan Dickau?

Update via the Globe: The Celtics have offered former guard Dan Dickau a training camp invitation, according to agent Mark Bartelstein. Dickau, who turns 31 Sept. 16, played last season in Germany, averaging 17.6 points in just five games for the Brose Baskets. Bartelstein said his client is ready for a chance at better fortunes... [More]

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Larry Bird was the Peyton Manning of his time

Seriously… this dude tried to sell EVERYTHING.  Basketballbawful compiled a ton of vintage Larry Bird (the #1 pick in the most epic draft ever) ads.  This crappy jeans ad is just one of many.  It's well worth your time to check it out. ... [More]

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