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You Know, We Still Get To Keep These

Consider this just a memo to the Lakers trolls who think last night's game was anything more than a win.  The Celtics are still wearing rings.  And the Finals are 6 months away. There's not much that can be said about last night's game.  In my opinion, the game was right there for the Celtics... [More]

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The Streak is Over

I want to blame the bench for this loss (13 total points, Powe and House combined for 3 pts), but that's hard to do when the game is tied at 81 with 3 minutes left. Pau Gasol (yes – PAU GASOL) dominated crunch time with 7 points and 1 huge blocked shot. The Lakers were... [More]

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Merry Christmas

It's finally here!!  Christmas.  You know what I love?  The fact that the best Christmas gift for Celtics fans is merely the arrival of Christmas itself. And later, we'll get another Christmas gift:  A win in LA that will be easier than a lot of people expect.  LA is too outwardly hyped for this game. ... [More]

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Conversation With Cousy

Hoops Addict has a tremendous interview with Bob Cousy today.   It covers such a wide range of topics… his take on the championship team, race in sports, his family. It's a very thorough interview that I can't possibly do justice by excerpting.  All I can say is every Celtics fan should take a few minutes... [More]

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Vegas Did What?

Vegas Did What?

Now on Barstool Sports: I nearly spit out my Indian spice milk tea this morning upon seeing the line for tomorrow's game with the Lakers. Los Angeles minus 3. Seriously? Vegas knows all, but this line has me puzzled. 27-2. 19 in a row. League and franchise records. Last night as the Celtics were blasting... [More]

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Mutombo Could Be Here Next Week

So says Dikembe Mutombo The 7-2 free agent center who helped the 76ers reach the NBA Finals in 2000-01, and who says ''I will be in Boston or San Antonio by the end of the year,'' is trying to raise at least $2 million to help treat the thousands of patients who have been coming,... [More]

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Ray’s Kicks Are Real Nice

I like Paul Pierce's Christmas shoe, but I like Ray Allen's sneaker better.  NiceKicks.com has the scoop on when you can pick up a pair (well… some of you). A unique white and green colorway featuring both elephant print, and a little bit of reptile print on the toe area definitely set this colorway apart... [More]

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Don’t Crack Under The Pressure Andrew

We've heard it a bazillion times from the Lakers trolls:  If the Lakers had Bynum last year, it would have been a different story.  Blah… Blah… Blah. But Kendrick Perkins DESTROYED Bynum in November last year (21 pts, 9 reb vs. 4 pts, 9 reb).  In their December matchup, the stats were even, but Perk... [More]

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History Made….Twice.

27-2: Best start to a season in NBA history. 19 consecutive wins: Longest winning streak in Celtics history. It's a good night when you can set both of those records. Philly had no chance to win this game. Maybe…if KG, Pierce and Ray all got stuck in traffic and missed the game (That nearly happened... [More]

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Pierce’s Christmas Shoe

When the Celtics destroy play the  Lakers on Christmas day, Paul Pierce will be wearing a special version of his signature sneaker, the Nike Max P2 V (click photo for hi-res).  It's got the cool gold trim (which makes me think the Celtics will be wearing their cool gold trim jerseys on Christmas), and a... [More]

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