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I Don’t Believe in Magic

Despite what Chris Mannix thinks (Magic #3, Celtics #4 in Power Rankings), the Celtics are better than the Magic. Orlando may overtake the Celtics for the #2 seed, but that team is not built for the playoffs. Here's some Celtics/Magic  analysis from down south: Boston has given the Magic fits this season with its ability... [More]

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Kobe Bryant Confuses NBA Players

SI is out with a new NBA player poll:  Which opposing NBA player would you most like on your team. Lebron is #1, at 32%.  Understandable.  He's a freak.  He's the best player on the planet right now.  And his best days are still ahead of him. #2 is Kobe Bryant, at 13%.  The funny... [More]

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Bird’s Ford Escort Ad

Bird’s Ford Escort Ad

Yeah, like Bird would drive an escort. Sorry! (via NESW Sports)... [More]

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Dancer Madness Round 5

Dancer madness rolls on with some of of the toughest voting yet.  Here are yesterday's winners: In the East, by 2%: Alicia – Washington and in the West, Annika – Lakers And now for today's contestants: In the East: Chelsey – Detroit Pistons vs. Natasha – Charlotte Bobcats In the West… Kassi – Blazers vs... [More]

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What’s Wrong with Paul Pierce?

Paul Pierce's scoring over the past three games: 9 (3-16FG) vs SA, 6 (2-6FG) vs Memphis and 9 (3-7FG) vs LA. Is he tired, secretly-injured or just in a slump? "I don't think he had a lot of energy," Rivers said. "I told our coaches at halftime I was going to try to get him... [More]

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Ugly Win

Despite a sub-par (I'm being kind) performance by the second unit, the Celtics dismantled the Clippers tonight – 90 77. KG played limited minutes (18) again, scoring 12 points on 5-5 FG. After a 31-18 first quarter, the Celts looked like they were going to cruise to a 40 pt victory. But then the second... [More]

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KG Still on a Leash

Earlier today we posted news that Doc was considering extending KG's minutes for tonight's game with the Clippers. Forget that. According to the Celtics Twitter page: KG will be restricted to 7 minutes in each half in tonight's game according to Doc in his pregame media session. No arguments here. I'm hoping it's a blowout... [More]

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Bonus Dancer Madness

NBA.com is pitting dance team vs. dance team. Today, it's Celtics Dancers versus Washington.  Vote Celtics here!... [More]

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Power Rankings

Anyone who has followed my illustrious power rankings will notice a monumental shift in the top 5 – the Celtics have surged ahead of the Lakers. Call me a green-teamer, I don't care. I'm a bit frustrated with the lack of respect given to the Celtics by most of the national media. And if I... [More]

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More Time For KG?

Frank Dell'Apa reports KG went through a pretty uptempo shoot around… which COULD lead to a lot more playing time tonight. "Not sure, yet," coach Doc Rivers said of Garnett's activity tonight. "We'll wait and see how he feels, after we went through a pretty good shootaround. And, if he's sore at all, we'll go... [More]

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