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Beasley checks into rehab

According to Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski, Michael Beasley has checked into rehab… with some encouragement from the Miami Heat. It all stems from this photo of Beasley's new "Supercool" tattoo.  The photo touched off a controversy because of what looked to be bags of pot on the floor.  The controversy let Beasley to take down his... [More]

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Carnival Of The NBA!

Every once in a while, we in the NBA blogosphere gather together for what we like to call the Carnival of the NBA.  This month, Red's Army is happy to host a collection of some of the finest links the last couple of months has to offer. And because all of today's news seems to... [More]

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More from Bill Walker

Yesterday, we passed along some stuff from Bill Walker out of the Herald that shows just how much work he's doing with kids… and how he's dedicated himself to giving back. The Herald has since added more from Walker on its web site.  Of particular interest: Walker hasn’t been affected by the offseason rumors that... [More]

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Ray Allen’s Family Plans Fuel Contract Rumors

Via the Boston Globe: File this under the “Hot Rumor’’ category. Ray Allen’s contract is up at the end of the season and Celtics president Danny Ainge reports that no serious talks have taken place regarding an extension. But there is considerable chatter in Wellesley, where Allen lives, that his teenage daughter may move in... [More]

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NBA Owners making it rain

Tucked away in Peter May's column today on John Kuester is an item on just how many teams are paying the dollar-for-dollar luxury tax this year.  12 teams have payrolls higher than $72 million.  The Lakers have the highest payroll at $91.3 million.  Utah is next at $84.6 million and then it's the C's at... [More]

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Bill Walker is an inspiration

Why do all the really inspiring guys on the Celtics have to be fringe guys who might not be here for long?  The Herald has a great story today on Bill Walker… who is spending a lot of time talking to kids at camps this summer about what it takes to make it. “I just... [More]

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Michael Beasley is “Supercool”

I'm all for tats.  But I feel like this is one Michael Beasley is going to regret someday. (Via Beasley's Twitpic)... [More]

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Report: Iverson to Bobcats

Dime Magazine is quoting a source saying Allen Iverson has worked out the details of a contract to join Charlotte. Congratulations, Iverson.  Your need to be the complete focus of the offense has brought you to a team with no shot.  Somehow, you might think that it's an opportunity to prove you can still be... [More]

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The Week In Review

Another slow news week in the NBA, yet Red's Army continues to march onward. What's the bigger accomplishment – that we are able to create content or that you are reading it? Marquis Daniels says his deal will be done soon, but we've been hearing that for a while now. Maybe the delay has something... [More]

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Who hasn’t tried this tired old H-O-R-S-E shot?

Who hasn’t tried this tired old H-O-R-S-E shot?

Oh… it's the old "bounce it off the jumbotron and into the hoop" shot.  *yaaaaawn* ... [More]

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