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And with the first pick, Chuck McKenney selects…

So Chuck snagged the first pick in the most epic draft ever.  Now the pressure is on.  Which all-time Celtics great will he pick?  I've got an inside source that couldn't give me the name of Chuck's pick… but could tell me that it rhymes with Shmalaa Shmabdelnaby. You're going to have to check in... [More]

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The Butterfly Effect: David Robinson as a Celtic

The guys at Project Spurs are putting together a week-long tribute to David Robinson leading up to his Hall of Fame induction this weekend.  After Robinson was drafted, he faced a choice:  sign with the Spurs, or sit out the two years of his stint with the Navy without signing and become an unrestricted free... [More]

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Will replacement refs learn how to suck in time for the season?

Labor talks between the NBA and its refs have broken down.  Which means we could start the season with replacement refs. No further talks are scheduled between the sides with only 22 days before the league's first scheduled exhibition game Oct. 1. The likelihood that replacement refs will be needed for that game — Denver... [More]

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God either hates Allen Iverson, or the people of Memphis

Allen Iverson tweeted that he's got a deal… and he's going to Memphis. “God Chose Memphis as the place that I will continue my career.” So does God hate Allen Iverson for making the crappy Grizzlies the only team that would sign him?  Or does he hate the people of Memphis for not only saddling... [More]

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Doc Rivers Helps Out a Friend – Bill Belichick

Doc Rivers spent some time in Foxboro this week – talking to the Patriots. His speech was part of the NFL's life-skills presentations. Belichick called it "one of the best presentations we've ever had." “He was awesome and talked about a lot of things that he had dealt with and experienced through his career, from... [More]

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The most epic draft ever

The Boston Celtics, as an organization, are in a class by themselves (despite what Lakers fans think).  As we look back at the history of this franchise… there's only one team that can compete with the Boston Celtics:  The Boston Celtics. The only team that could compete with a group of the all-time Celtics greats…... [More]

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Ray Allen is Officially Bored This Offseason

This photo courtesy of Ray Allen's Twitter page with the caption: If only I could golf like tiger Please Ray – explain to us why you are made up like a tiger? I'm hoping (praying) you did it for your kids and this isn't some type of bizarro love affair with Tiger Woods. UPDATE from... [More]

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Patrick O’Bryant Finally Scores

This is Molly Bergeson – the new fiance of former Celtics bench warmer Patrick O'Bryant. It should be noted that Bergeson is a former college softball player and aspiring model. She needs to update her bio: "I love watching sports and especially enjoy going to NBA games! Go Celtics!" Or at least replace Celtics with... [More]

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I guess this is Marbury’s way of retiring

I don't see any other way to interpret this tweet. Basketball is just a game. I will say it again. 14 years 250 million. Hold that. I'm good.. Thank you jesus for the blessing. Thanks NBA Stephon Marbury made a quarter of a BILLION dollars playing basketball.  Wow. Keep that number tucked away for later.... [More]

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The best dunk you will ever see

Imagine someone combining every awesome dunk ever into one.  You've got a windmill off a lob… while jumping over someone… and putting the ball between his legs.  This is simply the best dunk I've ever seen.  I don't even know how it was possible. Reverse angle here. (Via Tas Melas' Twitter page)... [More]

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