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Ray Feels for Steph

After practice today, Ray Allen commented on the mess that is Stephon Marbury and the New York Knicks: "It’s somewhat disappointing watching what happened with Stephon,” Allen said after Saturday’s practice. “He and I grew up playing together, against each other [in] high school basketball and then being drafted together, we got traded for each... [More]

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One Week Until Our Biggest Test

Lakers fans can say what they want, the Cleveland Cavaliers have emerged as the biggest threat to the Celtics… if not for the mere fact that we'll have to get through them to even get to the Finals. The Eastern Conference semifinals last year was an epic matchup that was won because Paul Pierce matched... [More]

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Don’t Deny The Chance…

Asked if he's interested in reuniting in Boston with former Wolves teammates Kevin Garnett, during an appearance on Minnesota's local TV broadcast of Friday night's victory over Golden State, Marbury said: "Definitely." "When I left here [in 1999], it wasn't about basketball," Marbury said. "When I was younger, I had a different disposition as far... [More]

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Now That’s More Like It

I can't tell you how happy I was to flip over to Comcast after watching Kung Fu Panda and see the C's up 28 in the fourth quarter. But this beat down (108-83) was not as bad as the one Boston delivered to the Wizards a month ago…when they won by 34. (That was the... [More]

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That Was Some Ugly Gear

That Was Some Ugly Gear

Another classic commercial featuring Larry Bird.  I can't believe that the NBA had such disgusting looking gear back in the 80's.  I wonder if we'll look back on the stuff we're wearing today in 2028, and have the same level of disgust? (via Basketbawful)... [More]

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Big Shot Rob

More speculation, courtesy of the Sacramento Bee: Robert Horry – after previously saying he would consider playing only for the Spurs, Rockets or Mavericks because they are likely playoff teams close to his Houston home or Orlando because he could take his kids to Disney World – has not ruled out the Celtics. Sounds like... [More]

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Strength = Weakness?

They say your biggest strength is your biggest weakness.  Another question that has come out recently is whether that's true for the Celtics.  One of their biggest strength has been their toughness.  The Celtics are intimidating.  They come out and punch you in the mouth(mostly figuratively) and dare you to respond. But the question now... [More]

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Let’s Just Get Used To It

I don't like this one bit.  The fact that I even had to spend my early waking hours photoshopping this pissed me off.  It made my coffee taste bitter and I couldn't bear to even take a bite of my toaster strudel. But the Celtics and Marbury are apparently interested in each other. That still... [More]

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Garnett Schools Patrick O’Bryant

Patrick O'Bryant's name has come up a lot lately… and it hasn't been good. The Celtics need a 7 footer to come off the bench, and he's nowhere near ready to help. It's frustrating for us. And it's frustrating to Kevin Garnett too. Word from practice is that KG took POB aside after practice and... [More]

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Oh, China…

They're really close to making Yi Jianlian an All Star game starter Forwards: LeBron James (Clev) 1,521,272; Kevin Garnett (Bos) 1,101,541; Yi Jianlian (NJ) 959,324; Chris Bosh (Tor) 601,204; Paul Pierce (Bos) 387,105; Hedo Turkoglu (Orl) 236,360; Shawn Marion (Mia) 230,119; Danny Granger (Ind) 155,484; Josh Smith (Atl) 131,281; Michael Beasley (Mia) 121,632; Tayshaun Prince... [More]

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