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Why The Need for Hand Signals?

Via Sports Crackle Pop: Here are pictures of Tracy McGrady, Al Harrington (I think it’s him), Paul Pierce, and Jermaine O’Neal at Pure last Friday night. I don’t claim to have a PhD in gang symbols, but what a couple of these NBA players are “throwing up”  are eerily similar to what the Truth got... [More]

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Scalabrine, Odom, The King’s Weed & Celtics Dancers

Here's what's going on: Brian Scalabrine will not be part of any sign-and-trade with the Indianapolis Pacers. Indy Cornrows blogger Tom Lewis (citing a Pacers beat writer) broke this news to us last night during our Two Man Game show. Despite rumors that Marbury is leaning towards resigning with the Celtics, Marc Spears tweets that... [More]

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Two Man Game: Call in now

We're live!  Visit our show page… or call: (718) 508-9841... [More]

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Rumor: Odom back to LA

BlackSportsOnline has rumor: Odom will sign a 4 year 40 million dollar contract to stay with the champs. The change of heart came after Lamar reached out to Dr. Jerry Buss. The two of them had a close door meeting in Las Vegas yesterday where they were able to reach an agreement. The Lakers need... [More]

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Tanguay Hints Marbury Could Be Back in Green

Via Comcast: According to a league source, a possibility remains that Stephon Marbury could be back in a Celtic’s uniform. Marbury, who joined the Celtics as a back up point guard for a quarter of the season last year, originally turned down the veteran minimum ($1.3 million). Reportedly, his only other option is Europe. It... [More]

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The LeBitch Dunk Video (Better Version)

2nd UPDATE: I replace the original EbaumNation clip with this one. It's shorter and won't play everytime the page loads. UPDATE: This video shows Jordan Crawford dunking on LeBron James. It's from Ebaum Nation and much better quality that the TMZ video (below).... [More]

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Two Man Game: Tonight at 9!

The newest episode of "The Two Man Game" is all set.  Joining us on the show tonight at 9pm will be Tom from IndyCornrows.  Tom's had a first-hand look at Marquis Daniels, so he's going to join us to talk about what the C's and C's fans can expect. Then at 9:30, Jeff Clark from... [More]

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The awesomness that is Stephon Marbury

At 9pm last night, I logged on to check out Stephon Marbury's live UStream.tv broadcast… and it was one of the most entertaining couple of hours I've witnessed in a while. The first 45 minutes or so was a hysterical train-wreck of Steph trying to get his camera to work.  He must have asked "Can... [More]

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LeBron video hitting the web tonight!

Here's more proof that LeBron and Nike are idiots for confiscating that tape of him getting dunked on. There's one video of the dunk… and it's going to go up on TMZ.com just before 7pm.  That's right… TMZ.  So instead of it living on somewhere as a funny little YouTube moment… TMZ is now involved. ... [More]

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Nets’ Baby Talk A Lot of Babble

Via the New York Post: Glen "Big Baby" Davis? Yup, the Nets have inquired. Same with Lamar Odom and Marvin Williams and Drew Gooden and just about every other frontcourt free agent. But, of course, asking about and acquiring are in two vastly different arenas. Several Nets sources confirmed the team's interest in Davis, but... [More]

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