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Shoulder Issue For Rondo?

Frank Dell'Apa reports Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo's left shoulder was wrapped after the team's Friday morning shootaround. But Rondo said he would start the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. "This is a big game for us," Rondo said of Friday night's matchup. "We're struggling right now, and if we can get a win, it... [More]

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This Lost Its Luster

A week ago, I was all pumped up for our biggest test of the season.  Now, I'm not sure.  All of a sudden, the Celtics are going in as underdogs.  It's almost a reversal of how the Celtics went into the Lakers game. Call me crazy, but this could be the kind of game that... [More]

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You Know What? Go Ahead And Vote Yi!

You know, I've been too hard on Yi Jianlian.  The guy's got a feathery touch.  He can get in an rebound.  He's on fire (20, 22, and 13 points in his last 3 games). And… if he makes it, then maybe KG can get a few days off to rest. Yep.  I'm reversing course.  Looking... [More]

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Giddens, Walker Recalled

Jess Camerato reports: In the midst of a three-game losing streak, the Boston Celtics have recalled rookies J.R. Giddens and Bill Walker from the NBDL’s Utah Flash. Giddens (17.3 points, 6.5 rebounds) and Walker (18.7 points, 5.3 rebounds) have been standouts on the Flash given the playing time to develop. Both players welcomed the assignment... [More]

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The Manu Ginobili Plan?

Since we're all grasping at straws here.  How about this idea:  Move Ray Allen to the bench? Eddie House as a starter would allow him to really set up as a shooter, which we know is really his forte'.  Ray Allen off the bench can give the second unit their "captain."  Let's face it, he... [More]

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The Path To Growth

The path to growth will always require some form of destruction.  When you want to grow muscle, you have to lift enough weight to actually destroy the muscle itself, so it can come back bigger and stronger. To grow a forest, leaves and animals have to live and die to feed the overall growth. To... [More]

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A Little Solace

A Little Solace

I'm looking for the few rays of light to help us through this skid.  That's Von Wafer gettng stuffed by the rim early last night.  Everyone laugh and drink in that good mojo.  Don't panic.  Just keep this in mind:  There are 6 FULL months of basketball to be played before the Finals even begin. ... [More]

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Remembering The Good Times

Watching the Celtics lose again was painful. And the fact that some dude named Von Wafter hit a clutch shot while our Big 3 fizzled down the stretch….well that's enough to bring about a deep depression. Fortunately the gogo-dancers at the Pleasure Pit in the Planet Hollywood casino were able to bring a smile back... [More]

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Too Tired

There are a million theories about what's wrong with the Celtics.  So at a time like this, it's generally a good idea to turn to Occam's Razor… which essentially is the theory that the simplest explanation is usually the best one.  The simplest explanation when it comes to the Celtics is:  They're tired. Mike and... [More]

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Darius Is Available Again

Just sayin' MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) — The Memphis Grizzlies waived forward Darius Miles, who was trying to make a comeback after a two-year absence following knee surgery. Miles was cut by the Boston Celtics in the preseason and signed with Memphis on Dec. 13. The 27-year-old also served a 10-game league suspension after his signing... [More]

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