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No Punishment For Rondo

Marc Spears reports. An NBA official said the situation with Celtics guard Rajon Rondo's hard foul on Chicago's Brad Miller in Game 5 yesterday in Boston stands as is. There was some concern that Rondo could get a Flagrant Foul or more due to the hard foul.... [More]

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Rondo Play Under Review

Rondo Play Under Review

Just in case the league surprises us, I'll pass this along. NEW YORK — The possibility emerged Wednesday that Dwight Howard could be watching Game 6 of the Magic-76ers series on television. Rajon Rondo was under scrutiny, too, although his availability for Game 6 of the Celtics-Bulls series did not appear to be in as... [More]

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The Last Word On Officials

As per usual, blogs are at least a few days ahead of national story lines.  The story line this week is the officiating.  Today, it's because of Rondo's foul on Brad Miller (watch it here) and whether it should have been a flagrant. I'm officially sick of the topic.  Here's what I know to be... [More]

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An Indicator Of How Good Pierce Really Is

… or maybe the alternate title is “An indicator of how high we’ve set the bar for Paul.” Pretend we haven’t seen Paul struggle… or debate whether he’s hurt or exhausted… or yelled at the TV when he inexplicably played sloppy.  If you were to come back from a 2 week vacation and long on... [More]

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Where Heart Attacks Happen

  Chicago – we'd like to introduce you to Paul Pierce (26 pts, 7 reb) the NBA Finals MVP. (We'll excuse you for missing that 1st free throw with 2 seconds left). Credit to the Bulls, they nearly forced a 2nd OT. Fortunately, Brad Miller choked – on his blood. I'll admit it, I quit... [More]

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This Guy is Beating Us?

When did Kirk Hinrich morph into Kobe Bryant? This dude is killing us tonight. Meanwhile, Paul Pierce's legs look awfully heavy. Needless to say, I don't have a good feeling about this one.... [More]

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I’m Guessing Ben Gordon Will Play

Just watched WBZ do a live shot from the Garden and Ben Gordon was there, taking jumpers. He wasn't really getting up off the floor, so it's possible he'll miss the game.  But he wasn't limping around or anything from what I saw.  He's officially a "game time decision."  But my money is on Gordon... [More]

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Ben Gordon Looking for a Miracle

Via the Globe: The Bulls' sharpshooter took a pain-killing shot on Sunday, had swelling on Monday and said today that he is not moving well. He didn't participate in the Bulls' shootaround at Emerson College this morning. Gordon, who is treating the injury, a Grade 2 strain, with ice and electrical stimulation, said he is... [More]

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Don’t Let Rondo Down Tonight

Game 5 is a few hours away… and Rajon Rondo needs our help. “I think it’s important for us, to get the crowd in early,” Rondo said. “I think it’s very key. I think it’s one of the most important things besides us playing well tonight is for the crowd to be into it.” You... [More]

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We’ve Been Nominated For Best Celtics Blog!

Thanks to all of you who nominated us for Best Celtics Blog in the first annual New England Sports Blog awards!  The nominations were announced today (in that video, courtesy of SawxHeads.com.  Watch it just for the cute bartender reading the nominees) and we made the cut!  The other nominees are CelticsBlogrealbostonsportsfans.com17banners That's some stiff... [More]

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