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“I think I’m probably one of the smartest point guards in the league”

“I think I’m probably one of the smartest point guards in the league”

That's what Rajon Rondo said when he was asked about his strengths.  Of course, I did the classic media thing and pulled one 5 second quote out of a 6:25 interview and ran with it.But I like it.  I think Rondo knows what he's good at.  He knows he's fast and he knows he can... [More]

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Walker has surgery

Here are the details The Celtics announced that forward Bill Walker underwent successful right knee arthroscopic surgery on Friday at the New England Baptist Hospital. Walker sustained a meniscus tear on the first day of training camp. The team confirmed the surgery was performed by Team Physician Dr. Brian McKeon and assisted by John Rand,... [More]

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Doc: “Sheed & ‘Quis Better Than Advertised”

Here are your training camp updates, courtesy the Celtics Twitter page: Doc calls today's session "average" but says good week of camp overall. Calls Daniels and Wallace" better than advertised".Garnett and Wallace sat out last portion of session for rest; Doc says team has put in only 5 of 60 or so offensive sets.... [More]

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How Come This Doesn’t Happen at Celtics Games?

(Courtesy Barstool Sports)... [More]

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Bynum Too Good For Kareem’s Advice

Via LA Daily News: Has Andrew Bynum outgrown Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? For four years the relationship between the NBA's all-time leading scorer and Bynum seemed to be a productive one. Abdul-Jabbar took Bynum under his considerable wing, taught him post skills and footwork, while Bynum listened and grew into one of the brightest young centers in... [More]

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Replacement refs really an army of clones sent to kill us all!

The first photos of the replacement referees are out… and it's clear that the contract negotiations are a front for unleashing an army of killer clones onto an unsuspecting population.  Can you tell clone #158 apart from #129?  I can't.    No one can… except for David Stern in his evil lair, evilly stroking his... [More]

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Kid Survives Tumor, Cancer But Gets Cut From Hoop Team

(Editor's Note: This story has nothing to do with the Celtics or NBA, but it really struck a nerve with me this morning, hence the post) I'm all for competitive youth sports. In fact, I despise organizations that refuse to recognize winning and losing. However, there is a time and place for compassion in youth... [More]

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… And then there’s The BEAST!

Lost amid the gushing about Rondo, worries about KG's knee, scrutinizing of Marquis Daniels and Rasheed Wallace, agonizing over Tony Allen and general giddiness of an overall loaded team… is what we have in Kendrick Perkins. But Rasheed Wallace is finding out.  In this video posted by the Celtics, Sheed gushes about how Perk was... [More]

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Will Doc’s Lies Motivate the Celtics?

Via ESPN.com: Rivers has already come out and said the Lakers are a better team, and were a better team last season.. Chalk this up as pure motivation. Piss of the guys and make them prove you wrong. Anyone who knows basketball, knows this year's Celtics team is loaded and a near lock to win... [More]

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OK… So Red was a bit of a prick

Everyone is bitching about replacement referees.  So much so that the NBA just came out today and told everyone to quit it. Well, TrueHoop took the opportunity to highlight a referee-related portion of Bill Russell's book… which showed Red Auerbach's… umm… salty side. For years, Red had a running problem with a ref named Sid... [More]

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