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“We are going to win this series”

Getty Images Dwight Howard kissed and made up with SVG yesterday… and then came out with a guarantee "We can't give up hope," Howard said Wednesday. "We're in this series to win it. We are going to win this series." I get why athletes say these things.  And Orlando winning twice wouldn't be the most... [More]

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Buy Pierce’s Sneakers

Check out Paul Pierce tonight, and you'll see those black and green Nike Zoom Sharkley PE 'Away'.  The first picture is the home version, and tomorrow, you can buy these shoes for yourself.  They'll be available tomorrow, Friday the 15th, at the 3 House of Hoops locations in New York, Chicago and LA… and they'll... [More]

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This blog isn’t writing itself, so I’m just going to start typing. Three hours of interrupted sleep will do that to a man. Watching your son get circumcised doesn’t help much either. I’ll just empty my head. The left side of my brain: Nothing comes easy for this Celtics team and I don’t expect that... [More]

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“I made a complete ass of myself”

We can now close the door on the Big Baby "shove" controversy.  Faced with an avalanche of criticism over his reaction, Ernest Provetti has apologized to Glen Davis in an email to PTI "What I said about Glen 'Big Baby' Davis is inexcusable, is disgusting, and I feel horrible about it. I am truly sorry.... [More]

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Pierce Second Team All-NBA

  The All NBA Teams were announced today, and Paul Pierce is the only Celtic represented.  First team: F LeBron James (Cavs)     F Dirk Nowitzki (Mavericks)     C Dwight Howard (Magic) G Kobe Bryant (Lakers) G Dwyane Wade (Heat) Second team: F Tim Duncan (Spurs)     F Paul Pierce (Celtics) C Yao Ming (Rockets)... [More]

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Rondo’s Crib

Rondo’s Crib

My favorite thing, besides the movie room that I desperately want… is the poker table that makes a brief appearance at 1:11 and 1:24.  Funny how Red Bull doesn't want to make that a stop on the tour.  Let me tell you this:  the stuff we all desperately want most to know about the guys... [More]

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The Implosion Is Nearly Complete

  I've said from the beginning of this season… check that… since the beginning of LAST season that the Magic are not built for the playoffs.  I think the world is starting to see why I say that.  Horrible shot selection when it matters most.  Lack of heart.  Suspect coaching moves. And it's that last... [More]

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Thank You Stephon Marbury

I touched on this yesterday, but only because I knew I wanted to do more on it today.  Stephon Marbury saved the Celtics last night with an amazing 12 point burst in 6 minutes in the 4th.  The first basket was scored at 11:04.  The last point came on a free throw at 5:54, after... [More]

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We Had It All The Way

Ray Allen sucked in this game.  In fact, everyone sucked for 3 and a half quarters.  But the C's scored 33 points in the 4th quarter… led by Stephon Marbury's 12 points and Ray Allen's clutch 3 with 1:20 left.  The C's had no business winning this game.  If I was a Magic fan, I'd... [More]

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Cs Look to Take Control In Game 5

Cs Look to Take Control In Game 5

2 @ 2 Tuesday, May 12, 2009 8:00 pm ET TD BankNorth Garden (Boston, MA) Quick game note:  Kendrick Perkins says he's fine. Kendrick Perkins, who suffered a strained left shoulder in the fourth quarter of Game 4 on Sunday, participated in the Celtics' shootaround this morning and will start tonight in Game 5. "It's... [More]

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