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Team BigMck Wins Legends Series!

Paul Pierce's 20 points lead a balanced attack by Team BigMck as they beat Reds Army 108-97 to capture the Legends Series, 4-2. Larry Bird (14 points, 12 rebounds, 8 assists) was named series MVP. Dave Cowens added 14 points and 15 rebounds. "Our guys deserve this moment," said Bird as he poured champagne over... [More]

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Is Rondo the 27th Best Player in NBA?

In Slam Online's ranking of the Top 50 players in the NBA, our very own Rajon Rondo comes in at #27: With Garnett out, he became their pitbull (just ask Kirk Hinrich), point guard and leader. He had the heart, the grit and the stats as well. Averaging a near triple-double, Rajon Rondo became the... [More]

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Once a Laker Hater, Always a Laker Hater

Celtics legend Sam Jones hasn't played a game in 40 years, but he never lost his distaste for the Lakers. Here's what Sam said to the Lawrence Eagle Tribune: "Who have they added? The kid from Houston (Ron Artest) is pretty good, but he won't be enough. All I can say is I saw what... [More]

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Player Projections: Kendrick Perkins

Last year's stats: 8.5 ppg, 8.1 rpg, 2.0 bpg, FG% 57.7, FT% 60 Projected Stats: John: 10.1 ppg, 10.3 rpg, 2.5 bpg, FG% 58.5, FT% 61.1Chuck: 8.3 ppg, 9.4 rpg, 2.2 bpg, FG% 56.5, FT% 60.6 What will help him the most? John: The addition of Rasheed Wallace.  It's one more guy that other teams... [More]

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Dickau chooses losing over winning

Dan Dickau is going to Suns camp. Free agent guard Dan Dickau decided to pass on an invitation to the Celtics training camp, choosing to attend Phoenix's instead. The decision could bode well for Lester Hudson, the point guard taken by the Celtics with the 58th pick in this summer's draft. Ok… so maybe the... [More]

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BDL Ranks Danny 4th Best GM of Decade

Via Ball Don't Lie: If it seems odd to rank this guy so high, considering he's spent years presiding over some pretty rank teams, I can understand your fears. But this is a decade-long list, and while some of the men at the top of this page may have better futures (and won't have to... [More]

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Two Man Game: Fantasy Focus tonight at 9

Training camp is almost here… and it's about time to start looking at who we want to draft in our fantasy leagues.  Tonight at 9, Chuck and I will break down the Celtics and the rest of the league to get you set for the upcoming fantasy season. We're also going to be talking about... [More]

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‘Sheed Itching For Training Camp

For those of who didn't watch the video I posted last night, here's what Rasheed Wallace said during yesterday's Read to Achieve Duck Boat event… “I don’t know too much about the city, I don’t know the best restaurants and all that stuff yet,’’ Wallace said. “But I’m pretty sure the guys on the team... [More]

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Russell keeps RedsArmy alive

Bill Russell came up with an enormous game 5 to help Team RedsArmy avoid elimination with a 114-111 win.  His 20 points, 19 rebounds, 6 blocks and 3 assists made him the easy choice for player of the game.  Reggie Lewis scored 16 points off the bench on 7 of 11 shooting… 10 of those... [More]

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Rasheed Wallace Lovin’ Life in Boston

Rasheed Wallace talks about the Read to Achieve program, Duck Boats, the Boston fans, and the Celtics.... [More]

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