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Nike & LeBron won’t let you see LeBron get dunked on

  (Updated the post with this photoshop passed on to me from Jeff from ProjectSpurs.com.  I think the fact this was made illustrates the point I'm making below)  Xavier's Jordan Crawford was at the LeBron James Skills Academy.  So was LeBron James.  During a pick up game, Crawford posterized James with a sick two-hand dunk. ... [More]

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Patience Name of Game for BBD

Via Marc Spears of the Globe: Celtics restricted free-agent forward Glen Davis will probably have to continue to be patient before he learns where he will be playing next season. According to an NBA source this morning, Davis is receiving interest from Boston, San Antonio, Detroit and New Orleans. San Antonio and Detroit are pursuing... [More]

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Grant Hill Doesn’t Give a Damn About a Title

Grant Hill really doesn't care about winning a championship. That's how I interpret the latest news surrounding the free-agent forward (via Mark Murphy – Boston Herald): The Celtics’ obvious edge over the Knicks and Suns – their chances of winning another NBA title – may not play a deciding factor in the chase for Hill,... [More]

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Reminder: Call in Show tomorrow at 9pm

Just reminder… we're doing a call in show tomorrow.  And this promises to be another good one. First of all… we've officially named the show… because all cool internet shows need a cool name.  So our show is now called "The Two Man Game."  We're recording an open and everything.  Next step will be to... [More]

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Thibodeau Passed Over Again?

Update: Mannix says this is a done deal. Kuester will coach Detroit. The Detroit Pistons have passed on Avery Johnson and are learning towards hiring Cavaliers assitant John Kuester as their next head coach, according to CBSSports.com. Kuester's growing reputation as an offensive guru seemed to give him the edge over Thibodeau, who is widely regarded as... [More]

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Random thoughts: Would Artest make up for losing Ariza AND Odom?

There are a lot of little things going on… but nothing gigantic.  So I'm resorting to random, bulleted points with brief thoughts.  Hey… if it's a good enough cop out for guys like Dan Shaughnessy… it's good enough for me. Word is… there's no movement between the Lakers and Lamar Odom in their contract talks. ... [More]

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Just how much interest is Big Baby generating?

Glen Davis earned himself a lot of money with his playoff performances… or so we thought.  After a lot of talk about Big Baby generating big interest, there's word that the Spurs would rather have Antonio McDyess… and the Magic don't like him much either. “Not today,’’ Smith said. “I think we like who we... [More]

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Summer League basketball sucks

I was originally upset that I missed the first half of the first Celtics summer league game.  Then I realized that the camera angle you see in that screen grab is the only camera angle in the web broadcast.  From what I could gather… Gabe Pruitt did some good things… Mike Sweetney was pretty decent... [More]

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Ron Artest records worst Michael Jackson tribute ever

Ron Artest records worst Michael Jackson tribute ever

That’s a video of Andrew Zimmern of ‘Bizarre Foods’ eating june bugs.  I put that up because it’s infinitely more appetizing than Ron Artest’s rap tribute to Michael Jackson (NSFW lyrics).  It might be one of the worst things I’ve ever heard.  I can appreciate wanting to eulogize an icon.  But this is disgustingly bad. ... [More]

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Hudson impresses Coach Rondo

Rajon Rondo is in Orlando helping with some of the coaching of the guards.  One guard in particular… Lester Hudson… has already impressed Coach Rondo. Rondo has already formed a definite impression about some of the newcomers, including Lester Hudson. The point guard was impressed by the rookie’s ability to get down the floor on... [More]

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