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Report: Iverson to Bobcats

Dime Magazine is quoting a source saying Allen Iverson has worked out the details of a contract to join Charlotte. Congratulations, Iverson.  Your need to be the complete focus of the offense has brought you to a team with no shot.  Somehow, you might think that it's an opportunity to prove you can still be... [More]

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The Week In Review

Another slow news week in the NBA, yet Red's Army continues to march onward. What's the bigger accomplishment – that we are able to create content or that you are reading it? Marquis Daniels says his deal will be done soon, but we've been hearing that for a while now. Maybe the delay has something... [More]

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Who hasn’t tried this tired old H-O-R-S-E shot?

Who hasn’t tried this tired old H-O-R-S-E shot?

Oh… it's the old "bounce it off the jumbotron and into the hoop" shot.  *yaaaaawn* ... [More]

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New episode of “The 8th Seed”

Ain't nothin' goin' on in August in the NBA.  But that doesn't stop blowhards like me from yappin' about it.  Chuck and I did a live, 1-hour show just on the Celtics on Wednesday night.  And just before we did that show, I joined my regular 8th seed crew for another mega-podcast.  You can check... [More]

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Win signed KG stuff

Wanna win signed KG stuff?  It's very simple, head on over to SLAMonline and tell Lang Whitaker why you should have it. To honor KG’s love for Chelski, adidas is dropping the adidas TS Commander LT x KG x CFC pack. It comes with a Chelsea version of the adidas TS Commander, a Chelsea jersey... [More]

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More Wine for Stan Van Gundy

Via FanHouse: "For a team that went to the Finals, we really haven't gotten the respect teams normally do,'' Van Gundy said at the Magic's headquarters. "Based upon what we did last year, I think our players do feel a little under appreciated and under respected.'' Although the Magic beat both the Celtics and the... [More]

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Ray Allen’s sneaker is actually for basketball

Yesterday, we brought you KG's new Chelsea-themed all-blue Addidas (which Chuck later dissed on "The Two Man Game"… more on that in a second). This is the Air Jordan Elements Ray Allen PE.  It's an actual Celtics-themed basketball sneaker. More photos… including the "Sugar Ray" custom stitching on the tongue… after the jump.  But first,... [More]

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Newsflash: Hot Chicks Live in Phoenix

In our everlasting quest to bring you all relevant NBA news, we deliver the final round of auditions for the Suns' dance team. For those who want to participate, go to the team web site and pick your favorite dancers. Judging a woman based on looks alone is something I simply cannot do. This reminds... [More]

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Ray: “I’m gonna be in the best shape of my life”

I'd hate to think what this summer would be if Twitter didn't exist.  Ray Allen just got on Twitter a few weeks ago and he's really embracing it.  His latest tweet, however, is more than just something fun to pass along… it's actually very encouraging. Goung for a run now I'm gonna be in the... [More]

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Congrats Marquis Daniels

This is one hell of a summer for Marquis Daniels.  First, he's… eventually… a member of the Boston Celtics.  Second, he apparently got married… since he tweeted last night from his honeymoon. enjoying my honeymoon with my wife, lifes good im great clap ya hands 2x if u relate…….run tell that blogger…..LOL get a life... [More]

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