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Get Pierce off that exercise ball!!

The Sacramento Kings have banned exercise balls in their facility… because one exploded under Francisco Garcia while he was lifting… leading to a wrist injury that will cost him 4 months. Ziller has more on Sactown Royalty. You knew this had to happen: Sam Amick of The Bee reports that the Kings have banned the... [More]

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“I’d run through a brick wall if [Doc] wants me to”

Peter May has a feature piece on KG up on Yahoo! today.  The whole thing focuses on KG's recovery and the challenges he faces because of it.  It's a good piece… but this quote about him and Doc is really striking. “Every time I step on the court, every time I pick up a basketball,... [More]

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Pierce, Wallace Called Overrated By Detroit Blog

Somebody named Kevin Sawyer who writes for a Pistons blog called Detroit Bad Boys has included a couple of Celtics on his All-Overrated Team. C – Rasheed Wallace Honestly, I think he makes Boston worse.  They are already an elite defensive squad, and his mediocre three point shooting will take opportunities from more effective shooters. ... [More]

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Does Marbury have a beef with Paul Pierce?

Via Stephon Marbury's Twitter page: Paul pierce is better then kobe bryant yes or no. Ask him what does he think. You know how I feel about kobe so we won't speak on it. LILGo tell Doc and Danny your daddy's that some one you fake truth. Your style is played out number 34. The... [More]

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Can We Stop This ‘Trade for Nocioni’ Nonsense?

Our friends at NESN.com are the latest (Sactown Royalty and CelticsBlog) to jump on the Andres Nocioni-to-Boston trade bandwagon. For those unfamiliar with the 29-year old, 6-7, 220lb forward, Nocioni has averaged 11.9 ppg, 5.1 rpg for his career. According to DraftExpress, he's a physical player, a hustle guy who can shoot threes and score... [More]

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Working out some final details

Opening night is a couple of weeks away… and the starting unit is pretty much comfortable with each other.  Sure, there are some tweaks to the way things have been done in the past (like Kendrick Perkins getting some more touches), but overall… these guys don't need much more game time.  Meanwhile, there are still... [More]

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KG: “The Wings are Coming”

The Globe's Frank Dell'Apa has this nugget from today's practice: "He took a lob and dunked it — it was an amazing dunk," Celtics coach Doc Rivers said of Garnett. "Everybody said, 'we haven't seen that.' " Garnett went the distance in an hour-and-a-half practice, during which "we worked them hard," Rivers said. Garnett has... [More]

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KG Has Nothing On Owen Schmitt

Have you seen this video of Seahawks fullback Owen Schmitt smashing his face with his helmet during pregame introductions? And we thought KG was crazy…... [More]

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Tony Allen: Back too soon?

It's the obvious question after the Celtics latest tweet. TA didn't practice and is not expected to travel to New Jersey and Hartford for next two games. Here comes the barrage of "who gives a crap?" comments.  But we do have a vested interest in him being healthy and contributing.  Either he'll help the team... [More]

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Give Rondo’s jumper time

I'm already starting to see and hear grumblings about Rajon Rondo's jumper.  In 3 preseason games, not only hasn't it fallen with any regularity.  It really hasn't fallen at all.  So people are already starting up with the Rajon Rondo still can't shoot types of comments.  Maybe some of that is our (as in the... [More]

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