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Celtics Dancers in Bikinis

Leave it to Fox to post the best pics/video of the Celtics dancer auditions. I’m the idiot for checking Boston.com first. Enjoy!... [More]

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Watch Starbury Live

He's on from 6am today to 6am tomorrow.  Now… I was under the impression he was going to be talking for 24 hours with a few breaks.  I tuned in at 9am and saw him just waking up.  As I type this, he's on his knees saying a prayer.  He's on for 24 hours… so... [More]

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Expect Decision on Marquis Daniels Very Soon

Via Marc Spears of Yahoo!: The Boston Celtics and Indiana Pacers will likely decide by the end of the week whether guard Marquis Daniels will receive Boston’s $1.99 million biannual exception or come to the team via a sign-and-trade deal. A sign-and-trade would allow the Celtics to save their biannual exception and potentially give Daniels... [More]

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KG Backs New & Improved Wheaties

General Mills Inc. said Thursday it will launch a new version of Wheaties it says is designed for athletes, with input from athletes such as NFL quarterback Peyton Manning and NBA star Kevin Garnett. The Golden Valley-based company says it is testing three types of the new version of Wheaties with athletes and some readers... [More]

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What about Jamaal Tinsley?

One thing that came up early in last nights edition of "The Two Man Game" was the Pacers release of Jamaal Tinsley.  We were discussing it with Tom from IndyCornrows, who said that once he got past his frustration with how the Tinsley situation went… it could be a good fit. The FanHouse write up... [More]

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Why The Need for Hand Signals?

Via Sports Crackle Pop: Here are pictures of Tracy McGrady, Al Harrington (I think it’s him), Paul Pierce, and Jermaine O’Neal at Pure last Friday night. I don’t claim to have a PhD in gang symbols, but what a couple of these NBA players are “throwing up”  are eerily similar to what the Truth got... [More]

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Scalabrine, Odom, The King’s Weed & Celtics Dancers

Here's what's going on: Brian Scalabrine will not be part of any sign-and-trade with the Indianapolis Pacers. Indy Cornrows blogger Tom Lewis (citing a Pacers beat writer) broke this news to us last night during our Two Man Game show. Despite rumors that Marbury is leaning towards resigning with the Celtics, Marc Spears tweets that... [More]

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Two Man Game: Call in now

We're live!  Visit our show page… or call: (718) 508-9841... [More]

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Rumor: Odom back to LA

BlackSportsOnline has rumor: Odom will sign a 4 year 40 million dollar contract to stay with the champs. The change of heart came after Lamar reached out to Dr. Jerry Buss. The two of them had a close door meeting in Las Vegas yesterday where they were able to reach an agreement. The Lakers need... [More]

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Tanguay Hints Marbury Could Be Back in Green

Via Comcast: According to a league source, a possibility remains that Stephon Marbury could be back in a Celtic’s uniform. Marbury, who joined the Celtics as a back up point guard for a quarter of the season last year, originally turned down the veteran minimum ($1.3 million). Reportedly, his only other option is Europe. It... [More]

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