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“Well, what do we do now?”

Those are the words of Doc Rivers as he and his staff figure out what to do in the short term (golfing) and long term (adding some veterans to the roster). “We clearly have to add to our team,” he said. “One regret — the one thing I look back on this year, though you... [More]

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Thibodeau now on Sacramento Kings radar

According to the Philadelphia Daily News (via the Boston Herald) The Sacramento Kings, in the market for a new head coach, have expanded their search to include Celtics assistant coach Tom Thibodeau, according to the Philadelphia Daily News. Philadelphia has already asked for permission to talk to the defensive specialist who, according to Doc Rivers,... [More]

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KG would have played

If the Celtics had beaten Orlando, KG would have played in the Cleveland series.  At least, Gary Tanguay says so. "I was told that he was going to play in the Cleveland series, if they got that far. That was an opinion I was told." I have no reason to doubt Tanguay… but the obvious... [More]

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A Hipster talks about the Lakers

This is just an awesome post from The Blowtorch Why am I a Lakers fan? I'll tell you. When I was a kid, my dad was, like, a HUGE Celtics fan. Like he made me watch all these games with him when I was growing up. He'd always talk about how great Larry Bird was... [More]

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Reassessing: Mikki Moore

Over the next few weeks, we'll be examining every player on the Celtics roster. We start with Mikki Moore. Chuck's Take:A complete waste of roster space. He committed personal fouls like no player I've seen in my 30+ years of watching basketball. Moore came here in late February as the Celtics were dealing with injuries... [More]

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The Ray Allen conundrum

Getty Images I was going to save this for later in the offseason, but it came up on the comments yesterday, so we might as well continue this discussion now. The Boston Celtics have an interesting decision to make with Ray Allen.  The can either Trade him and his huge expiring contract mid-season. Let him... [More]

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KG surgery set for next week

The Globe reports Celtics president Danny Ainge told The Globe's Frank Dellapa tonight that forward Kevin Garnett would have surgery some time next week on his right knee. Garnett missed 24 games and the postseason with a sprained right knee. The Celtics have said that the All-Star would have right knee bone spur surgery that... [More]

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Offseason Questions: Leon Powe

I think my love for Leon has been made clear here since day 1.  I’ve said a million times that I think he should be a Celtic forever.  But that’s the bleed-green die-hard emotional fan talking.  And the NBA is a business.  So we need to look at Leon Powe. Leon, like Glen Davis, is... [More]

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Pick the Better LeBron James Trick Shot

Pick the Better LeBron James Trick Shot

vs... [More]

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More Sox Discounts

Since the Sox are about all we have around town for a while, we're happy to pass along another discount for Red's Army readers. The Red Sox store is offering Red's Army readers a 30% discount until Friday.  Just use the code MAY30RA... [More]

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