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The Cavs Are Really Loading Up

It's been a busy off-season for the Cavaliers. They traded for Shaq, resigned Andy Varajeao and signed free-agent Anthony Parker. But wait there's more. The media is consistent reporting they have interest in other free agents; namely Matt Barnes, Joey Graham, Linas Kleiza and Sean May. My initial reaction was – how can they afford... [More]

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The Clippers are such teases

Every once in a while, the worst franchise in all of sports… the Clippers… tease their fans with a decent squad.  This might be one of those years.  First, most people will say they got the only "lock" of the draft in Blake Griffin.  He showed why people think that last night by dropping 27... [More]

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Tracy McGrady’s noble gesture

You'll notice something different about Tracy McGrady this season.  He's switching his jersey number from #1 to #3.  And he's got a pretty good reason for the switch. McGrady wore No. 3 in high school. He is making the switch to promote his humanitarian efforts in the Darfur region of the Sudan and a documentary... [More]

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Boston.com Suffering, Red’s Army Thriving

The editor of Boston.com blames a sharp drop in web traffic this May and June to the fact the Celtics exited the playoffs in the second round: No rolling rally. No euphoria. No heart-stopping NBA finals, sadly, with photo-friendly celebs packing the Garden. No May-to-June buildup for such a record season. That said, despite a 40... [More]

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Pistons clear space… Baby offer next?

The Detroit Pistons sent Arron Afflalo and Walter Sharpe to Denver today for a future second round pick.  This move is significant because it now means they have $3.2 million dollars to offer potential free agents.  One of those free agents is Glen Davis. The Celtics have taken a wait-and-see approach with Baby so far... [More]

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Magic surprisingly retain Gortat

I thought 5 years, $34 million was more than enough for Dallas to sign Marcin Gortat.  But surprisingly, the Orlando Magic are going to match the offer. An NBA source has told the Orlando Sentinel that the Orlando Magic will match the five-year, $34-million offer sheet extended by the Dallas Mavericks to Marcin Gortat and... [More]

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That was TEN years ago?

Brandi Chastain’s shirt-stripping celebration happened at the Women’s World Cup 10 years ago this past weekend. You might be wondering why we care about Brandi Chastain running around in her sports bra 10 years after the fact.  But for those of you with good memories, it’s an excuse for us to post a classic KG... [More]

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Giddens Summer League interview

Giddens Summer League interview

Watch for the nice flush down the lane at the end. (Via Lex Nihil Novi)... [More]

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Hudson has surgery on broken finger

Lester Hudson is recovering from surgery to repair the finger he broke while bracing himself during a fall in the Orlando Summer League. "I caught myself with that hand, and ended up breaking my finger," Hudson said. "The doctors have been great up here, and said I should be back in about a month." Hudson... [More]

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The Demise of A.I.

At one time, Allen Iverson was the most explosive player in the NBA. Now, he's having a hard time finding a team. The problem? A me-first attitude. Rather than seek a short-term, small money contract with a contending team, the 34-year old Iverson wants to go to a place where he can start and get... [More]

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