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Baby Apologizes, Because He’s A Classy Guy

There was no need for Big Baby to apologize for this "shove".  But because he's a classy guy, he did anyway. “I’m a big guy,” Davis said at the Celtics shoot-around prior to tonight’s Game 5 at TD Banknorth Garden. “Imagine if my emotions are going so wild, and if I’m running by somebody, I... [More]

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10 Quick Things

The following is a guest column.  Guest columns can be submitted by emailing us at redsarmy.com@gmail.com.  Emailed columns are not guaranteed to be published 10 Quick Thingsby Gant1. Baby and the Kid The kid in the white shirt did establish position, but had both feet out of bounds so it wasn't a charge. It's a... [More]

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Scal Is Sick

The C's have enough depth problems… they don't need another one. Forward Brian Scalabrine missed the Celtics' morning shootaround because of illness, but could be available for the game. That would be bad.  We really need this guy to get some decent minutes.... [More]

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Second Project With The New Toys: Game 4 Mix

Second Project With The New Toys: Game 4 Mix

Celtics-Magic game 4 mix from John Karalis on Vimeo. NSFW Lyrics A few days ago, I unveiled my first project with my new computer set-up: a modified Celtics logo where Lucky is flipping the bird.  Now, I've got another project: a mix from Game 4 set to music.  The music is "Are You Ready" by... [More]

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Newest Member Of Red’s Army

I'm happy to announce that Will Michael McKenney became the newest member of Red's Army today.  Congratulations to Chuck and his wife on their second son, who is 22 inches long and checks in at a whopping 9 pounds.  And as I told Chuck, it's appropriate after what happened in game 4 that Chuck had... [More]

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Rashard Lewis is a Professional

I can't believe I missed this quote from Rashard Lewis: "It most definitely adds fuel to the fire," Lewis said. "We don't like that type of stuff. You have to be professional about the game of basketball. We're a professional team and we expect them to be the same way. "Those guys were jumping up... [More]

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Growing Up Baby

It's Big Baby day today.  A couple of people sent me this ESPN story today, and for good reason.  It's a pretty emotional look at Glen Davis' childhood, how it shaped him, and how it made him fall in love with basketball. After watching it, how can you not love this guy.  I want to... [More]

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“Nobody Puts Big Baby In A Corner”

Via Ball Don't Lie... [More]

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Baby Was A “Raging Animal”

The way I see it, Big Baby did that fat kid a favor by nudging him out of the way.  Option #2 was to run him right over.  But the kid's father, Ernest Provetti, is apparently making a big deal out of this. Provetti sent an e-mail to the NBA League office this morning. He... [More]

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So What Did Baby Say To This Kid?

A lot of people are talking about Baby pushing this kid out of the way.  This photo catches it in progress.. So it's begging for a caption.  Have at it.  Best one gets that kid's hat.... [More]

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