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Body Count

Injuries to some of the best players on the league's best teams are occurring with alarming frequency. Last night, Chris Paul limped off the court with a strained groin while the Magic's Jameer Nelson dislocated his right shoulder. MRIs scheduled for later today will reveal the scope of the damage (Might Rondo get the All-Star... [More]

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KG Will Sit Tomorrow. TA Might Too

KG has the flu… and so might Tony Allen Garnett, who is averaging 16.3 points and 9.0 rebounds and had missed only one game (due to suspension) before yesterday, won’t travel with the team, Rivers said. Instead, he will rest with the goal of getting back to practice Wednesday in preparation for the Lakers Thursday.... [More]

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Bynum Has Torn MCL

Here's the official word on Andrew Bynum: Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum will miss eight to 12 weeks after tearing the medial collateral ligament in his right knee. Bryant insisted the Lakers could still win a title without Bynum. "There are teams that lost in the Finals that go back and win the next... [More]

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Cue The Lakers Excuses

Without even seeing the MRI, the preliminary word is that Andrew Bynum will be out until March: The preliminary diagnosis is that Bynum suffered a sprained right knee against Memphis Saturday and will miss the next six weeks. But it could be longer, and the damage could be more serious, pending results of an MRI... [More]

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The Return of Tony Allen

I don't know what they did to Tony Allen's ankle… but the Celtics need to keep doing it.  This Tony Allen is exactly what the Celtics were looking for when they passed on James Posey. He's playing with that borderline reckless style that suits him so well.  It's a style that teeters on the edge... [More]

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No KG, No Worries

Ok…I got worried when the T-Wolves cut a 20+ Celtics lead down to 6 late in the fourth. But Superman would not be denied on this day. Check out the Truth's line: 41 min, 36 pts, 13-24 FG, 8 reb, 6 assists, 1 blk Al Jefferson played out of his mind in this game: 34... [More]

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Perk Fined 10K

Kendrick Perkins was fined $10,000 today… but not suspended. Celtics center Kendrick Perkins said he was fined $10,000 by the NBA for a hard foul he had on Pistons forward Jason Maxiell during last Friday's game in Auburn Hills, Mich. Perkins said he wasn't disappointed by the fine since he thought he would get fined... [More]

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KG Out With The Flu

Comcast SportsNet just reported Kevin Garnett has the flu.  He'll miss today's game and maybe Tuesday's game as well. We'll be talking about it on our live blog.  Click Here to join... [More]

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No Word On Perk

First, let me start by thanking the fine people at Tanqueray for the splitting headache I have this morning.  Damn you Tony Sinclair… you make drinking look so cool.  But there's nothing cool about getting thrown out of an Applebee's.  To be fair, that kid in the high chair started it. Hopefully this fog clears... [More]

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Johnny Would Have Been Proud

Johnny Would Have Been Proud

This is awesome for old school guys like me. All anyone else needs to know is that Johnny Most would practically be blowing Perk for giving the Pistons a taste of their own medicine. God… I miss those days.... [More]

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