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“Marquis will have a tremendous impact”

It's funny, we've seen and heard a lot about Marquis Daniels… but his potential impact still hasn't been a national topic of conversation.  Maybe it will be now that Adrian Wojnarowski saw him play with the C's in person. Here at MSG and Doc Rivers is right: Marquis Daniels will have a tremendous impact on... [More]

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Report: Rondo Not Asking For Max Deal

Via the Boston Herald: With 10 days to go before the deadline, Rondo’s agent said he is not in discussions with the C’s. Perhaps they will reconnect and work out a contract extension before Oct. 31; maybe they will not, and Rondo will become a restricted free agent next summer. As it relates to the... [More]

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“Blow these (expletives) out!”

Can you guess who screamed those words in the headline during the 3rd quarter of last night's loss to the Knicks? It was KG, according to the Herald's Steve Bulpett, who issued the directive after the Celts took a six point lead. But KG's words fell on deaf ears. Like I stated in last night's... [More]

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Knicks Starters Beat Our Reserves

The Knicks beat the Celtics tonight, 108-103 in the second to last game of the preseason. The Knicks wanted this win and played like it. Their starters played the entire 4th quarter. Doc Rivers used his second unit for nearly all of the final quarter and they almost pulled off the win. I was not... [More]

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This One’s Getting Chippy

This One’s Getting Chippy

First, Rajon Rondo got his face raked by Danilo Gallinari. Then Eddie House took down Jared Jeffries. The ever classy Nate Robinson finished the first half off by shoving Rondo into the scorer's table.... [More]

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KG Stuffs Al Harrington

KG Stuffs Al Harrington

Al Harrington made the mistake of taking the ball right at Kevin Garnett in the 1st quarter. PS – I apologize for the unprofessional videography. And yes, my wife has a bad cough.... [More]

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Celtics caught in bus ride from hell

If you're reading this right now… just head over to Shelden Williams' twitter page and follow along with the Celtics bus ride from hell as they try to go play the Knicks.  So far, I've been able to piece together that there's an extra long bus, insane traffic because of Barack Obama being in NY,... [More]

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Pierce may owe Al Horford money

So in all the yapping during the 2008 Celtics-Hawks series, Paul Pierce apparently bet Al Horford $10 K that the Hawks wouldn't win a single game.  At least… that's what Al Horford is saying Today, on 790 the zone, Al Horford told a story that happened sometime during the first two games of 2008 playoff... [More]

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Celtics + More Sleep = Banner 18

The Celtics are now scheduling practices later in the day, and will limit the number of morning shootarounds on gamedays during the season. Why the change? Asked why, Rivers replied: "Legs. I think if you're done with your work, I don't know why you need a shootaround. Guys are fresher, I think, if we walk... [More]

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We’re being robbed of something special

He spins past defenders like his pivot foot was on ice and the defender's were in tar.  His fakes pull guys out of their shorts and let him glide through the space that person once occupied.  His touch is so smooth and feathery light, he could toss fine crystal through the hoop without it being... [More]

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