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KG surgery set for next week

The Globe reports Celtics president Danny Ainge told The Globe's Frank Dellapa tonight that forward Kevin Garnett would have surgery some time next week on his right knee. Garnett missed 24 games and the postseason with a sprained right knee. The Celtics have said that the All-Star would have right knee bone spur surgery that... [More]

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Offseason Questions: Leon Powe

I think my love for Leon has been made clear here since day 1.  I’ve said a million times that I think he should be a Celtic forever.  But that’s the bleed-green die-hard emotional fan talking.  And the NBA is a business.  So we need to look at Leon Powe. Leon, like Glen Davis, is... [More]

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Pick the Better LeBron James Trick Shot

Pick the Better LeBron James Trick Shot

vs... [More]

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More Sox Discounts

Since the Sox are about all we have around town for a while, we're happy to pass along another discount for Red's Army readers. The Red Sox store is offering Red's Army readers a 30% discount until Friday.  Just use the code MAY30RA... [More]

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A Must Have for All Nuggets Fans

We here at Issel's Army say there's no better way to express your Lakers hatred than one of these "Losers" Laker logo tees. A close second are the Anti-Kobe t-shirts (yes, I own one myself). Speaking of the vastly over-rated, Mr. Bryant. SI.com's Steve Aschburner wrote this great column a few weeks back proving Kobe... [More]

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Everyone was hurt, Pierce & Perk might need surgery

Doc Rivers was on Dennis and Callahan this morning, and he revealed all sorts of injury news. Ray Allen had a hamstring problem throughout the Orlando series that was not getting better. Paul had some bone spurs that may need to be removed as well. (Kendrick Perkins) may have to have a procedure on his... [More]

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Big Baby, Big Contract?

"I'm excited, I'm nervous," Davis said. "I feel a lot of emotions. It's a business. Would this be my first choice? Yeah. I want to win. That's the most important thing." Asked about his ties to the Celtics factoring into a business decision, Davis said, "That's the hardest part, the camaraderie with the team just... [More]

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Welcome To Issel’s Army!

We have two favorite teams here at RedsArmy.com:  The Boston Celtics, and whichever team is playing the Lakers.  Since our horse is out of the race, we're throwing our Laker-hating weight behind the Denver Nuggets.  So for now, we're renaming the site "Issel's Army," after Denver Nuggets great Dan Issel. And what a great team this... [More]

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Thibodeau Interviewing With 76’ers

What's worse than the Celtics being bounced from the playoffs?  The architect of our defense possibly leaving the team. According to Danny Ainge, the 76ers asked and received permission to speak to Thibodeau over last weekend. The Celts were well aware of Thibodeau’s desire to become a head coach. He had, in fact, worked for... [More]

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I Will Always Secretly Question KG’s Knee Injury

“I’m looking forward to getting better,” Garnett said, before adding, “I’ll see you guys next year.” I want to move past the KG injury, but something deep down inside just won't let me do that. It might be because the last time we saw him (a four game stretch in late March), he played "effectively"... [More]

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